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Author Topic: How to act in a multiplayer fight  (Read 4637 times)
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  • This rules will only take action, if BOTH player agree
  • Do not wait until your opponent choose an army and pressed start to choose your own army
  • Before you press start ingame WAIT for your opponent, so when both player wrote "ready" (or something similar) both should press start together. Don't move after both wrote "ready" and your opponent pressed start.
  • Don't quit a game, if it seems, that you're loosing. Cause perhaps your opponent want to gain experience, collect the items or want the feeling of a "real" victory. So finish it till the "defeat button" appears.
  • Don't play lame. That means, don't play run&hide&teleport games with your last regiment, if your opponent defeats all other units and is clearly better.

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