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1  Warhammer Dark Omen / Tactical wargaming and other Warhammer games / Re: Total War: Warhammer 2 on: November 27, 2021, 05:53:37 PM
I accidentally came across one MOD which adds Grudgebringers and all other SOTHR and DO regiments with characters to Warhammer TW campaign
You play as a nomad faction and you don't need to capture settlements to make money but taking on quests or random contracts. You can also raid and sack cities or capture them and give to the Karl Franz for some reward.
The MOD devs did very great job and I already had tons of fun playing it.

To play it you need to have WH2 (and WH1 for Mortal Empires campaign) and subscribe to these MODs:

here you can check some gameplay videos:
2  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / News / Re: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year on: January 04, 2021, 09:16:57 AM
Happy New Year Olly and everyone!
3  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Re: Dark Omen in Full 3D Mode High Res XP and No Flicker! on: July 04, 2020, 10:30:04 AM
Hi Olly, long time no see!

After I moved all mods files, I managed to run the original DO in full HD (1920x1020) wide screen. But as I understan it can be launched in high res with mods as well. How can I do this?

Many thanks to Dege for this tweak with his DGVoodoo. Dark Omen looks just like in my old memories
4  Warhammer Dark Omen / Tactical wargaming and other Warhammer games / Astartes on: August 17, 2019, 03:08:42 AM

Not a game but this fan made shorts in 40k universe are fantastic
5  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Introduction / Re: Hello Dark Omen fans! on: July 23, 2019, 09:46:19 AM
I've recently bought SoTHR on GOG.com, finished it (although I must admit, without the awesome GameFAQs guide by stratifier I don't think I'd ever make it)
You're the man
With our without the guide regardless

6  The Remake Project / General Suggestions / Re: Dark Omen Reborn on: July 04, 2019, 05:35:37 PM
Hi Cuthalion,

We are glad that you like it.
This is very first alpha build and yes there are quite a bunch of things that we also don't feel they work as they should be.

We are very interested in any feedback and especially from veteran players. Please, use the link below to report them and thanks in advance for your input

"hope have strength and patience"
From what I see, Devasted is just warming up
7  The Remake Project / General Suggestions / Re: Dark Omen Reborn on: April 30, 2019, 07:26:56 PM
Greetings to all Dark omen fans!

News (along with demonstration video) about latest DO Reborn development is finally here:

Thanks for your time and stay tuned!
8  The Remake Project / General Suggestions / Re: Remaking the Remake on: April 06, 2019, 09:57:04 PM
Greetings and welcome back!

I've provided some links below for you to catch up where we are with the DOR project now.

Do you have a link to that blog post so I can keep track of things? Also a link to the current code for the project would be very useful to help me understand where the project is and any important concepts I could learn ahead of time.
The project public wiki with design notes which we learned from hours of DO playtest (mostly)

The project blog (haven't updated it for a while):

Our primary goals are to write a multiplayer server/client (I have experience in this) and then a basic level editor. With these two things (and the support of another programmer) the community can create the levels and content while we focus on the mechanics. Once these two systems are stable only then do we start to reuse any of the AI or peculiarities that may exist in the current demo version.

Focusing on features which will help to build community is a pretty wise move to me. Could you elaborate more what kind of past experience you have in the network coding?
I heard that UE has a ready-to-use features for both multiplayer and level editor. I wonder why they can not be used "as is"?   
9  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Re: Virtualbox problem on: January 26, 2019, 05:53:14 AM
Fixed the issue.

Not sure what exact steps sequence I went through but among them were reinstallation, intro-crash fix register file and other register files for Win7 I found while searching the forum.

Now my problem is how to set up this bloody network connection between host (main PC) and guest (VM)
10  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Re: Virtualbox problem on: January 19, 2019, 01:16:53 PM
I added 4 Prcessor CPUs (was 1 out of 8 host) in Virtualbox guest settings and now CPU load dropped to 21%

but the result is the same - black screen and playing music. Now I am sure this is DO installation issue and bot Virtualbox
11  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Virtualbox problem on: January 19, 2019, 12:53:45 PM

Trying to run game on virtualbox guest Win 7 64 (host win 10 64), but as soon as I skip the intro the screen becomes black and music is playing on the background. Processor usage of guest is 100% while host is 15% only

I can only Alt+Tab and kill the DO process in task manager. On host I can run DO perfectly fine

I am trying to understand if it is my Virtualbox guest settings issue or DO installation on Win 7 one?
12  The Remake Project / General Suggestions / Re: Dark Omen Reborn on: December 30, 2018, 08:49:41 PM
a video that demonstrates latest progress
13  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Tavern / Re: Why do you adore Dark Omen? on: December 21, 2018, 01:05:15 PM
Interesting read. Thanks for the analysis Ghabry!

I've played AL only in the closed beta but experienced same points:
- too fast paced combat to my taste. Even during frontal engagement of defensive units like pikemen
- hard to locate your units especially when you have lots of the same type (displaying binded numbers on mini map would have helped a bit)
- there is a friendly fire but it still feels unnatural. Maybe due to projectile physics dunno

As to the rest I need to try its SP campaign first I guess.
14  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Tavern / Re: Why do you adore Dark Omen? on: December 19, 2018, 01:31:33 PM

run into similar nostalgic threads from time to time about how Dark omen battles were tactically deeper and now fun in contrast with TW large scale battles

I tried to play TW campaigns with capped army stack to 8 units for both player and AI. It was interesting experience

15  The Remake Project / General Suggestions / Re: Dark Omen Reborn on: October 01, 2018, 10:20:32 AM
DOR 2nd Anniversary

Greetings everyone!

Today is a great day for our small community as DOR project turned 2 years! Personally for me this anniversary means a lot because of two things:

Firstly, it is amazing to realize that a hobby remake project of once great but forsaken franchise managed to live that long. Without a doubt, most credit for this goes to @d3vasted who managed to program and fine-tune DOR single-handedly. His programming skills, dedication and determination are amazing and you just know that any kind of project is bound to succeed when it is in hands of such person.

Secondly, this hobby project gives me a hope that one day I will able to devote all my working hours(and even more than that) to what I truly love - video-games. Time will tell, but for now I am just enjoying and proud to be a part of DOR project.

List of what has been developed since the last update in May:
  • Melee combat (models allocation is till in progress due to my slacking in RL)
  • Ranged units: bows, xbows and artillery (cannon, catapult, steam tank, mortar)
  • Ranged combat: projectiles type, AOE damage, etc
  • Line of sight: affects both unit visibility and shooting
  • Unit static 3D portraits (i.e. not animated)
  • Sound effects for everything mentioned above
  • Damage types
  • Models different animations: flying death, burning, etc.
  • Unit deployment phase, with drag and drop units mini-inventory
  • Main menu with quit and new game options
  • and many many other fixes and tweaks

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