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Author Topic: Further CTL investigation  (Read 18708 times)
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I've added all of the voices that Leilond kindly identified;msg14079#msg14079

and then disassembled DO/CTL/B101/

The Prettifier is fantastic

Ideally we want to learn more about the Combat rounds and Leadership tests that Evgen has been investigating and the portrait voice of "Stand Firm Men" that is associated with the tests. It's voice 7 and appears within CTLs

test_unit_afraid   is played when Attribute NeverRetreats or WillNeverRout is set and UnitFlag1 "50% Units Lost"

So maybe we can locate it in IDA and then work out similar possible combat functions, to see it adheres to the Warhammer 4th Edition Rulebooks.;msg14251#msg14251
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