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16  Warhammer Dark Omen / Tactical wargaming and other Warhammer games / Re: Table Top Recreations. Need help! on: June 06, 2019, 07:01:33 PM
Hello and welcome back!

There is a very good unit list for all Dark Omen units on our main page


i.e. Grudgebringer Cavalry

To get the same amount of info for SOTHR will be difficult. I have the game but screenshots taken are just black.
And all of the picture files are in some weird format.
17  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Tavern / Woman...vs Dark Omen PS1 on: May 30, 2019, 03:00:52 PM
Just found this on Youtube and found myself obliged to share it!

Let´s Play Demos der PS1 Part 53 - Dark Omenpowered by Aeva

leave her a like Grin
18  The Remake Project / General Suggestions / Re: Dark Omen Reborn on: December 30, 2018, 09:18:07 PM
This looks awesome!

Love how the cannon ball goes through those goblins.
19  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Campaign: Dark Omen Enhanced Edition on: December 26, 2018, 07:49:24 PM
Thats a nice picture with masacre and fireworks!

This battle is maybe the hardest of chapter 1.
Did you lose Countess Guard and Imperial Bowmen?
I don't want to give any spoilers but it its worth to check if a regiment will leave soon (red arrow) or maybe stay (green arrow).
20  Modifications / Campaigns / Campaign: Dark Omen Enhanced Edition on: December 24, 2018, 02:34:49 PM
Already included in the latest Mod Pack download

Enhanced Edition, a reworked Dark Omen.

Dark Omen Enhanced Edition slightly alters the original campaign flow by adding more choices and also consequencs to your actions.
How you spend your time is now more important, so chose wisely.

- more missions
- more and mostly harder enemies
- some enemy units now have strong leaders based on 4th Edition Warhammer Fantasy Battle
- units better in line with 4th Edition (still no lances for Knights)
- no more magic items in buildings, they are now rewards or carried by enemies
- more possible army combinations to fight the Dread King
- some altered versions of dialogues fitting new choices

Special thanks go to:
- Olly for keeping site alive and his step by step guides
- Ghabrys Mod Selector and WH32Edit
- Aqrit and Ghabry for easy WHMTG script edits
- Robs CTLdis and BTBeditor
- and of course all the Dark Omen devs for making this awesome game

Patch Notes 1.1.0:
- goblins stole 3500gc from the imperial reward treasure
- added a dark magic spell
- the timing of the dwarfs improved slightly
- added more talking heads here and there
- further improvements to dialogues
- the lords of "The 100" turned into heroes
- two of the lost magic items found by powerful enemies
- polished the important battles
- this patch is not save game compatible

I hope that Klaus catched all the bugs. Have fun!

21  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Rise of the Dead 2 Beta on: February 13, 2015, 01:52:40 AM
hari8, you got the wrong version. This was a very first test i send to Olly in a private message.

Yes i had the plan to have loops but it turned those into a "grind" to get easy gold, so i removed the idea.
The Trading Post is currently not available. The campaign starts after it. Your first 2 missions to chose from are a) help Carlson with the trouble in the south or b) help to defend Helmgart. Ofc after your visit in Altdorf and the chance to spend some gold.

I'm not sure if i should release the next update because i need some more feedback. There are a lot of, how to say, possibilies how someone may get along. The gold rewards are the most important part as you don't get most units for free anymore and still need to fill them up.

@thelastarmada, did you also download the files from Ollys Dropbox?
If not, then try to help Carlson first. Going direct to Helmgart is more difficult.

Thx for the testing guys.
22  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Rise of the Dead 2 Beta on: February 10, 2015, 07:52:05 PM
Ok guys how is it going? Did anyone get far into the campaign?
23  Modifications / Tools / Re: Mod Selector on: January 10, 2015, 06:29:22 PM
Very cool, thx Ghabry.
24  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Rise of the Dead 2 Beta on: January 08, 2015, 04:54:39 PM
I made a account.

Pls try this Link

No idea if its public by default, so pls tell me if it works.
25  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Rise of the Dead 2 Beta on: January 07, 2015, 12:18:09 AM
Thx Olly.

26  Modifications / Campaigns / Rise of the Dead 2 Beta on: January 06, 2015, 03:23:17 AM
Greetings Warlords!

I'm on a new mission to create a campaign and i need your help to find bugs, oversights or terrible mistakes.
Before i explain the complicated install procedure some infos about the mod. A bit more in detail.

Mod Info

I changed my mind about the horrible story. Its now back to the original one with the voices, movies and all the cool stuff making sense.
The good news is that i read a thread with a post from some Darkomen developer and some problems about cutting out things, making the campaign linear and other things i forgot already. But the important part is the idea, to have choices.
And here comes the "new" way to edit the campaign script handy.

At the campaign script is my current focus. So there are little to no changes to the original missions and my Rise of the Dead mod missions are used here and there for more challenge and to increase the missions number. So this mod will have lots of missions to fight, or lose.

The way of the army progression also changes. You don't get units automaticly, you need to buy them. Same to some magic items. Changing the campaign script made it possible. Maybe not in the best way, but you will see it soon.
Its text based and yes, its the "Helmgart yes/no" used over and over and over again.

Some side effect of adding units and removing gold from the player is that there is no remove gold command. I can only add gold. So how to remove gold? Well add enough to get a 16bit rollover  Grin
This is quite important. Now you need to count and check by yourself if you got enough gold to buy stuff. To make it simple, don't spend more gold than you got or its pretty much an exploit. Can't do something about it. Huh?


Step 1
The mod requires the Mod Selector from Ghabry. Would be best if you also take the Sample Files to have an idea how everything looks like.

Step 2
Download my Rise of the Dead 2 from

Step 3
Unpack the Zip. You will see "Rise of the Dead 2 Beta" folder. Open it.
Now you have 2 different folders "GameData" and "Mods"
Mark them and copy them.

Now open your Dark Omen folder and you see all your Dark Omen files like:


Now do a paste.

The content of my both folders "GameData" and "Mods" gets included into the original "GameData" and the Mod Selectors "Mods" folder.

Now you can start the game and select the "Rise of the Dead 2 Beta" in the Modselection.


I need feedback on difficulty and army progression. Basicly how is your army doing.
What units did you buy and which missions did you chose.
Are you poor or have to much gold?
Could i name options(strings) better to improve the, you know, "Roleplaying".
Pls try to not spoil to much if possible.

Other Modders

If you have a map ready and want it included please let me know. We could use them as extra or side missions. There is like endless space to add more.

Well then good luck with the install and have fun testing  Grin

Mod Selector from Ghabry

Rise of the Dead 2
27  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Campaign: RotD Rise of the Dead on: December 18, 2014, 10:32:46 PM
Thx for all the feedback guys!

Its nice to see so much interest to the 5 year old mod after coming back to this page. Wasn't around for quite a while Tongue

I feel a bit sorry for the first mission lobber as it wasn't intented to be there after internal testings. Cause it only leads to reloads/restarts and doesn't add much to the battle. Though its kind of funny how it stood there for all this time. This mission was like my very first attempt to mod the AI, so its also special and more time went into it. But based on the feedback and the fact that i removed it while testing and the huge annoying RNG it should be removed or replaced by a spearthrower.

The lobber RNG was also a reason i used mostly canons for the other missions as they are not that RNG heavy and, at least for me, have a special flavor. I like to see a row impaled or pushed away.

I prefer to go all offense instead of stay and wait for waves. Like to see close clombat and how it turns out. To move a army as a whole. I think most mission reflect this.

To the last mission i have to say it was there to block your from passing and let you die there. The reason was first to get time for the next chapters and second to lead into some "story" thing. Don't want to spoil. Can't believe somebody did beat it  Shocked

Right now i'm at learning to mod the WHMTG script and get this done. I will use this mod to continue so to say i reuse the missions and try to add more to get a new campaign feel. Like you wont see the original path or talking as it doesn't make any sense for this mod.

But i have no idea how to do it now and how much is possible. As far as "new" progress goes, i was able to get count carstein into the first mission, to change him to cast fire spells and do his teleport around thing whitout crash. Of course a had to give him a shaman friend cause 2 mages are cool. So much possible now cause of the CTL script progress. Was really impressed when i first saw the new articles.

Btw i was about to beat my first mission (with lobber) at first try but then it destroyed with its last shot, before getting charged, my greatswords.  :Smiley
And my mage got so many hits by arrows, but didn't die. I was always like "no, thats it" and he, just a blody face telling "they are shooting at us".

This game is fun! I laught at every arrow  Grin

28  Modifications / Tools / Re: Campaign Tool on: February 09, 2011, 12:50:30 AM
Yeah thats so much fun with playin!!  Grin

cant imagine how this stuff works, but it does! Awesome!
Poor enemys, they are too less!!

I hope i can give a good lookable version at weekend 4 testing who is interested.
But right now the code looks realy stupid (what a shame), sounds stupid (shame too) and eyes of every programer would bleed like hell  Shocked

29  Modifications / Tools / Re: Campaign Tool on: February 08, 2011, 09:44:11 PM
Thankz for the response!

I think its the best to finish the GUI at the very very last of all.
Right now, some naked buttons and lazy listboxes will do the job as well Wink

I was wondering how difficult it is to change existing files, cause you need to rewrite them from the beginning.
But the power of python is with me!!

To buy units works, there is just the "Goldcoin" problem.
With some tricks, its realy easy, to cheat on the player. Because the data is visible just of a simple "flag"

For now, i'm happy that all things going well!


30  Modifications / Tools / Campaign Tool on: February 08, 2011, 07:08:33 PM
Hi @ all, long time no see Wink

My dark plan is to write a tool for the lovely campaign, which allows free map selection, to buy and sell units.

The first step was just free mission selection, thats done and works fine (for the first ~ 10 missions, missing the data for the others but thats no problem).

Second is the buy/sell option and, thats the important thing, get the stuff work with the maps.

The Problems!!:
1. Every change (mapselection/buy/sell) needs Gameexit, open Tool+select newest savegame+ do what you want, close tool,start game.
Yes this sucks, but there is no other option ;(

2.I dont know if its a developer joke, but why the hell, i need to tell the game that i want to use my active units on the battlefield? -.-
So a totaly rebuild of ALL goddamn BTB files is nessesary to allow every unit. Otherwise some Units are not available at the battle.
Some Units join the army and later disappear , i.e. the Carlons Cavalry or the Treeman.
Thats because the Unit has an unique unit ID and after i.e. the Treemanmission the game sets the unit with this Id to inactive status.
Good News! Its possible the change all unit Ids(start armyfile PLYR_ALL) and the game still works fine. i.e. numbers from 30-56 instead of 2-28.
With this change, no unit will join or disappear, so all "unitchanges" comes with the campaign tool or they die on battlefield Wink .

3.The Tool itself

I'm new to Python and TKinter, but first steps are done for a simple GUI with missionselection.
Now it seems i could need a helpfull hand from someone who knows more than myself about python and tkinter Wink

How can i:

-set the background for the GUI? I want a background like multiplayer GUI ingame
-set picture for buttons,

or all in one, i want the exactly same GUI like multiplayer armycreation ingame, what whould you do? ^^

yes thats all

Status: Alpha of the Alpha

Dont trink to much blood!!

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