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Title: Game-play Questions
Post by: apgar on July 18, 2015, 05:25:27 PM
Hello again,

More questions. I went on YouTube to watch some single player battles and I noticed a few things that I don't have in my game-play. For instance, I am currently on the Count Carstein tunnel level. My bright mage has three spells. In the YouTube video, the player has five! How did he get so many by this level? Is he using a cheat? On each mission, as I progress, I continue to get only three spells and I have no choice as to which spells I get for the level. Each level they change. Have I overlooked something? Does my mage just not have enough experience to have the extra spells? Did I miss some magical items in previous levels by letting enemy retreating units get away? I'm really hamstrung by the lack of options for my mage.

Secondly, in some of the videos they sped up the action, to make certain bombardments and moves go more swiftly. Is this an in-game function or is the player just speeding up his video to move things along?

Thanks in advance for your replies,

Title: Re: Game-play Questions
Post by: cuthalion on July 18, 2015, 07:49:48 PM

1. Yes, amount of spells depends on mage's experience. 1000 experience gives a mage level 2 and 1 extra spell. 3000 experience is level 3 and 2 extra spells. Besides, most powerful spells can be obtained only at level 3 so it is very important to pay great attention to your wizard so that he kills as many as he can each mission. It makes sense to give Grudgebringer sword to him to help him with that.

Also, Bogenhafen defence mission has Book of Ashur in a house with yellow smoke going from chimney. This is a wizard artifact that gives an extra spell and thus empowers wizards. Though it is helpful it is not a must. When I myself passed the game for the first time back in 1998, I did not know about such tricks myself.

2. As far as I know there is no way to vary game speed during battles. So most likely, the video you were watching was sped up if this is the case.

Title: Re: Game-play Questions
Post by: apgar on July 20, 2015, 02:12:49 AM
Thanks for your reply. One more question, if I may. Is there any sort of a list on this site that tells which magic items are available to get from the enemy units and buildings in each level? I'm afraid I afraid I have missed some by not totally wiping out some retreating units and letting them escape off the map.


Title: Re: Game-play Questions
Post by: cuthalion on July 20, 2015, 09:06:37 AM
http://en.dark-omen.org/items.html (http://en.dark-omen.org/items.html)
Here is a list of artifacts and their locations (click "read more" next to item's description)

http://en.dark-omen.org/campaign.html (http://en.dark-omen.org/campaign.html)
There you may find per-mission description with artifacts (if any) that can be found.
If you do not want spoilers, let me provide a brief list of important items (potions of strength are not included). I may forget a few minor as it has been a while.

1. Bogenhafen defence mission - Book of Ashur. Use cannon to fire at the building with yellow smoke.
2. Enchanted Shield - is provided by Azguz if you help him in the mountains.
3. Banner of Defiance - cannot be missed as you have to kill Wights carrying it.
4. Banner of Wrath. One of most powerful artifacts. Is found in second part (Sylvania direction) in a mission where you protect Steam Tank.  Is carried by northern Orc Arrer Boyz.
5. Shield of Ptolos. Siege of Blighted Towers. Is carried by one of Orc Boyz units.
6. Next mission after blighted towers: Wand of Jet is taken from Vampire, Hellfire Sword is taken from Tower (usually incidentally drops when your mortar misses skeleton archers or vampire and hits the tower)
3rd part (north direction)

7. Horn of Urgok - mission where you waylay Orc Camp. Is situated in eastern of 2 pillars near Orc Cave. Takes a long while to get it. Actually it's a cheat artifact and I never get it when I pass single player. I advise that you do not get it either :)
8. Banner of Arcane Warding - same mission, orc camp. Do not let Big Uns flee, trample them.
8. Staff of Osiris. Troll mission. A rock in the north-west part.
9. Storm Sword. Next mission after Trolls. One of Skeletons has it. Cannot miss as they never flee.
4th part, Loren/Bretonia.
10. Spelleater Shield.
To get it, you have to agree to go with Elrod and then refuse to help Treeman. Placed in second vampire mission in the north-east circle of pillars. I usually help Treeman though as I am a role-player and not a munchkin ;)
11. Dragon Helm. North Bretonnia, mission with 3 enemy catapults. Is taken from a buildinhg in the north-west.

Title: Re: Game-play Questions
Post by: apgar on July 21, 2015, 12:08:13 AM
Great! That's just what I needed. I have missed some things, so I'll go back and replay the levels. As the battles get tougher, you have to have some of these things or get very lucky. I'd rather have the items.

Thanks for your effort to post this information for me. I really appreciate it.