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Title: Singleplayer
Post by: jext on June 26, 2010, 11:05:18 PM
i saw the great Squigs as enemy in Mission 1 and I would definitly like to play them? Is it possible to use the new armies in SP? If it could be done but is not possible at the moment how could I help doing it?
And is the Sprite with grey mans and red eyes the right for the Grollbringer Infantery? The look more like Iron Boyz.

Title: Re: Singleplayer
Post by: Ghabry on June 27, 2010, 06:56:25 PM
the army file of the units you play in singleplayer is located in [Dark Omen]\GameData\1parm
Depending on your language settings the filename is: PLYR_ALL.ARM for Englisch, ALG for German, ALF for French.
Open the correct file with an army editor like Wh32Edit.

Because you said that the enemy has Squigs I guess you mean the enemy army of the Trading Post map? There army is placed in [Dark Omen]\GameData\1pbat\B1_01\B101NME.ARM.

Open both files (PLYR_ALL and B101NME) in Wh32Edit. Select in the B101nme the Squigs (if you can find them ;)) and click copy.
Now select the Plyr_all and the unit you want to replace for example Morgan Bernhardt.
Remember the (Unique) Unit Id of Bernhardt (that is the 1).
Now click "Overwrite" in the toolbar and set the Unit ID of the new unit to 1 and the Alignment to "Good".

Save the army and try to play in Singleplayer Mode.