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Author Topic: 5k/15 my armybuild for UD  (Read 2097 times)
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« on: March 26, 2009, 01:59:47 PM »

well actualluy i feel bad when posting armybuilds cause im lazy to create new army; but this section is so emtpy that...

my army which has 5/0 score so far if i remebered right

x2 meat
x1 funny guy
x1 big guys
x1 panic machine

x1 mini horn

you got it right, ghouls is just a meat which we block archers or another critical units untill another forces come up.

our main atacking unit is a cavalry and mummies. make sure you attack only one regiment and it will flee fast. this is a key of winning - make them flee and rush another one. when mummies will come you need to direct them to the toughtest enemy, cause mummies one of the toughtest enemy by themselves.

for necromancer u just mainly need to be lucky and get or .
teleport will be useless cause undead fireball really worthless.
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