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1  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Campaign: Dark Omen Enhanced Edition on: June 07, 2022, 05:03:01 PM

I just registered to say I loved this campaign, really enjoyed the additional challenge.

I made it to the final mission but because i let the hand and the jewel go the final mission was a bit too difficult for me! Maybe with 100 attempts I could do it aha.

I had some questions about the mod:

1) do you have a list of which magic items are available? I reached the end with not too many and none for the bright wizard.
2) Do you have to skip blighted towers (and the mortar) to arrive on time to collect the jewel? I skipped the flagellants mission but was still too late. I also did the border princes quests to get the bright wizzard + carlsons cav. Does skipping the opening fight at the trading post also factor in?

Cheers for the mod - it rocks
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