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New Balance

What i wanted to achive with this mod, is that every and each unit in DO should have his own place on the battlefield. That the game should be about using proper counters at right time, executing your tactics, destroying plans of your enemy.

Changes in mod compared to vanilla game :

1. New unit - Da Immortulz aka Black Orcs (4 4 3 4 4 1 3 1 8 armor 2/3) for greenskins : unbreakable unit that balances horn and bgk, of course very usefull units in killing rate similiar to flagellants

2. New unit - Bone Giant (6 3 0 6 5 6 1 4 8 armor 4/4) for undead: he will never rout and will pour terror into hearts of his foes, althou hes killing rate isnt great

3. New unit - Spider Riders (10 2 3 3 3 1 2 2 6 armor 3/3) for greenskins: fast cavalry for greenskins, they have terror, unimpeted by terrain, fear of elfs. attack 2 represnt poisonous attack of spiders that they ride, terror comes from spiders as well [note: i couldnt call them properly Forest goblin spider riders due to game restrictions, note2: sprite of a unit made by Grend]

4. New unit - Liche ( 4 3 3 3 3 3 2 1 9 armor 0/0 ) for undead: mage that took place of fast vampire and all balancing problems that came with his speed

5. Mobile Artillery : all artillery pieces will have movement 2, thanks to this we will be able to play on large maps, whitout worrying who should rush if both players got artilleries

6. Added missing abilities of regiments : causing fear to ogres, immunity to fear to zombies etc

7. Mages dont have item slots instead they got permanent spells (way to reduce teleport hit and run) :
- bright mage : conflagnation of doom, fire storm, burning head
- ice mage : chill blast, hawks of miska, blizzard snow
- orc shaman : da krunch, ere we go
- goblin shaman : fists of mork, save uz mork
- necromancer : death spasm, rising death, soul drain
- liche : blade wind, arn black horror, soul drain

8. Diffrent sizes of regiments - infantry got small normal and large regiments, cavalry got small and normal

- Small cavaleries : each race got a 3/3 cav type, very usefull in scouting, pursuing enemy, chasing mages, attacking unprotected artilleries

9. Most items prices are changed

10. Rules including "Elite unit type" !!

Basicly you can have only 3 same units type in your army, when it comes to "Elite unit type" you can have only 2 same elite units types and a combination of 4 elite units types in army

Example 1 - Flagellants, Flagellants, Mortar, Bright mage, rest army composed of non elite units
Example 2 - Mortar, Mortar, Pistolers, Pistolers, rest army composed of non elite units
Example 3 - Ice mage, Mortar, Flagellants, Elf archers, rest army composed of non elite units

Elite units are :

Empire : Flagellants, Pistolers, Mercenary Crossbowmen, Elf archers, Mortar, Bright mage, Ice mage
Greenskins : Da Immortulz(black orcs), Spider Riders, Rock Lobber, Orc Shaman, Goblin Shaman
Undead : Black Grail Knights, Wraiths, Mummies, Necromancer, Liche

in armybook you will have text "Elite unit" under the picture of the leader of such regiment so that you dont have to remember which are elite and which arent
this prevents spamming armies with best units and makes you think more about armybuilt and not just pick best units that always do good Wink


ok flak as you wanted if you will be making it a sticky please remove "new balance revamped" and delete this secret message thx Wink
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