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Author Topic: add to voices variety: possible or not to make such a Mod?  (Read 2222 times)
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« on: May 04, 2015, 01:13:16 PM »

It would be really cool if it were possible to enhance system of voices with which units talk during battle. More variety and import of voices from SoTHR would add a lot of colors and great atmosphere during battles: To hear skaven repulsive voices, or black orcs charge roar, or dwarves 'tally-ho!' and 'rally!'

Known voices are: (correct me if I am wrong here)
1. regular human: all human regiments talk it, and also Azguz's dwarves and Galed's elves: so probably is used everywhere except special cases.
2. Orcs have their own voice system.
3. Goblins. Talk same as orcs but voice is higher and quicker (probably same record but played back faster).
4. Undead.
5. Treeman. He has his own voice that is strangely hardcoded: The voice can be heard only if your regiment is type Monster (id 55 decimal) AND Lead Head = Knarlroot. If you change Knarlroot to another head, unit will stop talking treemanish. Same if you use only Knarlroot's head but unit type differs from Monster, unit starts talking with human voice.
6. Another case: Mercenary Ogres in original campaign talk with Orc Voices. But if I set unit type = Ogre Infantry for example to another army, that army will speak usual human voices. Probably original campaign Ogres speech is hardcoded: by unit_id or another field, I am not sure.

So except very special cases, voices are used on a race basis. How is race defined for a unit?

There is a byte 'Unit Type' for every regiment. Last 3 bits of the byte determine the race.
1=wood elves
3=night goblins
Next 3-4 bits determine unit class:

So for example
human cavalry Unit Type = 20 Oct (=16 decimal) 2 for cavalry, 0 for humans
night goblin archers Unit Type = 33 Oct (=27 decimal)
dread king is basically an undead monster, so his Unit Type = 65 oct (=53 decimal) 6 for monster, 5 for undead.
if you create dwarf archers (non-existant in original dark omen), you should assign unit type = 32 Oct (=26 decimal) 3 for archers, 2 for dwarves.
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« Reply #1 on: May 04, 2015, 04:07:32 PM »

Correction: Treeman speaks human bass when combination :Unit type = Monster and Sprite = treeman.spr (not head=Knarlroot as I thought before)
Same: Scorpion/Spider/Troll speak orc bass when unittype=Monster and sprite = corresponding sprite for scorp/spider/troll.
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