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Author Topic: Clarification on melee weapons and something else  (Read 2793 times)
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« on: March 20, 2012, 10:49:40 AM »


When looking through the forum, I found that Wight Blades allow delivering multiple wounds (1-3 at random if I remember?) and polearms kind of ignore enemy horse armor. Still, there are a few questions I don't know answers to.

1. What does general 2xhanded weapon give?
2. What do flails give?
3. A newbie question about Warhammer rules. How many facets does an armor-checknig die have? I mean, what is the % difference in quality between say armor3 and armor4 for a unit?
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« Reply #1 on: March 20, 2012, 07:39:35 PM »

Weapon Strength bonus in Shadow of the Horned Rat and possible insight into Dark Omen engine ->

Greatsword (two handed sword)+2

Two -handed Hammer +2

Mounted Lance +2 (on charging only)

Halberd +1


Double-Handed Weapons

This category includes all axes, swords, hammers and clubs which are so large that they have to be wielded with two hands. These are ferocious weapons!  A blow from a double-handed axe can cut a foe clean in half and easily break armour apart. The disadvantage is that they are very heavy to swing and so the beater may be slain by a more nimble foe before he has a chance to strike.

1) Double-handed weapons require boths hands to use. If the beater has a shield he may not use it in hand-to-hand combat. It must be left on the ground or slung on his back during the fighting.

2) Double-handed weapons are heavy to swing and leave the user vulnerable to a more lightly armed foe. Double-handed weapons always strike last regardless of which side charges or relative initiative levels. If both sides are armed in this way the side with the highest initiative strikes first.

3) Double-handed weapons confer a +2 strength bonus on all hits. If the wielder's strength is 3 then all hits from a double-handed weapon with be at strength 5 for example. As the enemy's armour save is affected by the strength of the hit, this will be reduced too. In the case of a strength 5 hit the saving throw drops by -2 for example.


Flails are swung with both hands and consist of heavy weights, often spiked, attached to a pole or handle by means of heavy chains. It is extremely tiring swinging these heavy and cumbersome weapons.

1) Troops using flails require both arms to swing them and cannot therfore use shields in hand-to-hand fighting. If they carry shields they are slung onto backs before fighting begins.

2) In the first turn of any hand-to-hand combat, troops equipped with flails add +2 to thier strength. So men with a strength of 3 will hit with a strength of 5 and any enemy saves are taken with modifier for fighting high strength opponents.

3) In subsequent turns the flail users begin to tire and so they do not receive any bonus.

Halberds -Polearm

The halberd is a heavy bladed weapon mounted on a sturdy shaft. The steel blade had a point like a spear as well as a heavy cutting edge like an axe. It is held in both hands and used to chop as well as thrust, so it is a very adaptable and extremley effective weapon for infantry.

1) Troops equipped with a halberd require both arms to wield it and cannot use shields in hand-to-hand fighting. If they carry shileds it is assumed they are slung onto their backs or placed on the ground before fighting begins.

2) Halberds are heavy weapons and a mighty swing can cause considerable damage. Halberds therefore confer a +1 strength bonus on all hits. A man with a strength of 3 therefore hits with a strength of 4 if fighting with a halberd. The strength of a hit affects the armour save of the target, so this may be reduced as well. In the case of a human with a strength if 3 a halberd hit has a strength of 4 and -1 to save for instance.

-4th Edition
Warhammer Rule Book 1992

for other game mechanics like ARMOUR - Please refer to Shadow of the Horned Rat Game mechanics for possible insight into Dark Omen engine.


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« Reply #2 on: March 21, 2012, 06:04:36 AM »

Cool, thank you.
though I assume combination '2handed weapon + shield' doesn't give any penalties to say Greatswords or Flagellants. And it does give them an armor bonus.
I mean, Greatswords will anyway deliver heavy blows, and they just have 1armor less at maximum in comparison to other infantry.
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« Reply #3 on: March 21, 2012, 10:38:06 PM »

I tested the different weapons with olly, and they seem to be limited to changing strength with the exception of wight blades which possibly does a D3 hit (can't test).

So the weapons don't match table top rules, there are no Init modifers, no hit last rules, and no "for the first hit only" rules.  So in the end the are a bit pointless as you could just manually change strength Sad

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