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Author Topic: Information about Tournaments  (Read 3554 times)
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Note that these text only applies for "official" Tournaments. Official Tournaments usually take part once a month on the last weekend.
It is of course possible for you to organize your own small tournaments. But the players signing up should check first if the time conflicts with another tournament.

Sign Up:
To sign up in a tournament just write a message in the tournament topic (e.g. "Sign me up please") then you will be added to the "Playerlist" by the tournament organizer.
There is usually no limit in number of players so you can even sign up directly before reaching the "Register Deadline".

The confirmations usually takes part 2 days before the tournament day. In this time you have to write "Confirm" in the tournament topic to make sure that you really want to sign up. We had to add this because around 30% of the users never shown up after registering. The Confirmation Ends when the "Confirm Deadline" is reached. If you are not at home to confirm during the Confirmation-Time you can confirm some days earlier (during the registration time).
Warning: If you confirm and don't show up for taking part in the tournament you will be disqualified for the next tournament!

The Tournament Day:
The tournament usually starts at 5pm gmt+0. Please make sure that you created enough armies (the number of allowed armies depends on the tournament) using the correct ruleset before the tournament starts!
The whole tournament management takes part in our Chat. You can connect to it using our Chat Applet (Java required) or any IRC-Client. In the channel we will tell you a hamachi channel where all tournament players have to join too.
You can find your opponents in the "Fixture" (2nd post in a tournament thread) and we will of course post your opponents in the Chat. The map you have to play on is usually decided by a "dice". After the battle tell us the results so we can update them on the forum.

A Tournament takes around 3-4hours so make sure you have enough time.

Please NEVER leave a tournament because of bad results or other things you don't like. Because then we will have to rearrange the Fixture and you will be banned from the next tournament.
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