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Author Topic: Examining the CTL Files  (Read 7606 times)
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« on: August 20, 2008, 10:09:06 PM »


Mikademus/Bembelimen and Myself have been examining the CTL Files.


"There are sections to the CTL files.

All start with 32 00 00 00, which we can assume to be a file version or ID number

The file seems to consist of a number of sections, each delimited by a FF FF FF FF value.

Some CTL files have the last section identified by FF FF FF nn, though, so the last byte could be a section type indicator

The FF FF FF FF marks the start of a new section

So every block, including the block start DWORD (0xFFFFFFFF) consists of coordinate values

because the size of the block divided by 12 is always an even number.

And why 12 you ask?

Well, 12 is the size of a dword (4) * the dwords in a coordinate triple (3)

Perhaps it could also be 2D coordinates. The size of a block excluding the FFFFFFFF intro divided by 8 is always an even number".


Simple Tests using the CTL file other Maps,

has shown that CTL files dictate where the starting points of enemy AI units are.

Although in early testing, it appears that it may dictate where off map units are placed.

For example, swapping B204.CTL with B101.CTL produced:-

As can be seen, the Goblins have now started in the Village and the Peasants are now up on the Cliff.

More tests to follow, as all information will contribute to the Map Editor and beyond.

Especially Rob's new BTB Editor.


Therefore allowing new Single Player Campaigns to be created,

where the enenmy, who can already be switched between Races

will now be able to appear in different locations, that will catch even the most experienced

Player out.

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This is a good step forward, who wouldnt want to fight a horde of Goblins at the trade post, hehe you know just to get in the mood

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