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Author Topic: Question: How to Host a Game  (Read 1657 times)
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« on: May 10, 2009, 08:40:56 PM »

Hi guys!

After my first and last online games (hosted by an other player) on friday, today i tryed to host the games by myself.
But i failed hardly, the other player saw my hosted game but wasn´t able to join it. An error massage like "other player joined, see the manual" droped.

He tryed to create a game too, i saw the game but can´t join > error massage

I think there are some other players with the same problem  Grin

After 2 mins google i found a source for help.

How to open the right ports on pc or router.

At home, i got a "Fritz Box" to route the home network.

Here are my settings for the box.

Aktiv Bezeichnung Protokoll   Port       an IP-Adresse    an Port     
eMule TCP           TCP         4662       192.168.....      4662   
HostPort2           TCP          5479       192.168......     5479   
HostPort             TCP          5482       192.168......     5482   
HostPort3           TCP         7060-7100 192.168.......   7060-7100   

The question to advanced players, is this enough to host the do games?
I havn´t check it yet, because there isn´t anyone online at my Dark-Omen3/4/5 channels and the others are full.

Thx for any help  Cool

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