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Author Topic: Fair Omen awaits you here  (Read 15993 times)
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« Reply #45 on: October 06, 2009, 07:23:59 AM »

Its the light that will end with the currently repeated UD logic armybuild. Its the beggining of free choices...

GS example: Standard Armybuild where you make 1-2-3-4 (use all limited-types leaving you with space for 4 of Core)
1 Orc Shaman (U), 2 Orc Lobber (M), 2 Giant Scorpions/1 Troll (R), 2 Arrer Boyz/2 Orc Boyz (C).

Is this not a conflict? free choices <=> rare/uniques units?

Well... it seems I will have to play my Last Card.

The last card before you published the new version? Sounds bad, let's hope, that this is not true  Wink

To introduce a new system to more players and try to show of you ideas, i would suggest that instead of tryn to convince the players in a discussion that more about personal flavor than game testing.

That's the point.

I would suggest that you plan a day where you are online and offer yourself as an opponent in survival games, almost like a mini multiplayer campaign.
If a system is only used in tournaments where players are forced to play then the system will be a dead system that is not used outside that. To get players to use it in regular for fun battles is the best way to get it working.

Good idea.
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"Sir we are surrounded!!!" "Excellent, then we can attack in any direction."
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« Reply #46 on: October 06, 2009, 07:45:50 AM »

Hello Bembe,  Grin

It seems the ideas went from total freedom to some "type chains".

A conflict... yes from the point of view I tried everything to allow "no extra rules".

Free choices are not welcome if BGK is available in FO. Changing the price, removing Lcheck, replacing it for Chariot... seems all those proposes didnt "like general audience".

Btw I wrote Standard Armybuild there, not as obligation. Dont misunderstand me please, I have had a lot of that before. The Standard Armybuild (just a name) refers to the classic distribution of types. 1-2-3-4

There are lots of combinations, but "the Standard" means something like "Minimum Core in ARMY" which is number 4, if you are having 10 reg in battle. Not a Rigid Structure as you thought.

I called UMRC because is not warhammer style (although i borrow some names Cheesy ). Here the combinations must respect the limit, otherwise we will find mass cannons, or 10 Trolls with 3k (300gc each one).

I will give you another Armybuild... lets call it Black Head 1-2-4, Undead: 1 BGK (U)- 2mummies (R)- 4horsemen (C).
These guys have Swords, Mummies anti-magic/defiance, so less regiments, some Items, BGK/Mummies have full armor.
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« Reply #47 on: October 06, 2009, 08:07:17 AM »

Interesting link Ghabry. Someone thought in this before.

In fact, the Empire "Rare" are equal to what i had in mind... very nice job.

Character is more suitable for Wizards. I like it better: Character, Unique, Rare, Core. (CURC Grin)

@Bembe/Flak: When i have free time I will join network chat for playing with somebody but not yet.
Im writing the ideas I have in mind and posting them so you can advice and opin about the resolutions for good or bad. i wouldnt like to upload a Mod with changes "not welcome" for Community (like replacing BGK).
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« Reply #48 on: October 06, 2009, 10:40:16 PM »

@Bembelimen:The Last Card refers to classifing the Regiments in Types. It cuts a bit the "freedom", but what can I do? Regiments are based on Warhammer World, and thats how works... i dont want to change much "heads" because BGK or Flagellants would lose their Identity (9 flag, 12 BGK)

I had this new IDEA yesterday. Its classifing them in 3 types intead of 4, the mechanism of editing armies is different.

Single, Elite, Core  ("SEC" Structure)

Single: The "Character+Unique". Only 1 Reg of each "Single Regiment". EG: 1 necro/1 vamp/1 BGK in same army.

Elite: The "Rare" from WH. (Rare is not suitable IMO, since there are Monsters+Heavy Artillery+Other Special here)

Core: The same Type as WH. (I actually like this word to refer the Common Regiments)

So... how would work this? Check this Formula: S·E=<C

Single are just Singles, no secret in that. Now the Improvement consists on E=<C , you can have as many Elite Regiments as Core there are in army. =< means Elite must be equal or less than Core.
This way, Armies Identities become REAL, core, elite, singles.

Whats the diference with WH? You can have 4/5 copies of a same "Rare Reg".

Example: 5 flagellants (E) supported by 3 archers/2cavalries (C)
Of course, having 5 Elite, takes 1 slot that could have been occupied by a Wizard.

Other combo is this: 2·4·4 (1 Necro/BGK, 4 Wraiths, 4 Ghouls).
As you have seen, is possible having 4 of same Reg or 5 (if you sacrifice the Single Regiment spaces)

What problems wont happen?? If we use WH Rare, will be common a "Greenskins HorrorWave" very boring, very difficult to stop: Im talking of 1 Orc Shaman, 3 Trolls 3/3, 3 Spiders 3/3, 3 Scorpions 6/6. (I already checked this can be bought with 9k)
Another combination that would be possible and DESTROYS everything is: 3 Flagellants+ 3 Ogres+ 3 Treeman.
So... what would be of Core Regiments in 7/9k Armies? Almost Invisible, to the point we really dont see any CORE in those armies.

Conclusion: This new SEC structure will re-mean the concept of "Balanced Armies", and make Multiplayer Battles work properly, guaranteeing Fun & Strategy. From my point of view, the SEC would also work in ANY mod or DO Version outside FO: it needs some testing because SEC is new... I expect great success for it. Wink
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