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« on: June 11, 2011, 11:12:42 PM »

Hi guys, i have question for you. What mod i must use to get a best multiplayer experience (ballance\ new units\armor and items cost tweaks) with my friends? Fair Omen? Or may be new DOE2?

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Hi and welcome -> It's a Great Time to Join ->


Fair Omen balances the original game by adjusting costs of each Troop and DOE2 adds more Warhammer Races, so I would recommend playing both, as so different. The best way I use mods is to make a copy of my original Dark Omen Folder with the Map pack (allows all 28 maps) installed and rename it to Dark OmenOrig  and then make 2 copies of it to install FO and DOE2 into them and name them Dark OmenDOE2 and DarkOmenFO  and which ever version u want to play, you simply rename its folder back to Dark Omen.

There are other great Rulesets as well, such as 3k/10, 5k/15, 9k/30 and DOST



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