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16  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: September 03, 2013, 09:11:49 PM
Just an update. There's still a few crashing problems that I'm having trouble pinning down. I need breaks doing this because it's very frustrating. I think it's just a case of too many enemies at the same time in a lot of cases. I've included an easy and hard mode (and six others by different combinations of the 1PARM and 1pbat files).

It should be ready in about a week hopefully. I just need to tweak a few things make sure sure I've got the stats right. I'll have a small list for you Olly if you don't mind. I'll list all the stats in my post and you can then just tell me which are wrong to make it easier. Then I just need to put the giant in if he's ready. (:

How are you two finding it? Any problems or mistakes apart from crashing a lot in certain battles?
17  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: August 19, 2013, 07:43:10 PM
Glad you like it. It's cool seeing someone else playing it. Big thanks to the maker/s of DO Expanded. Cool
18  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: August 14, 2013, 05:38:08 PM
I wrote a brief intro. Grin

The rumours are true. The Dread King has been raised. If we let this continue the dead will take over everywhere and they'll be no place left in the world for Chaos. This CANNOT be allowed! These orders come straight from Emgrimm Van Horstmen. The Dread King used to be a Chaos worshiper when he was alive, a very long time ago. Not any more though. He's been raised as a conduit of strength and magical energy but his soul has not been resurrected. He's just a mindless slave of Nagash. I wish we could give you more troops to command but we're spread a little thin because of those stupid pointy eared High Elf idiots. I hate Elves!

Your first port of call will be the imperial town of Teufelbad. Yea I'd never heard of it either. There's a Sorcerer there by the name of Mortis who's been investigating this and giving us our information. Take this stone and use it to summon a unit of Bloodletters. You'll have to go through Loren on your way to Teufelbad to use it though. It used to be an Elvin charm. I've mapped out a rout for you which should avoid any large settlements, although you may run into the odd patrol. When you've picked up Mortis head straight for Sylvania. There's a warpstone fragment buried under Castle Drakenhof that you'll need. Apparently the Von Carsteins are also looking for it so try to get there first. Then head for the north of Kislev. They're going to try resurrecting the Hand Of Nagash as well. The warpstone jewel will show you exactly where to go. After that you're going to head to Moussillon. There's an old Chaos orb there that you can use to locate the Dread King. It's on the top floor of the Castles tallest tower. I don't even think they know what it's for. Then stop this arsehole before the whole bloody world is crawling with living corpses.

Try to pick up allies along the way to increase the size of your force but remember, don't trust anybody, especially Skavin. I hate Skavin! If you do this right you'll be promoted to a Lord of Chaos, like me. It's so much fun. Do this wrong and the Dread King will be the least of your concerns. Show the Undead what real fear looks like. By inspiring it, not by running away from them, just so we're clear. Now go forth and wreak havoc in the name of Chaos, and watch the swearing. I'm going to find some Dwarf slaves to kill horribly. I hate Dwarves!
19  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: August 14, 2013, 12:31:33 AM
Ah, okay. Smiley

This may be a stupid question but how do I upload a zip attatchment to a pm? I've never done that before. I'm trying to send it to Olly.

Do you fancy testing it as well?
20  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: August 13, 2013, 11:02:34 PM

If you give anyone in your own army a spell for an item the game crashes when you get to it in the army book. Not ideal.

I'm using the Volkmar custom made sprite for a Chaos Sorcerer of Nurgle (Waagh) but there's no casting anim, so he can't cast spells when he's set as a Wizard. He can when he's set as a monster (instantly wthout interupting his movement which I quite like) but that means that he can't use Wizard only magic items. Bugger!!! Don't suppose there's any way round this? Maybe a dummy anim to fool it? It's a Chaos campaign btw. No one's used Chaos yet and you can have a lot more variety in what you fight because you can fight good and bad guys. Smiley

Could I have the Dragon stats please. By memory it's WS7 S7 T7 W7 I8 A7 Ld8 for a basic one, 8s for a Great and 9s for an Emperor. That's probably slightly wrong though.

Do Giant Scorpions have armour? I've given the giant ones L2 and the swarm L1. Those two stats would be handy because I don't think DOE is very true to the TT game, judging by the War Hydras. They should be a lot tougher to kill now but with a WS3 they shouldn't be overpowered. That's a terrible WS for a monster. They must either be partially blind or they get in each others way. I thought they seemed a little weak. I remember now that they could breath fire. Wasn't it's strength = to the number of wounds they had left. If not it should have been, and their number of attacks. Obviously I won't be able to do that though. Shame. The War Hydra is in the Dark Elf army book. I think they've got +1 WS and A. I'll go with that.

Btw, I've just noticed an error in the original DO. Bore Boyz only have Ld6. Something to watch out for when copying and pasting. The Ogres don't cause Fear either.
21  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: August 13, 2013, 07:45:35 PM
Thanks for the help.

I'm glad the ten unit limit can be taken away. I never liked that.

Very cool tool you made there.

Ah so there's a simple way to change the magic items in the maps. That's handy.

I meant the Dwarf Minors. Two handed weapons and heavy armour are the only differences in the version of Warhammer I used to play, I think it was V4. It was the one with the Dark Elf army book that had a ton of errors. I don't know how that ever got through the checks. It must have been rushed.

Olly, I've just seen your Giant. Very nice. Did you ever finish it? I'd love to include those in the campaign, especially for the Troll Valley battle. I'm using Hydras at the moment.

Sorry to be a pest but could I have the stats for Wight Lords, Chaos Sorcerers and the War Hydra compared to the ordinary one. I want to try keeping it as close to V4 as possible, especially the stats. There's no rush. I've still got to play it through from the beginning to iron out any problems. I've got a feeling they'll be at least a few I didn't catch first time. Also I noticed that the Hydra has the flammable flag ticked in DO Expanded. I don't remember that. Maybe that's straight from Greek mythology or a new WH rule. Can they breath fire, either in WH or mythology? I can't remember. I could maybe give them the fireball spell as an item, but I haven't tried doing that yet so it might not work.
22  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: August 13, 2013, 12:32:58 AM
Cheers, appreciate it.

I've just realised that DO Expanded has Lizardmen in the exact same battle as I've got them and Dark Elves in the first battle where you fight a Vampire as well.  Smiley

I think I remember you saying in another topic that you've got all the rule books? I can't remember the improvements of the Dark Eles War Hydra over the ordinary one. It was a long time ago that I was into the TT game. I want to keep the stats from it. Is the one in Expanded the right stats for the War Hydra and does the normal one have one less WS and Attack?
23  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: New Campaign on: August 12, 2013, 10:57:46 PM
I've figured out most of the crashes and I'm now on the last three battles.

Is there a way to take away the ten unit limit in the campaign? I tried the mod from this site hoping it would work in single player mode, but it didn't.

I'm sure I remember reading somewhere on this site that the editor has the Trolls regeneration and magic resistance the wrong way round. Could someone confirm this?

I wanted someone to swap the Dragon Helm with the Horn for me because I couldn't get the map editor to work and I'd probably start making my own maps if I do. I tend to get carried away I want to get this done first. I might do another campaign with new maps later.

I think the Minors are invisible, which would explain why they aren't in the multi player list.

Looks like I picked the wrong time do do this. I should have done it a couple of years ago when there was more activity. Oh well. Maybe people will like the campaign enough to get some interest going.
24  Modifications / Campaigns / New Campaign on: August 09, 2013, 01:04:38 AM
Greetings, helloha and howdy.  Smiley

I'm editing the campaign and I have a request. I haven't got into changing the maps and I was hoping someone could send me a edited version the level 23/B4_09 map that replaces the Dragon Helm with the Horn.

I'm sure I remember seeing Dwarf Minors somewhere, but I can't find them. Did I imagine it?

Is it okay to use other peoples sprites if I give credit. I assume it is but though I'd better check.

I'm up to the map with the Hand Of Nagash. I'm really happy with the campaign. I started off flying along but now every level crashes and it's taking me a while to find all the problems. It's really starting to irritate me now, but I'll have a short break and come back less annoyed.
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