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Title: CLI editor
Post by: Mikademus on January 19, 2009, 01:18:02 AM
Ghabry, the CLI editor now has full BTB edit and save (including save to new file) functionality. You can add, remove, reorder and insert any block and item. In principal you can also make a new BTB from scratch. Note that this is in CLI mode, but all my classes are easy to extend by a graphical front-end (remember that the text mode is primarily for testing that the classes work).

Title: Re: CLI editor
Post by: Mikademus on January 24, 2009, 07:07:57 PM
Oh well, I guess I can reuse this thread to mention new features.

The CTL viewer has been upgraded and now works as the other editor sections. You type "ctl" and then you can "list" and select segments you want to view by entering its number etc etc. You can switch between hexadecimal and decimal output of arguments by entering "dec" or "hex", and yes ghabry, it should support redirected output not.

You can also define aliases to opcodes (f.i. "def 8006 Ghabry_wears_dresses").

Title: Re: CLI editor
Post by: Mikademus on January 26, 2009, 11:19:26 PM
Download link (http://mikademus.dark-omen.org/CLI Editor 2009-01-26.exe)

Well, another update. I especially hope Rob reads this. (Also, I'm moving the thread to the modding forum).

The CTL viewer's "find" command now supports the "succ" (or "next") and "prec" (or "prev") arguments, both of which takes a number. These instruct the lister to output the specified number of cells preceding or succeeding the found instruction.

So you can f.i. search for all opcodes 8015 that has two arguments, at least one of which must be an address for another segment, and the leading two and following three instructions by this command:

"list op 8015 args 2 addr prev 2 next 3"

The order of the arguments does not matter. Also note that you can define strings to opcodes, so if you're certain an opcode, say 8076, is "if", type "def 8076 IF" and "IF" will be output instead of "8076".

Title: Re: CLI editor
Post by: Mikademus on January 27, 2009, 05:42:31 PM
Download link (http://mikademus.dark-omen.org/CLI Editor 2009-01-27b.exe)

Another day, another update.

The CTL viewer now supports providing arguments for the "addr" and "uuid" switches. If you want to search for any UUID segment address, either leave "addr" or "uuid" as the last argument or add "any" or "all" after the switch.

I have also added an "arg" switch. It takes a parameter and searches for that among instructions' arguments. You can provide several "arg" switches. So say you want to find all instructions that take 0x10 and 0x64 as arguments, type "find arg 0x10 arg 0x64".

Title: Re: CLI editor
Post by: luisadri on August 09, 2012, 11:04:33 PM

Nice work, but the link is broken can you upload a mew link?

And how i add more INTIGER bloks in the BTB editor?

I want add more enemies in batle field in the simgle player.

If you can help-me i will thanks.

Title: Re: CLI editor
Post by: olly on August 11, 2012, 11:28:51 AM
http://en.dark-omen.org/downloads/start-download/1.-modding-tools/1.-map-editor/spaartan-command-line-battle-editor.html (http://en.dark-omen.org/downloads/start-download/1.-modding-tools/1.-map-editor/spaartan-command-line-battle-editor.html)

Title: Re: CLI editor
Post by: luisadri on August 13, 2012, 05:21:31 AM
Thank you again

I do not understand much.

How do I open the command line?

Title: Re: CLI editor
Post by: olly on August 14, 2012, 09:45:53 PM
Double click on CLI Editor.exe which will open an old style DOS command prompt and for example type ->

open B1_01
FURN>list  (lists 0-10 records)

FURN>add house2.m3d
list        (shows new record, 11 now)

INST>list livemodels   (shows record eg 36)


list livemodels (shows the new record eg 37)


INST37>set livemodel 11

INST37>list livemodels    (should show 37: hosue2.m3d)

INST37>get pos

INST37>14                 (to see pos of existing object as reference)

INST14>get pos

INST37>set pos [166.00,9.00,155.00]
INST37>get pos



INST>help inst

INST37>get min
INST37>get max
INST37>set min [0.00,0.00,0.00]
INSt37>get max [0.00,0.00,0.00]

(Bounding box for solid buidlings)

INST>list ex_walk
INST37>set ex_walk 1
INST37>list ex_walk


INST37>list deadmodel
INSt37>set deadmodel 8     (same as hut dead model)


INST37>list burning
INST37>set burn 1
INST37>list burning


INST37>list wounds
INST37>set wounds 6

INST37>list toughness
INST37>set toughness 1


INST  info

INST> list livemodels

INST> remove 19

INST> remove 18  etc...

INST> save