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1  Modifications / 2D Sprites / Re: Adding more Sprites to Dark Omen on: February 05, 2014, 05:32:32 PM
This along with the code that allows for mixed spells really adds a lot of possibility to modding Smiley
Do you know of a way to add new pages to the army book as well by any chance?
2  Modifications / 2D Sprites / Re: Banners on: April 27, 2012, 08:01:59 AM
Yep, gotta move that pinkish box so it fits. Think it needs be down in the corner iirc.
3  Warhammer Dark Omen / Multiplayer / Re: Of lame play with mages/pistoliers/archers/banner of wrath or whatever on: April 21, 2012, 11:43:40 AM
There are rules like that already, look around a bit and you will find plenty of discussions and rules concerning this.
4  Modifications / 2D Sprites / Re: Sprites database on: April 14, 2012, 10:38:42 AM
Yeah I do not think any new dwarf sprites except the ones i doe2 was released.
We made 3 chaos dwarf sprites (chaos dwarf, immortal, and bull centaur) and 3 extra dwarf sprites (thunderer, miner, slayer). The reason we did not make more is the limitations of the number of sprites you can put in.
5  Modifications / 2D Sprites / Re: Sprites database on: April 14, 2012, 10:09:51 AM
I could probably help a bit with this.
I think that DOE2 uses just about every sprite released by the community except the kroxigor by Lordbrapus, the old Volkmar reskin and the Swamp Warrior by Sipax (If memory serves me right that is)

Here is a part of the document we created while working on DOE2. It has all the slots that work that is known of, and the number of animations that fit for every slot. So 3-3-3 is 3 move, 3 charge, 3 fight. 3-3-5 is 3 move 3 charge 5 fight.
In sequence: move, charge, fight, shoot, magic , death (or opposite on the last two)

File Name   Description   Animation slots   Replaced with
ARRERB.SPR   Orc Arrer Boy   3-3-5-1-1   same
ARTILL.SPR   Artillery Crew   3-3-5-1   Dark Rider
BANARC.SPR   Outlaw archers   3-3-5-1-1   same
BANSWD.SPR   Outlaw swordmen   3-3-5-1   Bloodletter
BERNHD.SPR   Morgan Bernhardt   5-4-3-1   same
BIGUNS.SPR   Orc Big'un   5-4-3-1   Black Ork
BOAR.SPR   Orc Boar Boy   4-4-3-1   Same
BOLT.SPR   Ballista   1-1-1   same
BRIGHT.SPR   Bright Mage   3-5-5-1-1-1   same
CANNON.SPR   Cannon   1-1   same
CARLSS.SPR   Carlsson Cavalriest   5-4-3-1   Ogre
CARST.SPR   Manfred von Carstein   3-5-5-1-1-1   Vampire
CHARIO.SPR   Undead chariot      same
DREAD.SPR   Dread King   5-5-5-1-1-1   Leadbelcher
DWARF.SPR   Dwarf Warrior   3-3-3-1   Same
ELFARC.SPR   Wood Elf Archer   3-3-5-1-1   Same
FLAGEL.SPR   Flagellant   4-5-5-1   Same
GHOUL.SPR   Ghoul   3-3-3-1   same
GLADE.SPR   Wood Elf Glade Guard   3-3-3-1   same
GRAILK.SPR   Grail Knight   5-4-3-1   same
GRUCAV   Grudgebringer Cavalrist   5-4-3-1   REIKSGUARD
GRUINF.SPR   Grudgebringer Infantry   3-3-5-1   Chaos Warrior
GRUXBW.SPR   Grudgebringer Crossbowman   3-3-5-1-1   Dark Elf Crossbow
ICEMAG.SPR   Ice Mage   3-5-5-1-1-1   Dama
IMPBOW.SPR   Imperial Bowman   3-3-5-1-1   same
IMPGRT.SPR   Imperial Greatsword   3-3-5-1   same
IMPHAL.SPR   Imperial Halberdier   3-3-3-1   Red Halberdier
KREALM.SPR   Knight of the Realm   5-4-3-1   same
MORTAR.SPR   Mortar   1-1   same
MUMMY.SPR   Mummy   3-3-5-1   same
NAGASH.SPR   Hand of Nagash   4-4-3-1-1-1   Chameleon skink
NECRO.SPR   Necromancer   3-5-5-1-1-1   same
NGARCH.SPR   Night Goblin archer   3-3-5-1-1   same
NGOB.SPR   Night Goblin   3-3-5-1   same
NGSHAM.SPR   Night Goblin shaman   3-3-5-1-1-1   Weapon Team
OGRE.SPR   Mercenary Ogre   5-5-5-1   Dryad
ORCBOY.SPR   Orc Boy   3-3-5-1   same
ORCSHM.SPR   Orc shaman   3-5-5-1-1-1   Savage Orc
OUTINF.SPR   Outlaw Infantry   3-3-5-1   Ugly Wardancer
OUTPIS.SPR   Outlaw Pistolier   5-4-3-1-1   Imperial Crossbowman
RAGNAR.SPR   Ragnar's Wolves cavalriest   5-4-3-1   same
ROCKLB.SPR   Rock Lobber   1-4   Neutral Catapult
SCORPN.SPR   Giant Scorpion   4-4-5-1   Tomb Scorpion
SKELBW.SPR   Skeleton archer   3-3-5-1-1   Kossar
SKELCV.SPR   Skeleton cavalriest   5-4-3-1   same
SKELHS.SPR   Skeleton horse   5-4-3-1   same
SKELWR.SPR   Skeleton warrior   3-3-5-1   same
SPIDER.SPR   Gigantic Spider   4-4-5-1   Shaman on Spider
SSKULL.SPR   Screaming skull catapult   1-5   same
STMTNK.SPR   Imperial Steam Tank   1-1   New Steam Tank
TREEMN.SPR   Treeman   5-5-5-1   same
TROLL.SPR   Troll   4-4-5-1   same
UNKNIG.SPR   Black Grail knight   5-4-3-1   same
VAMP.SPR   Vampire   3-5-5-1-1-1   Chaos Dwarf/ Ubergun
WIGHT.SPR   Wight   3-3-5-1   same
WRAITH.SPR   Wraith   4-4-5-1   same
ZOMBIE.SPR   Zombie   3-3-5-1   same
ST_ImpSwordsman       3-3-3-1   Squig
ST_ReiksKnight       3-3-3-1   Saurus
ST_ZZNewPlyr3       3-3-3-1   Dark Elf Executinor
ST_ZZNewPlyr4       3-3-3-1   Dark Elf Spear
ST_ZZNewPlyr5      3-3-3-1   Hydra
ST_ZZNewPlyr6      3-3-3-1   Cold One Knight
ST_ZZNewGreen1       3-3-3-1   Chaos Knight
ST_ZZNewGreen2      3-3-3-1   Men at arms
ST_ZZNewGreen3      3-3-3-1   Slayer
ST_ZZNewGreen4      3-3-3-1   Skink Warrior
ST_ZZNewGreen5      3-3-3-1   DAEMON PRINCE
ST_ZZNewGreen6      3-3-3-1   Gutter Runner/Assassin
ST_Vampiress      3-3-3-1   Winged Lancer
ST_ZZNewUndead3       3-3-3-1   Dwarf miners
ST_ZZNewUndead4       3-3-3-1   Scorpion Swarm
ST_ZZNewUndead5      3-3-3-1   Kislev
ST_ZZNewUndead6      3-3-3-1   Bull Centaur
ST_ZZNewOther3      3-3-3-1   Chaos Dwarf Immortal/Sorcerer
ST_ZZNewOther4      3-3-3-1   Maneater
ST_ZZNewOther5      3-3-3-1   Wolf
Peasant 1    PEASMN   3-3-4-1   Åpen
Peasant 2    PEASBY   3-3-4-1   Åpen
Peasant 3   PEASWM   3-3-4-1   Åpen
ST Broken Wagon      3-3-3-1   Ogre Cav

By using the list you can go into DOE2 and get pretty much any fan made sprite made so far that has been released.
6  Warhammer Dark Omen / Dark Omen Expanded / Re: Dark Omen 2 released (beta) on: April 13, 2012, 07:44:39 PM
Hehe, it's time you updated your campaign then Smiley
It's easy and I figured it out myself: Just use any text editor (better if it is a hex editor) and overwrite unused names with required ones. The only thing to watch - the length should be exactly the same for any given unit, so you should pick up units with longer names than you want to insert. Otherwise the .exe file is screwed up.
I never saw that as a big issue so I probably will not do so but feel free to do so if you feel like it Smiley
7  Warhammer Dark Omen / Dark Omen Expanded / Re: Dark Omen 2 released (beta) on: April 06, 2012, 04:35:28 PM
Hi, the unit names displayed for the enemies are always the ones defined in EngRel.exe. Their is a field for the unit name in the army file but this is ignored for the enemy unit names (so you can only rename your own units).
Yes the modified files always overwrite original data because all filenames are hardcoded in EngRel.

Yes so my question was about this: I downloaded DOE2, but it didn't contain updated EngRel.exe with the new names instead of old ones. Thus, when I started new  compaign, I had all new units on the battle fields but they had original Dark Omen Names. Dwarf musketeers or whatever are cool but I hated them being called 'Grudgebringer Crossbows' Smiley

Is there a EngRel.exe with the updated names for DOE2?
No there is not. I did not know that was even possible Smiley
8  Modifications / Campaigns / Re: Dwarves ctl-edited campaign on: April 06, 2012, 04:19:46 PM
Some reference. Fan made though.

If memory serves me right the Chaos Dwarf sprites in DOE is:
a. Chaos dwarf infantry that have a blunderbuss firing animation. (The reason why it is combined is to save .sprite slots)
b. Immortales that are elite infantry
c: Centaurs that are Chaos dwarfs that are half bull half dwarf.

What you want to add is basically not units that fit with Chaos Dwarf lore (Not that that necessarily means it`s wrong)
Some examples:
1. Dwarves do not ride anything. Ever.
2. Chaos dwarves do not really use crossbows.

But what chaos dwarves do use is slaves. so goblin sprites can be used.

Some other notes
3. If you want different sprites for infantry I suggest just doing a recolor of the blunderblussiers.
4. You can use the Blunderblussier unit as wizard, that works at least.

Noone else have made any chaos dwarf sprites as far as I know so you will have to make additional stuff yourself or find someone to do it for you.
9  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Tavern / Re: Get Better Nitrox on: April 24, 2011, 09:01:00 PM
? You dont seem sick playing on bnet Tongue
10  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Tavern / Re: CyberDemon Diorama WIP on: April 23, 2011, 06:48:40 PM
did you finish this?
11  Warhammer Dark Omen / Dark Omen Expanded / Re: Dark Omen 2 released (beta) on: February 02, 2011, 03:54:55 PM
12  Warhammer Dark Omen / Dark Omen Expanded / Re: Dark Omen 2 released (beta) on: January 30, 2011, 04:14:29 PM
It is not very balanced at all (Big surprise, since I never tested anything Tongue) Rock lobbers arent supposed to shoot 4 btw

If someone wants to take responsibility for making good pricing / rules, feel free to do so :-)
Kind of like how Bembelimen balanced the 5k15
13  Warhammer Dark Omen / Dark Omen Expanded / Re: Dark Omen 2 released (beta) on: January 25, 2011, 11:04:52 PM
Sorry for the double post but has anyone beaten the single player yet?
14  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Tavern / Re: CyberDemon Diorama WIP on: January 25, 2011, 11:02:45 PM
Have you considered using greenstuff? It`s quite a good material if you treat it nicely ^^
15  Warhammer Dark Omen Community / Tavern / Re: My new armourrr and a fast guide :o on: January 19, 2011, 10:17:24 AM
hehe yeah painball is fun but the guns look like toys
Hint: It`s because they are toys.
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