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Author Topic: Create 3d Scenery Tutorial  (Read 14703 times)
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BETA - Verison in progress- Install Python, Blender 2.47, Apple Quick Time (Fixes Pink Textures) and install our Dark Omen .m3d import/export python scripts into
C:\Documents and Settings\X\Application Data\Blender Foundation\Blender\.blender\scripts

1) Set View to Camera and Split area right click
2) Set view 2 as UV image editor
3) Edit Mode then Ctrl E Mark Seam, selcts them all
4) Press U and Unwrap
5) View 2 shows all the faces of the box unwrapped, just like cutting a carboard
box down its edges to lay it flat.
6) Under UVs menu Tab select Scripts and Save UV face layout
7) You can set the path to Gimp C:\progfiles\Gimp etc..
Cool After pressing OK it the prompts you to save the file into a location like My
pictures, within My Docs. Save it as Cube.tga
9) Minmise Blender and Open Gimp
10) Open the cube.tga image into Gimp
11) As you can see the cube had 6 sides/Faces, so lets identify which is the
roof and front/sides of the cube.
12) using the example below, number each face with the Paint brush tool and with
the text box tool label them.
13) Image->Mode->Indexed->256 and Now save the Image as CubeNumbers.tga in the
same location, My Pictures etc.. and then Save As again but this time selct
Windows BMP image -> Selct File Type -> Save
14) If prompted when saving, Merge Visible Layers and Export, then have RLE
compression and Origin at bottom left, ticked by default and Save
15) Before minimising Gimp and returning to Blender, notice the size of each
face, aprrox 170 by 170.
16) Back in Blender, Select Image Open and browse to your saved image location,
My Pictures etc.. and select CubeNumbers.tga file, so we can add it as a
textured skin to our wireframe cube.
17) In view 2 u should now see your new CubeNumbers.tga image.
18) To see it applied to the cube, Select Textured instead of wireframe
19) Feel free to view your textured model by returning to Object mode, instead
of Edit mode.
20) Select View to be Camera,Top, Front and Side
21) Rotate it by selecting Object-> Transform-> Rotate on Axis Z (R,z)
22) Final Stage is Triangluation, it's nice and easy to do -> In edit mode,
select all faces you need to triangulate, and then press CTRL-T. To "un"
triangulate them, you can press ALT-J.
23) Congratulations! Please Save As your model as CubeFinal.
24) Export your new creation(by downloading and copying Rob's Blender to Dakr
Omen Exporter script installed in Docs&Settings All users Blender->.blender
->Scripts) as Dark Omen .M3D object to later Import onto an original or new
Dark Omen Map.
25) Render this window icon and then File->Save Rendered Image as Render into My
Now lets make a hut!
Copy and paste the Hut textures over the numbers in Gimp
Ctrl D for face copy to palce in middle of house
Ctrl E to selct mark Seam
e to extrude
Check CUBE222 Folder in MyPictures for all related images
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