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Author Topic: Hero Ruleset: you will be impressed  (Read 3765 times)
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« on: June 11, 2010, 08:06:24 AM »

Hello i decided to make a ruleset, with new and original units/portraits/sprites.

Hovewer since i dont have will/time to make a sprites and other work i ask volunteers to join and do all work instead of me.

there will be 3 races (standard ones) but the mai ndiffirience that instead of soem regiments there will be users of DO forum acting as regiment. Some fo them will ahve followers, some not. Each should have unique stats and perhars even sprite. Some satndard regiment (with mayeb non standard name/sprites) would be there as well.

sprites, even standard one (liek goblin archer) should be changed with some unique details, for betetr fun.

some basic ideas, and list of actors:


1) Flak, the Mighty  - sprite of the big farmer with whip, with fellow pigs (5). Mighty warrior, one of the toughest. He wears farmer offsuit and he is tall and bullish.  immune to fear.
he has potion of strenght also.

2) olly, the Wise - sprite of an ancient wise man, with white hair and with staff (kinda like Gandalf). white offsuit. he has 2 bears with him. also fire magic.
immune to fear. spells limited to fireball.

3) Cid - crossbowman, with companions. (up to 7). sprite similar or with small details crossbowman. Not bad in clsoe combat.

4) alavet - barbarian with huge axe. he has one dog near him (dog is black). really wild but almost no armour. unbreakable

5) Gharby. 4 dwarf warrior. equiped with hammers. wearing arcane banner. immune to fear, hate GS.

6) Wkurwiony, the Powerfull. grail knights with 2 fellowers. has runed sword. 2 atatcks.

7) Rob. Outlaw pistoleter. have one companion. Usign keyboard instead of weapon (smash of user's head)

+Peasant - 20/20 men with forks (stats liek infantry but no armor). no limit in regiments


1) Itlerion, the insidious. Goblin Archer with 4 fellow men. Experienced both in range & meele fight. Sprite as you wish.
wearing Hellfire sword

2) DjLeBomb, the bull. Bigun skin with 7 fellowers. Some wearing big wooden clubs with throns.
wearing lighting sword; unbreakable

3) warhammerfreak. Bear warrior (cavalry). with 5 fellow. wearing banner of antimagic (not mork banner). have potion of strenght.

4) olor. orc shaman with 2 small spiders. spells limited to brain busta. wears sword of mercenaries (fireball)

5) Malus. big troll, even bigger than standard one. immune to fear.
have gold chest.

6) sipax, orc boyz. 10/10, including enchached shield. have d3 magic sword.

7) cholio. mutated spider, green color. alone, but mighty. has heart of woe.

+goblins with fanatics. 8/8 goblisn with fanatics inside. up to 3 regiments.

all UD immune to fear.

1) Darkmancer - Vampire sprite, alone. has no magic but wears skrabash sword. (if possible to icnrease magic cost for teleprot spell, he could have teleprot for 3 magic points). immune to fear., unbreakable.

2) bembelimen. 3scary bgk knights (sprite simialr to grail. but they have spikes. dont have terror. the hero wield red shield. have ecnhanced shiel. unbrekable

3) Kypper. Wraith 3/3. have banner of antimagic. Main wraith is not purple but grey.

4) Jeronimo, skeleton King. bunch of skeletons, 4/4 the biggest hero is liek a Leoric king. all skeeltosn have swords +2 str. unbrekable, NOT crumble. equiped hear of woe.

5) Grend, necromancer. He is so mighty that he has flying bats around him, as a companions. 3/3.  spells limited to fireball.

6) Nitrox, the wight. 3/3 . has fireball sword.

7) Zero (top3 olderst member). 1 mummy. dragn helm. imune to fear.

Cool Mikdademus. Dread lord. cause fear. dont have spells. magic resistance. stats are like troll, not to make UD too imbalanced.

+zombies. dont cause fear. don't immune to fear. 20/20. no limit in regiments

feel free to contact me if you wish to make a sprites for soem race or maybe whoel ruleset. stats will follow as well as gold.
please note its only and idea; im not going to make it (too lazy) so it will stay on paper if YOU willn't make it.

there will be few rules: not hit n run with mages; no mirror matches allowed.

sorry guys i havent mentioned. i tried to mention most of active posters.

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« Reply #1 on: June 11, 2010, 08:12:55 AM »

haha now thats a new idea i must admit

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« Reply #2 on: June 11, 2010, 09:00:54 AM »

More than a Ruleset, looks OK for a "Forum Campaign", something my brother was DRAWING, his topic of the "forgotten omens", all members appearing from time to time.. very good fun. Wink

It reminds me to the Modality Flak started once ago... combining that Modality of RPG + Forum Campaign would lead to a WORK played by all... will have 100% success in my opinion.

Your idea is cute, however I'm quite dissapointed with Cid's choice... Wasnt he THE elfish? Nevermind Cheesy
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« Reply #3 on: June 12, 2010, 12:13:23 AM »

Nice Idea!



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« Reply #4 on: June 12, 2010, 02:23:35 AM »

Crossbow man?


I'm not really a crossbow type. View them as unsporting. Gentleman duelist don't ya know. Tend to go minimal on the ranged units. (Indeed my tabletop undead army kinda frowns at the shooting, and even most of the magic... Except that which goes to close combat faster. I also boycott Zombies...)

Not sure what makes anyone think I'd go too well in Empire though, not really my place...

As for Elves. Elves are for wusses! Always Strike first indeed. And toughness three heros riding poncy dragons? Pah!
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« Reply #5 on: June 12, 2010, 02:26:37 AM »

lolll this is like the story i was making

ito maquiesves
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