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Author Topic: Contest 5k/15 Empire: death from the sky  (Read 1967 times)
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« on: March 31, 2009, 01:01:59 PM »

oki, just trying to make it more popular Smiley

there is my (modifed after tourney-end balances, originally i had swordmen instead of mage artifact but bemb increased mortairts in cost for 1 pts) armybuild i used at march tounrney

ok, so its rather balanced army and i even won black grail playing it in multiplayer means that its flexibale army. from other way i just lost it agaisnt flak's hordes yesterday when he had toons of orcs but it might be due of fact i palced mortairs at diffirient places and a bit failed with micro (and mortairs missed few very important shots).

so basically u'll need to have a good micro and use mortairs properly to destroy these slow units, while your fast ogres blocks some too fast enemy regiments. if mage will get fire scull then you're really dominating, and another spells wouldnt be too useless as well.  mage gives you advantage agaisnt wraiths and agaisnt non-fear troops.

UPD: i found that swordmen (now?) cost 1pts which allow you to use sowrdmen instead of mage. from other way, scull really worth more than 1pts and if yo get it you may 'save up" more than 3 pts as minimum

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