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Author Topic: Fair Omen (FO)  (Read 5694 times)
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Hello. Im Jeronimo.

I just wanted to say I made rules for a FO Tournament.
Despite Shields arent changed, this feature isnt required because of the Bug most players already know...
Bug: Buy fresh shields to a Regiment and then sell the Regiment, you will gain back more gold.
To prevent players of cheating during Duels (because of the Endurance Mode), is OK that Shields aren't allowed.

I recommend FO Tournaments of 3k or 9k (you will be able to use all gold)
3k: Experience lovers. Some low level Regiments which you will use carefully along a Duel. Perhaps Wizards!
9k: Amazing Tactical Battles. High experienced Regiments fighting over the battlefield. Items will be needed!

Armies of 5k or 7k (not multiplies of 3) wont let you spend all gold: These limits need "Multiplies of 2" that would come with the Shields new costs (x10gc non-mounted/ x20gc mounted)

Perhaps this isnt clear for people, and thats why many arent convinced: is the fact that each Duel (best of 5 matches) is played as Endurance Mode. Experience is saved DURING the duel with THAT player.
When you have to play against a NEW player... Basic Armies are used again in the same fixed order, the armies used in previous Duel are reseted. It's Simple: use again the Premade Basic Armies you did for the Tournament.

Thats why I suggest 3k for Experience lovers... a low level Reg. could gain a level if kills some enemies.
But in 9k will be much harder as there will be already in Battle many Regiments High Experienced.
All in all, I do believe this will have success.

ito maquiesves
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