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1801  Modifications / 2D Sprites / Repaints using RDose and GIMP (Much Easier) :) on: July 25, 2008, 03:34:16 PM
Attack of the Mole men!

Not Really, this is to show how Rob's new Rdose and Gimp can be combined to view all 120 approx Frames for each Sprite:-

And then can be used to change the colour for a Repainted Unit all at the same time. So all 120 change their colour.

Such as these Orc Arrow Boyz, that are now Repainted to Mole Men (early demo for Skaven/Lizardmen) etc.

1802  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Re: I can't play dark omen on: July 21, 2008, 11:52:19 AM
UNDO the Crash FIX

Delete the Electronics Arts Registrty Folder

Start->Run->Regedit and search for Electronic Arts

since all the crash fix does is.....

Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00

[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Electronic Arts\Dark Omen\1.0\Options\Options]

Remember to uninstall the Game first and Delete the C:\Program Files\DarkOmen folder and delete Registry entry and reboot->Reinstall and on "first time u run the game" (very important) Go straight to Options and change to CPU and choose NOT to use Coloured Cursors.


You will have to meet our other Argentinian member Lordbrapus


he would love to chat with you

1803  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / READ ME: Ultimate Dark Omen XP/Vista/Win7/Win8.1/Win10 Game Fixes on: July 10, 2008, 12:32:32 PM
Dark Omen runs fine on both Windows 32bit & 64bit XP/Vista/Win7/8/10 if you follow this guide, so please don't post that it doesn't work for you because it will, hehe ->

YouTube Video Guide ->

1) You must run setup.exe (not autorun) from an English/UK Version of a Dark Omen CD and install English language to C:\Program Files (x86)\  and select Maximum Full installation & Direct X 5.

2) Locate your Dark Omen folder, such as  C:\Program Files\Dark Omen or C:\Program Files (x86)\Dark Omen and rename the PRG_ENG folder to PRG_ENGOrig

3) Then download this mod pack and copy paste/extract its 3 new folders (armytmp,Mods,PRG_ENG) to your Dark Omen folder.


4) To avoid screen Flickering on Windows 7 = set your Desktop Screen Resolution to 16bit colour and for Win8.1/10 open your new PRG_ENG folder in C:\Program Files (x86)\Dark Omen\ and right click on the new Win8.1/10 & 3d enabled EngRel.exe -> Properties and set its compatibility settings by pressing Change settings for all Users to Run As Administrator, 640x480 and to run in 16bit colours

5) Copy the Movies folder from your Dark Omen Cd and paste into your newly installed Dark Omen folder. Start the game by double clicking on EngRel.exe and go straight to Dark Omen's in game options and Turn OFF coloured cursors and choose to run in CPU mode unless you have a high end expensive NVidia/ATI(AMD) graphics card to try 3D mode.

Fixes ->

Any problems Turn Off User Account Control, Reboot PC and repeat steps 1 -4.


If Dark Omen still doesn't work it means that you haven't followed the guide and the game hasn't installed the correct registry settings. So install these Registry settings depending on your version of Windows, by double clicking on them after extraction/unzipping. They can also be found in the Mod Pack folder.

Windows 64bit
Windows 32bit

Check your Registry Settings look like these -> Start -> Regedit

Mod Menu

New Maps

1804  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Ultimate Multiplayer Connection Fixes on: July 10, 2008, 12:30:54 PM
Ultimate Multiplayer Fixes

There are 3 Main methods to Connect to each other.
1) Use GameRanger  

2) The Host providing their Public Router Ip to Opponent (see Step 4)

3) Both players use Hamachi and join these networks:-

Dark-Omen2           password = darkomen
Dark-Omen3           password = darkomen    
Dark-Omen4           password = darkomen

Then if u are Hosting via Hamachi or Router IP then -
Start the game and go to Multiplayer, PlayTCP/IP-Connection for DirectPlay and Connect but as Host u leave the next box blank/empty and choose to Create a Game.

(For Host = Blank/Empty but Join = Insert Host IP)

Your opponent can then Right Click Host's Hamachi Name and Copy IP before Starting Game or request the Host's Public Router Ip address, (see Step 4) and Start up their Dark Omen game and go to Multiplayer and also select TCP/IP but will Paste/Insert in the Host's Hamachi IP to try and Join the Hosted game. If it does successfully Join the Hosted Game, Wait until both players can Type and Chat to each other and select a MAP (Have u both Got Map PACK INSTALLED? ) before pressing Fight, to Launch the game. Then if it Loads the Game remember to press T to Talk on the Battlefield.

However, if u receive the usual error of "can not Join the Selected Session"-Failed to Connect to Opponent

To Fix Error both Players Must do Step 1 and Step 2. and Ideally Step 3 (if Possbile) and Step 5 if required.

Remember to  Take Turns to be Host.

Step1) Allow eng_rel.exe and dplaysvr.exe through the firewall as Exceptions on both Windows Firewall and Personal Firewalls, or temporarily Disable Firewall and Anti Virus /Defender in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools->Services->Windows Firewall and any Other Personal Firewalls and some Anti Virus can cause LAG). Turning Off Firewall doesn't stop the Firewall service from still running, so Please Stop and Disable it in Control Panel Services.

Step2) Open Hamachi ports by clicking on Hamachi -> System -> Prefernces ->  Settings -> Peer Connections and find both UDP and TCP and enter 12975 for both (Hamachi's Central Server Port) then Restart Hamachi. This has fixed many connections and maybe all u require, so please Take Turns to Re-Host and test.

Step3) If you have Security Acess to your Router Open/Allow ports 2300-2400 TCP and UDP and 47624 TCP and also UDP and TCP 12975 to allow Hamachi (try typing in into your Browser address bar) This is the probably the Best way to fix any issues but unfortunately is complicated and the physical Router maybe secured away and some members play using a USB Modem Adaptor and since every Router has its own Configuration settings, it is the Hardest Fix to implement.

If Still get Error or Can't See Host Game

Step 4) Provide your Opponent your Public Router IP -see below for full explanation

Step5) Force Bind IP in Hamachi – Please read this website and download the file on Step 11 of the following website and Remember only use Forcebindip when Joining, Never when Hosting.


To Download and install this

See more Details Below in Full Explanation

Step 6) Promote Hamachi Network on your PC.

Basically we want to make Hamachi at the top of the list.

For XP Start->Control Panel->Network Connections, then on the Menu bar, click Advanced->Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

For Vista Start->Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center, then on the left side panel, click on
Manage Network Connections. Now Press Alt, click on Advanced->Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

Full Explanation[/size]:

Due to modern Router and Firewall and Anti Virus Security it can make connecting Online Multiplayer Dark Omen Games, slighty harder. Therefore Gamers of many different games, have to use Alternative methods, such as configuring their Routers and Firewalls /Anti Virus or use other products like Hamachi or Game Lobbies (Game Ranger) to allow Dark Omen to run and play with friends. So you can Quickly try and attempt to re-join their Game by asking the Host to provide you with their Public Router Ip to test (Step 4)

If u still can't see or connect to them, after trying Normal Hamachi or their Public Router Ip and taking Turns to Host. Then It's very Easy to Fix by allowing Firewall exceptions (Step1) and opening Hamachi Ports (Step 2)  or Disabling Firewall and Antivirus/Defender. This allows you to Host and Join Games without the usual Error. If you still can't Join a Game then it is probably because the Host hasn't done Step 1 and Step 2 or  Step3 and still has a Firewall or Anti Virus still running or simply can't Configure/Open Router Ports (Step3).

To Solve this you will have to download and use Step 5 (Forcebindip) to Join their Hosted game until they Allow Firewall Exceptions and Open Hamachi Ports (Step 1 and Step 2 ) or temporarily disable their Anti Virus and Firewalls (in between games). It is just a case of patiently testing each Step and take turns to Host and Join but...



Step 1) Allow eng_rel.exe (C:\Program Files\Dark Omen) and dplaysvr.exe (C:\Windows\System32) through the firewall as an Exceptions on both Windows Firewall and Personal Firewalls, or temporarily Disable Firewall in Control Panel -> Administrative Tools->Services->Windows Firewall. Otherwise dplaysvr.exe and eng_rel.exe have to be allowed on both personal andWindows firewalls. Disable Anti Virus if u experience Problems or Lag. Turning Off Firewall doesn't stop the Firewall service from still running, so Please Stop and Disable it in Control Panel Services.

Step 2) Open Hamachi ports by clicking on Hamachi -> System -> Preferences ->  Settings -> Peer Connections and locate both UDP and TCP and enter 12975 for both, then Restart Hamachi.

A Couple of years ago when we only had normal Hamachi and Router IP addresses to try, I researched solutions that advised opening these Hamachi ports which fixed many connection problems for many fans. Any players it couldn't help fix, would simply not be able to play each other! Until we were given Forcebindip hamachi to try and it has worked for many people, many times. (Tried and Tested)  and all of Star Craft use Forcebindip hamachi to connect and play each other, all around the world and it has proved many many times to work, for Dark Omen as well. Without it, i don't reckon we could get many players online, and yes the solution would be opening Router ports (Step4) if only all members could (some have no security access to it and some members are on USB Modem/Adaptors, etc and there are so many different types of Router that have individual settings).

This team of Counter strike players (using hamachi) find that opening Hamahci ports UDP and TCP 12975 actually reduces LAG. www.clockcrew.cc/talk/showthread.php?t=39551

Hamachi connects to a Hamachi Central Server on ports 12975 and in my experienced opinion it fixes a lot other gamer's problems. There are many many different configurations for hamachi for different games. http://archiv.raid-rush.ws/t-497128.html is my latest find.

Step 3) If you have Security Acess to your Router Open/Allow ports 2300-2400 TCP and UDP and 47624 TCP and also UDP and TCP 12975 to allow Hamachi (try typing in into your Browser address bar) This is the probably the Best way to fix any issues but unfortunately is complicated and the physical Router maybe secured away and some members play using a USB Modem Adaptor and since every Router has its own Configuration settings, it is the Hardest Fix to implement. http://portforward.com/

Step 4) Provide your Opponent your Public Router IP
To find your Public Router IP in windows, Press Start->Run and type in CMD and then type

tracert www.google.com

and (if u are UK) look at the second IP address for your Public Router IP address which can then be used for the Opponent to join your Hosted Dark Omen match instead of using the Hosts Hamachi IP.

or by typing  into your browser and searching around for Default Gateway Ip address

You can also get an Alternative Public Router IP by looking at this banner:

and now egt the same result using latest version of Hamachi  

(I personally have found that my tracert and Router Setting IP = has worked better than whatsmyip and Hamachi Details Sumamry IP =, so please try all Methods)

Step 5) Force Bind IP in Hamachi – Please read this website and download the file on Step 11 of the following website


Basically we want to create a new Shortcut on the Desktop for Dark Omen but with an amended line that will Force Bind your Hamachi IP.

Right Click on Desktop and choose to create a new Shortcut-> Browse to your Dark Omen folder and locate the EngRel.exe, for example

C:\Program Files\Dark Omen\PRG\EngRel.exe

But DO NOT press next to complete the new shortcut, instead we need to add some text at the beginning of the text,

Forcebindip 5.x.x.x

So it reads

Forcebindip “C:\Program Files\DarkOmen\PRG\EngRel.exe”

And make sure there is a space between 100 and “C:\

and .100 is an example so plese

Remember to replace the 5.x.x.x with your own Hamachi IP address

Then Press NEXT and to complete the new Shortcut, let it name itself.

You should now have a new shortcut called ForceBindIP.exe

Double click it to launch the game in Forcebind mode and use the normal icon to play normally with players u don’t get any errors connecting to. Again please take turns Hosting games to test but NEVER Host Using Forcebindip, only to Join to players u can't join to normally.Get both players to take turns  trying to join each other using forcebindip (Never use it to HOST). Success depends on trying all possible combinations.

For Vista 64 try this for Examaple:-

You have to extract the install file first and then link it to that folder

C:\Users\Olly\Downloads\ForceBindIP-1.2-Setup\ForceBindIP.exe "C:\Program Files (x86)\Dark Omen\PRG_ENG\EngRel.exe"

Exactly that with no " on the first C:/

Replace 5.x.x.x. with your Own Hamachi Ip and Olly with Your own Name...

Step 6) Promote Hamachi Network on your PC.


Red Alert 3 Universe Hamachi Fix - VistaLQ | LQ+ | HQ | by Aeva

Basically we want to make Hamachi at the top of the list.

For XP Start->Control Panel->Network Connections, then on the Menu bar, click Advanced->Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

For Vista Start->Control Panel->Network and Sharing Center, then on the left side panel, click on
Manage Network Connections. Now Press Alt, click on Advanced->Advanced Settings and put Hamachi at the top of the list.

As the majority of our players only ever need to do the Tried and Tested Steps 1 and 2 to fix any Connection issues, I therefore ask all New Members to do Step 1 and Step 2 straight away when first joining, whilst I am online to assist and Help/Guide them. This more importantly means that if they do happen to play any potentially incompatible Opponents, then they have already applied the Fix that the Majority of Fans have to use and will be Trouble free. Leaving them only to have to use the more rarely used Forcebindip Hamachi (Step5)if necessary to join the Hosts game, after failing to use the Host's Public Router Ip or the Host's Hamachi IP.

Since Dark Omen Connection issues can occur between two members, who can both play everyone else apart from each other,  even after using Normal Hamachi ip or Public Router Ip, then Disabling and Turning off the Windows Firewall and Anti Virus and Opening Hamachi Ports and Router Ports Step 3 has proven, over the years to fix players not being able to Connect to other players (despite them both being able to play everyone else). Of course this is a last resort and depends how much u want to play. It is a simple process of elimination and Patience.

So my experienced/Free Advice is to do Step1 and Step2 and Step3 (if u can) and Step 5 when necessary.

As well as trying via Hamachi and Step 4 Public Router IP there are also Alternatives ways to connect, such as:

Game Ranger Lobby -

pLAN -VPN Client

and see Post below from Ghabry about alterantive Forcebind

Please pop into our Chat Channel for further assistance or testing


Remember we always get it working and its Definetly Worth the Effort!

(Except one person who I spent 2hrs with, only to find he didn’t even have Dark Omen installed but Dawn of War!)

1805  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Re: I can't play dark omen on: July 09, 2008, 11:09:47 AM
Uninstall game and Delete the Program Files\ Dark Omen folder

Reboot and reinstall ..

1) On First time u run game go straight to Options and change to CPU mode and not coloured cursors.

Use the Vista fix DLL and join us in chat to discuss further options but CPU mode must be set on the 1st time u run the game, otherwise uninstall remove folder and start again.

1806  Modifications / Maps / BTB on: May 13, 2008, 10:46:34 AM
Check out Rob's new BTB Editor

The BTB Editor overlays a representation of the data contained in Mission one's BTB file, such as Troops/Triggers and Obstacles.

Comparsion picture of Mission 1, (B1_01) using Map Viewer.

Full Wiki Description:-

BTB - Wiki
1807  The Remake Project / Bright Portents / Re: Dark Omen Remake? on: May 11, 2008, 03:21:20 AM
Welcome to the Dark Omen Global Community,

your 3D and C talents will be greatly appreciated.


(I bet you're enjoying battling your way through the single player,

after we got it going on Vista).

See u in chat soon,

and hope to get on online Multiplaying

1808  Modifications / Maps / Great News! New Dark Omen Map Editor and Sprite Editor on: April 30, 2008, 04:15:41 PM
Great News!

The Dark Omen Community now have a New Dark Omen Map Editor.

Mikademus has very kindly released his TextEditor version of the

Dark Omen Map Editor that has the ability to Mod Maps. Amazingly he
isn't stopping there and intends to build a more graphical Interface for
us to use, so any help would be greatly appreciated, as he deserves a
well earned rest!



Project and source for PRJ file text mode editor.


These are very exciting times as we would also like to Thank Rob for
his help in creating the new Dark Omen Map textEditor (as they have both been working flat out for many weeks modding).

but also to thank him for his new

Beta DarkOmenViewer-New Sprite Editor
based on Mikademus's original DOC111-Mdose sprite editor.


This has extended Dark Omen futher than ever before, during the last
10 years and on behalf of all Global Dark Omen fans we Thank Them!

A perfect gift for Dark Omen's 10th anniversary!

All new Developments are Open Source and are Documented on the
new Wiki page, so feel free to Join in and help us all, anytime.



So except to see some great new Test screen shots of new Maps and New units.


(Also watch out for Rob's new Blender to M3D (dark omen 3d object files) Convertor,
to allow us to create new Dark Omen Buildings and 3D objects)


"We live in the Light that they leave behind"
1809  Modifications / Maps / Moving Buildings/Huts/Objects around MAPS on: April 29, 2008, 10:00:01 PM
These 3 Pics show early Mod to Move Huts around the Map.

They also stay solid Objects as seen on last pic where Troops are trying to
Charge through the Hut which has been moved across the River.

Full Tutorial will follow, Thanks to Mikademus's guide on Hex Editing the B1_01.PRJ file and the contained Position and Orientation Data Values.

We should now be able to Mod Existing Maps and create New Strategy by moving Objects around, combined with the Deployment Zone Mod.

All of this is great training towards a Map Editor or incorporating Single Player Maps into Multiplayer.


We Live In Exciting Times, please feel free to Join in.

Floating Huts

Hut Moved off Map

Solid Hut moved across River



"This looks cool.

Did editing the ATTR block work out then, or was it unnecessary? I still haven't been able to confirm whether my interpretation was correct (No working dark omen yet! ").


"Luckily I didn't have to ammend the ATRR block as the Hut and its Attributes came with it, when I moved it around.

As the Pic shows, it is solid but i will further Test Line Of Sight and other things to double check.

However, I would almost like there to be some Stuff in the ATRR block to ammend as it would provide us more clues".


"could you move through the hut after you had moved it to a new position, or was it an obstacle that had to be moved around? Did it block line of sight for your archers and cannon? Could you move through where the hut had been positioned originally"?

Yes the Hut is solid.


as I tried to charge men through it and they couldn't.

Which makes my Life easier.

I have been Dreaming of


"that's interesting, since the huts etc. are represented in both the 'ATTR' and (half of) the 'TERR' blocks. Wonder what is going on. Can cannon fire through the hut's original positions"?

1810  Modifications / Maps / Editing Map Objects and Data on: April 19, 2008, 02:53:55 AM
by Mikademus...he is explaining to me how binary attributes are mapped to filenames.

"You might have noiticed that all the .M3D files have strange filenames, like "_7WATER.M3D"

the underscore indicates that the next character is a gfx effect directive
Most water is "_7", there is one battle which water is "_6"

I'd like you to take a look at filenames.
See this (from my source)]

// Render flags for a model are provided, believe it or not, in
// the model's filename. If the leading character is an underline
// then the following is a hash for a binary attribute map where
// 00000 ( 0) = no flags
// 00001 ( 1) = translucency
// 00010 ( 2) = animate texture UV coordinates
// 00100 ( 4) = transparency
// 10000 (16) = *unknown*
// The hash depends on character
// '0'..'9': flag |= char - 48 (==> 0 .. 9)
// 'A'..'Z': flag |= char - 55 (==> 10 .. 35)
// 'a'..'z': flag |= char - 87 (==> 10 .. 35)
// The most common filename prefixes (actually, the only ones
// present in Dark Omen) are:
// "_4": 00000100 (transparency)
// "_6": 00000110 (transparecy and animated texture coordinates)
// "_7": 00000111 (transparency, animated texture coordinates, and transparency)
// "_K": 00010100 (transparency and unknown effect)

I don't know what the dec16 (bin10000) toggle does

I also don't really know the difference between "translucency" and "transparency", as they use the words in Dark Omen.


Could you rename some files and see if you figure out what effect it toggles?"

(So I have started to use the Dark Omen Map Viewer to see the effects it has when I rename the Water files)

This is B2_07 and its _6WATER.M3D

This is B2_07 but with it re-named as _7WATER.M3D
and the other file _6WATER.M3X renamed to _7WATER.M3X

and finally this is renaming to _KWater

The results can't be seen in these pics but _K actually stop the water flowing.

// "_K": 00010100 (transparency and unknown effect)

unknown effect = Stops animation of water flowing

Ok, final piece here]

After 9 they use letters, so A is 10, B is 11 and so on.


"_A" --> 01010 (== dec 10)
"_B" --> 01011 (== dec 12)
"_C" --> 01010 (== dec 13)
and dec 16 == 010000

so _K == 20 == 00010100 == the unknown at pos 16, and transparancy at pos 4


So working on this priciple, under the Guidance of Mikademus (many thanks) I then replaced all _4 with _K and vice a versa, on the First Mission

It effected the Trees


Now i renamed all M3D files to begin with _M and this is the result on the first mission.

The closest tree has moving textures.

"Ah, only one tree was animated? That explains why all water is contained in

a single mesh.
It would indicate that the UV coordinates of one instance only of the same model is updated, or something
Again, a strange limitation of the format/system"

Now we know how the 16-value bit works, and we understand texture coordinate animation a bit better, but the difference betwteen transparency and translucency is still unknown


Now with renaming with _6 all the M3D files.

it created Black under the Tree's Branches.

A change from K to 6 turned off the colour keying

My Next mission will be to start up my 2 old Win98 pcs with Nvidia Geforce2mx 32mb and FX5200 128mb pci cards and play Dark Omen in glorious 3D, to test the difference between "translucency" and "transparency", as they use the words in Dark Omen.

(I think Darkmancer plays in 3D on XP)



The skills learnt here are enabling us to understand the Dark Omen engine, so that we may hopefully Alter Maps (Create a River Crossing or Import other Buildings) and combined with the existing Deployment Zone Mod, vary the Strategy on each Map.
Even perhaps incorporate Single player Maps into Multiplayer.

1811  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Re: I can't play dark omen on: April 12, 2008, 09:54:33 PM

Uninstall game and delete the Program Files Dark Omen Folder.

Then Re-install and on first run, go straight to Options and change to CPU and not Coloured Cursors.

Then quit game and restart.

1812  Modifications / 2D Sprites / Giant on: February 16, 2008, 03:23:54 PM
I'm thinking about drawing some very early Giant
concept drawings but wondering about how tall he
should be compared to existing original Troll/DreadKing

Correct Giant size of a future possible Giant would have to be Taller than Dread King and Troll

1813  Warhammer Dark Omen / Multiplayer / Hamachi Players on: February 10, 2008, 10:24:44 PM
These are curent members who have been active in the last few months .... Smiley

If you want to see your online status here scroll down to the bottom
Da Grot5.44.113.83
Diego Mr. Pink5.110.185.126
Hunkeypex dark omen5.147.57.122
Voodoo Child5.110.238.121

  • Start Hamachi
  • Configure Hamachi (icon on the right)
  • Preferences
  • Presence
  • Tick Web Status indicator Enable
1814  Modifications / Maps / Re: battles.deu für Englisch on: October 19, 2007, 11:28:37 PM
like yourselves I'm back into Dark Omen and Shadow of the
Horned Rat.(Running Perfectly on my old P550Mhz Processor and FX5200 pci graphics card, running on WIn98).

I've found all of my old resources (Smurf was mentioned earlier, what a Guy)
He wrote the Editor and some other Genius created 8 new Undead Battles.

Ive also got a Greenskin Campaign, although its against the same enemy, so ive been busy re-coding the enemy. By this I mean, instead of Goblin Archers appearing on the first mission, you get DarkElveArchers and Morglum NeckSnapper etc.

Likewise I've got a different Good campaign, someone wrote but still against the same enemy, so I've been busy changing the enemy.

After completion of this I really want to make a Dwarf Campaign against say Orks. Although this sounds wicked, the only the things I cant do, is change where the enemy starts, or change the Type of unit(Archer is confined to Archer class etc).

Again all I've done is stand on the shoulders of Giants. ( I will post the Authors credits shortly, if we are allowed to progress and Publish our Mods)I read earlier Dogs Resources were asked to be taken down) True?

Other Mods I have are more money for multiplayer and loads of new units. eg Bat Swarms, Griffons, all the old classics ..

I have tried using your Battles.deu and renamed the file Battles.eng
I can select the New Multiplayer Maps but the Green land is black or errors.
Do i have to install the game as German or can you create a BAttles.eng please Smiley

I am your humble servant, at your service, Sir.
1815  Modifications / Maps / Mods on: October 16, 2007, 05:10:49 PM

Ich benutze einen übersetzer (UK)

wie bin ich zurück in dunkles Omen und Schatten der
gehörnten Ratte. (Tadellos laufend auf meinen alten P550Mhz Prozessor und PCI FX5200 Graphikkarte, laufend auf WIn98).
Ich habe alle meine alten Betriebsmittel gefunden (Smurf wurde früh erwähnt, ein welcher Kerl), das
er den Herausgeber schrieb und irgendein anderes Genie verursachte 8 neue Undead-Schlachten.

Ive erhielt auch eine Greenskin Kampagne, obgleich sein gegen den gleichen Feind, so das ive, das bemüht gewesen wurde, den Feind zu rekodieren. Durch dieses bedeute ich, anstelle von den Kobold-Bogenschützen, die auf der ersten Mission erscheinen, Sie erhalte DarkElveArchers und Morglum NeckSnapper etc.

Ebenso habe ich eine andere gute Kampagne, schrieb jemand aber noch gegen den gleichen Feind, also bin ich bemüht gewesen, den Feind zu ändern.

Nach der Vollziehung davon will ich wirklich eine Zwergkampagne dagegen machen sagen Orks. Obwohl das schlecht, das einzige klingt, tun die Dinge, die ich kante, ist Änderung, wo der Feind anfängt, oder ändern der Einheit der Typ (Bogenschütze wird zur Bogenschütze-Klasse usw. beschränkt).

Wieder ist alles, was ich getan habe, Standplatz auf den Schultern von Riesen. (Ich schlage die Autor-Autorenangaben kurz an, wenn uns erlaubt wird, fortzuschreiten und unseren Mods Zu veröffentlichen), las ich frühere Hund-Mittel wurden gebeten, abgenommen zu werden), Wahr?

Andere Mods, den ich habe, sind mehr Geld für das Mehrfachabspiellaufwerk und Lasten von neuen Einheiten. Eg-Fledermaus-Schwärme, Griffons, die ganze alte klassische Literatur

Ich habe Ihren Battles.deu versucht, aber der Schirm ist schwarz? Helfen Sie bitte


Ich bin Ihr loyaler Diener

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