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1  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Chaos Dwarf Invasion on: September 30, 2021, 11:33:37 AM
Yeah. To my mind, Helmgart attack is one of the toughest missions in the campaign. My goal was to make campaign challengins but not 'misson impossible' style. Still, there a few missions left, that are a real challenge. These are where I made several attempts before success (success = no full unit loss) even though I knew all underwater stones:

1. Mission vs ogres in the Forest - the one that goes if you turn down Treeman's request (ogre shaman is a bitch, so are leadbelchers, I even had to reduce their level from 3 to 2)

2. Helmgart attack. Lack of units under your control to calk all the holes. And it is important to keep temporary dwarf unit (11 chaos dwarves) alive till this mission.

3. Sylvania, the vampire mission. Right tactics are needed in order to evade all mortar fire.

4. Snow mission before Kislev, again, enemy artillery and archers are hard to counter.

5. Axebite pass before Emporia/Loren forest. Enemy cavalry is tough, and magic-protection units need to be in right place i n the end.

6. Bogenhafen defence. Just quite a lot of enemy infantry, and flagellants are a tough challenge.

Other missions have their surprizes, but after 2-3 fails while getting acquainted, only bad luck will prevent success.


Sylvania made me wanted to stop the campaign.
1) One mortar. Ok. Two. Trouble, but not impossible. Three fast sniping mortars, nah. Half of my units are dead before even going near the...
2) GOD-pyro-mage spamming Conflagration like he hasn't any energy pool. My "deadly" canon is just a joke compared to him, always trying to get a lucky strike on him. And missing 5/6 shots.
3) Unbreakable units. Mortars don't care so they'll just obliterate everyone.
4) Dwarves are just too slow. I finished the Goblins campaign recently, and dodging was really fun. Or making some hit & run.
But this slow general-wizard, don't tell him to climb an hill!

You can't rush mortars. You can't hide. You can't use ranged firing units. You must always move but you must fight also.

Other campaigns i played got a lot of good ideas (Wood Elves), some really challenging, some a little "stay in a corner and wait" but this one mission made me quit. Even Ptolos shield cannot make survived one unit against raining mortar shots. So you need luck. And luck. And put some luck on top of your luck.

That's no strategy, it's charging a great demon with halflings, and hope to made only 6 on each rolls, and he'll only roll 1 on his. (stay in a corner with every units and hope "Polos" unit will survive enough time to finish enemies melee units)

Edit : Finally MADE it. No unit lost, even if only ONE hobgobelin archer survived. The fire-mage stayed behind most of the battle. He was standing still until the end, waiting for a rocket to land on his head.
30+ attempts, bare minimum with some attempts under 30 seconds (one shot mortar)
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