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91  Multiplayer Campaign / Dark Omen Conquest / Re: Conquest Battleground on: May 20, 2009, 09:13:42 AM
I´ll take the orcs then.

92  Multiplayer Campaign / Dark Omen Conquest / Re: Conquest Game Room on: May 18, 2009, 10:37:52 AM
I want to play NOW.  Cheesy

Lets start the conquest fast as possible!

The greenskin (if i allowed to play them) will conquer the world!!!

93  Multiplayer Campaign / Dark Omen Conquest / Re: Conquest Game Room on: May 17, 2009, 07:20:53 PM
Hi @ all,

pls sign me in for the conquest.

My favourites are:
- Orc Nation
- Goblin Nation

But i can play every nation too =)

I hope there are more players who join the conquest!
94  Warhammer Dark Omen / Tournaments / Re: Tournament May on: May 11, 2009, 02:09:33 PM
sign me in pls.

i´m able to join or create games, now i wanna fight!! Waaaaghh!!!
95  Multiplayer Campaign / Dark Omen Conquest / Re: Dark Omen Conquest on: May 11, 2009, 02:06:30 PM
sign me in pls!

For the greenskins, of course!!  Grin

96  Warhammer Dark Omen / Tactics / Re: Power of Anti Magic Items and Dispell Magic on: May 10, 2009, 09:10:53 PM
Yes the anti magic items are very strong, but expensive too.
And if the opponent didn´t use magic against them, its useless.

The spelleater shield is a good item to feet the own wizard, a nice tactic to get extra magic power.

My experience at fighting with dispell magic.
I used "Blade Wind" with the necromancer against an other mage with 3xdispell magic, but the swords where dispeled with the 3. dispell magic. That means, i spend 1 point(wand of yet) and he lose 3 dispell magic charges.

Is there a difference between 1 or 3 dispell magic on an unit?
I think there is a chance to dispell the magic spell, with one dispell magic its lower than three.
If its fail, one charge lost and the unit takes damage. Now the next charge try to dispell the effect.

The same problem with the firewall too, my unit needs 2 or 3 dispell magic to negate the effect.

Sometimes i use only one dispell magic to an unit against the horn, banner of lightning or magic sword but it failed easy.

Yes the anti magic items are powerfull, but sometimes if i need them, the effect fail  :Smiley
97  Warhammer Dark Omen / Multiplayer / Question: How to Host a Game on: May 10, 2009, 08:40:56 PM
Hi guys!

After my first and last online games (hosted by an other player) on friday, today i tryed to host the games by myself.
But i failed hardly, the other player saw my hosted game but wasn´t able to join it. An error massage like "other player joined, see the manual" droped.

He tryed to create a game too, i saw the game but can´t join > error massage

I think there are some other players with the same problem  Grin

After 2 mins google i found a source for help.

How to open the right ports on pc or router.

At home, i got a "Fritz Box" to route the home network.

Here are my settings for the box.

Aktiv Bezeichnung Protokoll   Port       an IP-Adresse    an Port     
eMule TCP           TCP         4662       192.168.....      4662   
HostPort2           TCP          5479       192.168......     5479   
HostPort             TCP          5482       192.168......     5482   
HostPort3           TCP         7060-7100 192.168.......   7060-7100   

The question to advanced players, is this enough to host the do games?
I havn´t check it yet, because there isn´t anyone online at my Dark-Omen3/4/5 channels and the others are full.

Thx for any help  Cool
98  Multiplayer Campaign / Dark Omen Conquest / Re: Dark Omen Conquest on: May 10, 2009, 11:20:58 AM
I think the white are the greenskins!!

99  Modifications / Tools / Re: Modding with Wh32edit Uniteditor on: May 10, 2009, 11:17:44 AM
Yes of course they are able to walk, i mean they didn´t stop walking to cast, they just walk and if you chose one magic spell its used but they don´t stop.
If you use 3xfireball they just use 1x fireball.

To set them to unit type >Evil wizard< they stop to cast a magic spell.
Then they aren´t able to wear magic shields or they aren´t able to follow automaticly an routing unit.
But it can be an advandage they don´t follow an routing unit too.
You must increase they MO if its a cavallry too, because they are slow like other infantry unit type.

Unit type >wizard<
- stop to cast a magic spell
- can´t wear magic shield
- need a increase to MO if its an unit with horse
- don´t follow an routing unit

Unit type >nonwizard< (like infantry, cavallry)
- don´t stop to cast a magic spell
- can´t wear magic book or typical wizard items
- follow an routing unit if its an infantry or cavallry unit type

To use a magic book like dark book or a magic spell like fireball the unit needs a wizard type like >base mage< or other wizard type.
While testing with large units, they fireball was able to kill the own men of the casting unit.

Thats my result while testing different unit settings.

But the main problem for hero or unique units is the autosell of magic spell after the battle.
I looked at the table of wiki and there is a describtion about that, i think its hardcodet into the game exe and we can´t mod this yet  Embarrassed
If you want to create a hero unit with one special magic spell, the only way to get it back for next battle is to sell it and rebuy it at the troop book.
Or everyone need to edit his savefile, but this is bad too.

To give them a magic book and a wizard type like base mage, they get random magic spells for each battle and got dispel magic too.

To give them a magic sword like grudgebringe will waste the battlefields after the 3. battle with hundrets of magic items.

I think a good choise for your conquest will be a sell and rebuy system, they are heros and i think they are strong enough and don´t need to level up  Tongue

Yes i´m very interested at the dark omen conquest!
100  Warhammer Dark Omen / Rules and Standards / Re: WHich rules will we issue for mages/cavalry with banner/pistoleters/elves?: poll on: May 09, 2009, 10:56:31 AM
At the TT there are no endless teleporting wizards or hit´n´run elves.
I think the best for balance such a situation like 1 wizard vs 2 mummie units is to stop the game an count the points of each side and compare it. The player with most unit points is the winner.

I think both player are able to find out who is the winner of a fight.

The games get very stupid if every player must use a wizard or hit´n´run units. And if his wizard havn´t the teleport but the other side got it, it seams to be a autolose.

To say, get CC after 3-4 rounds is one realy badly rule i think.
101  Modifications / Tools / Re: Modding with Wh32edit Uniteditor on: May 09, 2009, 10:23:01 AM
It seems the spells aren´t saved after a match. I don´t know how to fix this.
For your conquest, that means a hero havn´t his special magic after the first match. Thats bad.
An idea, you sell the hero and buy a now one. But then he can´t level up.

Nice pictures, they show us how realy good mixed magic looks.
The orcarmy looks very good too, better than the original DO orcarmy.

I think such a modded army gives the multiplayer more TT feelings.

Is it possible to change the original villiger sprites to volkmar sprite by changing the graphics and set the volkmar unitsprite to the villiger?
Then you have a icemage and volkmar on multiplayer, but many volkmar units at the campaign towns!
It´s possible, i don´t know?

An other problem by giving magic spells to a infantry type(or other nonmagic) is, they are able to cast while walking, like the dreadking. They are able to kill the own men too.
Don´t know how to fix this.

The destructable wall idea is great! I need to read the wiki now.

102  Modifications / Tools / Re: Modding with Wh32edit Uniteditor on: May 08, 2009, 09:19:11 PM
At my tests, there wasn´t any effect by giving the enemy a special magic spell.
I think there is a script for AI to use a spell.
If you give the Necro a brightbook then the AI doesn´t use it, but it use the darkmagic.
Only the grafic of the wizardsprite is changed to bright.
I think its the reason that in every mission, the enemy wizards use the same spells.

The same effect has a change from original archer unit to a infantry unit type(without rangeweapon).
The Unit move to his final position and wait there.

If you mod the campaign, remember which untitype was set to the unit you change.
For example, the "mobile artillery" can uses only to units with base archer AI script.

Yes, i think "base AI script" is the right word for it.

For player units, there is no problem to give them a magic spell like dark bolt or her we go.
I think its good for modding a new multiplayer ruleset with unique or hero units.
For example, a mummie king lvl1 get first itemslot free and at slot 2 and 3(he cant use it cause he is lvl 1) set a darkbook spell "raise the dead" and "dark bolt".
Now you have a lvl 1 hero with 1 free itemslot and 2 powerfull spells.

Modding the multiplayer is very very interesting but causes sometimes a crash ;/

103  Multiplayer Campaign / Dark Omen Conquest / Re: Dark Omen Conquest on: May 08, 2009, 08:37:58 PM
The greenskins will conquer the world!!


This idea is great, i can´t wait for it!!

104  Modifications / Tools / Modding with Wh32edit Uniteditor on: May 08, 2009, 03:25:07 PM
Hi @ all modders!

At this topic we/i want to collect some "know how" or specials for the Wh32edit.
For example how to create mobile artilery or gieving a unit a direct Magicspell, drop a goldchest or something like that.

While modding my own campaign, i played a little with the Wh32editor and so i want that you know whats going on there.

Letz GO!

@General -->Magic Items
In the editor you are able to chose between the diferent magic items but you are able to type in special commands like this:

1-f Magicitems
This shows the normal Magicitems, if you use a 1, the Grudgebringer Sword is shown

1a-38 Magicspells

You also able to gieve a Unit a special Spell.
Just try to gieve a Fire Mage the Wings of Fire.
Type "21" in the Item slot 1, 2 or 3 and he get the wings.
Here are all magicnumbers (don´t try 42, it crash the world!)
The unit need a wizard type!


1a Fireball (crash the Game, i dont know why)
1b Sanguine Sword
1c Blast
1d The burning Head
1e Conflagration of Doom
1f Flame Storm
20 Grimson Band
21 Wings of Fire
38 Dispel Magic


22  Death Frost
23  Chill Blast
24  Ice Shards
25  Wind of Cold
26  Shield of Cold
27  Hawks of Miska
28  Snow Blizzard
29  Crystal Cloak
38  Dispel Magic

Waaagh Magic

2a  Brain Bursta (crash the Game)
2b  Gaze of Mork
2c  Da Krunsh 
2d  Fist of Gork
2e  Mork Save Uz
2f  Ere we Go


30  Gaze of Nagash
31  Rising Death
32  Doombolt (crash the game)
33  Death spasm
34  Blade Wind   
35  Arn Black Horror
36  Soul Drain
37  Witch Flight
38  Dispel Magic


The next numbers let the Unit wear a Goldchest

3a Goldchest 100
3b Goldchest 150
3d Goldchest 250
3e Goldchest 350

After it dies, the chest droped like a normal magic item.

Point Value

Another interesting point is the Point Value (i love the wordplay)

@ General > Other you can see the Point Value
This value have very nice effects

-it set the skulls of the unit
-it set the costs of a single fallen troop
-it says how many experience and gold an enemy get for killing 1 troop

If you want to level up fast or get many gold, increase this number of enemyunits.
For example @ your campaign a mission is very hard and the player lose many troops but get to less gold or experience, you increase the point value to avoid this problem that he cant buy reinforcements.
Or a mission is very easy, but gieve to many exp/gold for just shoot them down, lower the point value.

There are some other factors which change the costs or the exp of a troop too.
F.e. troopnumber, armor i think and so on.

But the point value is the easiest way to change costs, gold or exp of an Unit

My Special Unit

Mobile Artillery

If you want to gieve your campaign AI an Mobile Artillery, you need a base archer Unit.
For example the goblin archer @ the trading post changed to a Rocklobber.

1. Open @ DarkOmen folder Gamedata > 2parm > GS_ALLMP and copy the Rocklobber
2. Open the Unitdata from Trading post Gamedata > 1pbat > B1_01 >B101NME
3. Note the Unique Unit ID from the goblin archer (129)
4. Paste Regiment (Overwrite!) the Rocklobber at the Unitposition from the goblins and set the Rocklobber Unique Unit ID (129)
5. Set Unit type from Orc Artillery to Orc Infantry
6. Set Movement from the leader to the same like his "loader" f.e. 3 or 4

Now this mobile Rocklobber walk like the old archers but use the fireing distance of an original Rocklobber.

At my campaign i used this mechanic to gieve the fights more dramatic. Some missions get very hard because you can´t wait for every attack wave.
Attack uz or get shot down to pieces by the "Mobile Artillery" =)

Thats enough for now, i hope my experiences with Wh32edit can help you by create your own campaigns or multiplayer battles.
There is no detailed explaination of every option @ Wh32edit, i think we need some at the modding section for new player which want to start modding.

Don´t trink to much blood at the battlefields!!
Your english is bad -.-
Don´t trink to much blood at the battlefields!!

105  Warhammer Dark Omen / Multiplayer / Re: Hamachi on: May 07, 2009, 10:16:49 PM
Thx very much, thats what i needed. (why didn´t see it by myself -.-')

Now i´m rdy to play DO online, a dream comes true!!
Letz do some warz @ the weekendzz.

see ya
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