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Author Topic: How 'hate greenskins' works  (Read 4011 times)
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It is just an observation I want to document. Related to a few chats that took place between Olly Ghabry and me.

Elves have flag 'hate greenskins'. It does not check 'goblin racial flag' in enemy regiment attributes, but it checks enemy unit_type. If enemy unit type is goblin infantry/cavalry/archers, then 'hate greenskins' work. I did not test same vs orcs so far. So I cannot confirm whether it is 'hate greenskins' or 'hate goblins only'.
How I checked it:
I use goblin unit types for skaven missions in my campaign. At the same moment I do not set 'goblin racial flag' in skaven attributes. None the less when elves fight skaven, they say 'no mercy!' at times. This is said only when 'hate' flag works. Same took place for SoTHR: Only Ramon's black avengers said 'no mercy' in skaven missions, and SoTHR manual clearly states that Black Avengers have 'hate skavens' flag.
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