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1  Warhammer Dark Omen / Help Section / Re: Dark Omen in Full 3D Mode High Res XP and No Flicker! on: September 16, 2011, 04:20:02 PM
After many experiments, I believe that the cause of flickering is bypassing of blitting functions by the graphics card drivers.

1. On a Windows 98 SE system, I had the following results:
- Voodoo2/Voodoo2 SLI with pre-DX7 drivers : no flickering
- Voodoo3 with pre-DX7 drivers : no flickering
- Voodoo2/Voodoo2 SLI with DX7 drivers : flickering/crashing
- Voodoo3 with DX7 drivers : flickering/crashing
- Voodoo5500 with DX7/DX7+ drivers : flickering/crashing
- TNT2/GeForce2MX/GeForce4MX/GeForce6800GT with latest drivers : flickering/crashing
- GeForce6800GT with latest drivers and forced blitting : no flickering !!!
  The game still runs fine with anisotropic filtering enabled, but has problems with the antialiasing function.

To force blitting on a nVidia card, use RivaTuner (Driver Settings/DirectX Settings/Blitting -> check "Always wait after blit"), this seems to solve the problem.

On a Windows XP Pro system with GeForce8800GTS 512 using the latest drivers, forcing blitting resolves the flickering issue, but the image is distorted (deformed/off-place "polygons"), as seen also with other older games (e.g. Incoming).
Possibly using and older driver may help running fine the game in Windows XP.
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