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 on: Today at 01:22:59 AM 
Started by JB87 - Last post by JB87
Interesting, hopefully I can help get DOR finished. What percentage is development currently at? 50%? 80%? Is there a multiplayer build I can mess around with in the mean time?

Im surprised DO doesnt work under wine as wine has a good reputation as being very robust. At the very least I will be another tester and report back my experience with wine.

Well met olly well met.

 on: Yesterday at 11:59:15 PM 
Started by JB87 - Last post by JB87
Excellent. Cheers olly. I guess I just watch that thread for the latest updates and news? Any official update stream/website?

Working on this project does sound like fun, especially since I have played the original game to death and back again. If Devast3d needs help on the programming side just ask them to PM me on this board with some of the details regarding what language and libraries the project uses so I can brush up in my spare time.

Working on this project comes with some things to bear in mind:
* Due to real life commitments I will not be available to work on this project until 2020, but when I do I will come back to the site specifically for the project at that time.
* Will I be able to use this projects code to write my own commercial historical game? I would purchase a licence from devast (for a fair price) if I had to, to reach that goal.

It is important to me that the code in the project could be used for commercial use, as secondary goals would be to release my future project and art assets downstream as open source for use in game mods etc when sales die off or I start on a squeal etc. I would give permission to olly and the OG members to use my artwork for DO mods far earlier than that to be honest just because I love this community. And Im sure when the main historical campaign is done it wont take me too long before venturing into creating sprites for mythical creatures etc that would be great use to the DO community.

I think a lot of my participating hinges on if the project is open source only, or if it is open source with permission to use for commercial projects.

 on: Yesterday at 11:28:52 PM 
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DMJC is the resident Dark Omen on Linux expert who kindly helped me and him test Wine but sadly it still doesn't work but thankfully DOR the Dark Omen Reborn remake project should be able to.


 on: Yesterday at 11:27:04 PM 
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Wow skaven in DO I have to give this a go. My copy of DO is in my folks place, so expect another thread or reply in a few weeks when I get my hands on it!!! So frustrating to not see this game available through gog.

Thanks for the help link olly. My current machine is linux so I will have fun trying to get this running under wine and post back if I need any help.

 on: Yesterday at 11:24:36 PM 
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Dark Omen Reborn is the latest and greatest by Devast3d using the Unreal engine. You can't really tell you aren't playing Dark Omen, it's that good and even better looking!


We are always looking for help, especially Devast3d who needs more programmers to progress it even further.

 on: Yesterday at 11:20:01 PM 
Started by JB87 - Last post by JB87
Whenever I come to this forum there is always a new DO remake that shines as a beacon of hope to all those who have problems obtaining and installing the original DO.

What is the current hotness as far as remakes go? Wartbed looked really cool to be honest and its a shame that project didnt continue moving forward, as I would certainly of bought a licence to use the game engine for my own game dev projects. I always suspected a lack of funding to be the reason these projects struggle.

I am a software developer by trade and writing my own historical wargame in medieval Europe has always been on my bucket list. It would be great if there was a project here I could use or buy to springboard that project. Upon fruition I would enjoy releasing the artwork to olly and other OG members for use in DO mods etc. A massive exploration of a Bretonnia DO mod through my pixel art knights and peasants would be cool to see.

 on: Yesterday at 11:07:46 PM 
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Welcome home and congrats on the new born.

Thanks to a wonderful mod team we have now progressed Dark Omen further than ever before. Download the latest Mod pack that contains fixes to play 3d mode on Windows 7/8 &10.

Currently the Dark Omen 2 Mod contains 22 new maps, new races such as Dark Elves, Skaven and armies of Dwarfs, Wood Elves and High Elves. All available for Single and Multiplayer.

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A loyal few of us still play new members on Game Ranger and yes the Dark Omen Reborn Unreal Engine remake project is amazing.


 on: Yesterday at 10:58:43 PM 
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*a stranger wanders in from the shadows* Smiley

Hi guys, havent been active here in almost a decade but it brings a smile to my face to see olly active as ever.

How many people are still playing and what version/mods do I need to play? Any general news I should know also?

Wouldnt mind playing a couple of games but what really has my attention is the Wartbed and DAR projects, but I will create a separate thread for that. Also, since my last post, I am officially a dad now of a 2y/o boy.

 on: March 08, 2019, 04:42:20 PM 
Started by CrackBaby - Last post by olly
Sure, I'm always on GameRanger, along with a couple of other hardcore fans so host a game for us to join.


 on: March 08, 2019, 04:40:17 PM 
Started by Katla - Last post by olly
Hi and welcome,

Hehe, I think 10 years I thought it was playing in 1024 x 768 resolution but it was probably running in the default 640x480. However, it was running 3d for the first time on Windows XP. Thankfully Aqrit fixed this issue.

Devast's Dark Omen Reborn remake project is your best bet.;msg14491#msg14491


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