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Author Topic: Dark Omen ReShade  (Read 347 times)
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« on: January 16, 2024, 09:23:23 PM »

Hello everyone,

Since dgVoodoo virtually transforms Dark Omen into a modern DX10/11 application, I wanted to play around with the ReShade shader tool, just to see if there's a way to make it play nice with Dark Omen. There are tons of different shaders for ReShade including color grading, bloom, hdr etc. but I was especially interested in applying depth buffer based effects (especially Depth-of-Field blurring and Screen Space Ambient Occlusion).
I was semi successful, as Dark Omen can indeed produce a depth buffer for the effects, but on panoramic displays, in fullscreen mode it's stretched to full screen dimension from it original image 4:3 aspect ratio, so the shader effects aren't properly aligned with the rendered camera field of view. Fortunately in windowed mode depth buffer scales properly and I was able to run both DoF and SSAO effects.
While the extra shading provided by SSAO is pretty good and I intend to play the game with it, I wasn't able to find a DoF preset that wasn't to jarring for gameplay, so I consider it more as a tool for atmospheric screenshots  Smiley

Below are some screens:

* EngRel 2024-01-16 20-35-51.png (2397.31 KB. 1440x1080 - viewed 41 times.)

* EngRel 2024-01-16 20-37-25.png (2363.52 KB. 1440x1080 - viewed 35 times.)

* EngRel 2024-01-16 21-02-48.png (2535.22 KB. 1440x1080 - viewed 40 times.)

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« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2024, 10:53:47 PM »

Good effort and please keep us posted with your progress.

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