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Title: Higher resolution?
Post by: Katla on March 08, 2019, 01:15:02 AM
Hello everyone~!

What's up and how's it going? I hope you are all well! :D
I recently dug up Dark Omen from the cellar, where it have been resting for quite some years and ended up here!
The game is running perfect after following the guide on how to install it, thanks so much for the guide! :D

I was however thinking if it would be possible to run the game at a little bit higher resolution? I did read in this thread over here: http://forum.dark-omen.org/help-section/dark-omen-in-full-3d-mode-high-res-xp-and-no-flicker-t248.0.html (http://forum.dark-omen.org/help-section/dark-omen-in-full-3d-mode-high-res-xp-and-no-flicker-t248.0.html)

"Refresh Force actually helps my 3d mode work better on this Nvidia and CRT monitor as now i can play
at 1024 x 768, 32bit @ 75hz Refresh Rate"

Is it posible to achive 1024x768? And if so, how would one do this? :)
I'm running Win 10 if that is to any help at all.


Title: Re: Higher resolution?
Post by: olly on March 08, 2019, 04:40:17 PM
Hi and welcome,

Hehe, I think 10 years I thought it was playing in 1024 x 768 resolution but it was probably running in the default 640x480. However, it was running 3d for the first time on Windows XP. Thankfully Aqrit fixed this issue.

Devast's Dark Omen Reborn remake project is your best bet.

http://forum.dark-omen.org/general-suggestions/dark-omen-reborn-t1393.0.html;msg14491#msg14491 (http://forum.dark-omen.org/general-suggestions/dark-omen-reborn-t1393.0.html;msg14491#msg14491)