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To create new Sprites/Banners please use Rob's Dark Omen Viewer RDose


Export the Sprite as a .Film  (FilmStrip) that can be edited with Notepad and the TGA files edited with Gimp. 

Any New Sprites must be made in 4bit 16 Colours and Indexed within GIMP ->Image->Mode->Indexed -> 16 colours

"You cannot use transparency in the final image otherwise it turns pink. the first indexed colour needs to be the green DO uses for transparency.  Also a common colour is a light blue which DO treats as the units shadow.

Sometimes you have to realign individual sprites when RDOSE throws a hissy fit.  

The red dot need to be put at the bottom centre of the unit: not the centre image.

If you need to expand the canvas do it uniformly eg 120% x 120% not 100 x 120.  Even if your going to make the new sprite fatter/thinner than before".


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