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Author Topic: Great Time To Join!  (Read 7670 times)
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Dark Omen is a true Warhammer Table Top Stats Multiplayer game!

Great Time to Join our friendly community - New Mods and Monthly Tournaments

Thanks to our fantastic Mod team we have accomplished alot-

1) Map Pack All original 28 Maps into Multiplayer with Alternative Deployment Zones.

2) New Single player and Online Campaigns, play as other Warhamemr Races.

3) Deploy upto 39 units in total 19v19 or 25v14 combinations etc..

4) New Units and Armies

5) Unit/Sprite Editors

6) Unit/Stats Editors

7) Audio Convertors

8 ) Blender 3D model Convertors for maps and Scenary

9) Map Text and BTB Editors -to allow future new custom maps

10)XP/Vista/Win7 Game and Multiplayer Online Fixes and even Full 3d Mode

Also including Mikademus' own Amazing RTT Game Engine Project- WARTBED

and Darkmancer's awesome Necrominicon Game Engine Project;msg6210#new

Exciting Times indeed!


*Update - Trading Post Mission 1 Expanded*

New Fortress Beta Map;msg10312#new

Warhammer Rule Books

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and back in Nuln, the ageing Graf Berhardt smiled his secret smile of pride whenever he heard the latest tales of his eldest son's ever growing chain of glorious victories -(sothr manual)
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