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Title: Fair Omen, as Single Player?
Post by: Oggrr on May 30, 2015, 07:41:25 PM
Is this even possible? I really like the balancing changes that is made to many of the units and the upgrade of bigger regiments. I've tried to make some changes in wh32edit but kind of hard to make changes to each and every map, but is that really the only way? Cant seem to find either what maps are which either.

To simplify, is there a simple way to put the Fair Omen changes into the single player campaign?

Title: Re: Fair Omen, as Single Player?
Post by: cuthalion on May 30, 2015, 08:23:23 PM
Well, I do not quite remember but I thought Fair Omen is unit and artifact prices for multiplayer to the most part. It does not vary what is considered 'default DO' or 'default Table Top' stats. Even if I am mistaken, there is no way to apply changes to single player except by editing army files and other modding.

By increasing enemy numbers in single player campaign you will make the game only easier - unless you increase it to amount where you cannot pass a mission :) More exps - your troops level up faster and win battles ever easier.
If you want a challenge in single player, I would recommend 1 of 2 ways:

1) If you want a harder challenge in default ampaign, edit Your Own (only 1) army file and reduce army amounts there.
I suggest reducing cavalry to the most part - as it is strong cavalry that makes campaign easier.
Approximate values:
Grudge Cavalry 4/4: they are still useful as fast charge from the rear/pursue unit but do not make reliable tank.
Grudge Infantry 20/20 is OK
Xbows 14/14
Dwarves 16/16
Greatswords 15/15 is OK.
Ragnar Wolves 10/10 or 9/9.
Wood Elf Archers 15/15 or Bretonian Knights 14/14

2) There are several custom campaigns where a lot of stuff is edited: main is more enemy units on every mission, positions different from default campaign, so it is a good challenge and you will reload not once before you pass it.
I have 2 such campaigns - fighting as Goblin horde and as a Chaos Dwarf army. There are other campaigns too made by DO fans. If you are interested in this part, I will give you more instructions on how to download and install them.

Title: Re: Fair Omen, as Single Player?
Post by: Oggrr on June 01, 2015, 02:31:45 PM
" General Info

Fair Omen reorganizes Regiments/Items giving them a suitable Size/Price/Order and corrects some mistakes from programmers. Regiments have a mathematical Structure based on multiplies of 60 and were distributed forming Factions.

All Troops were resized into an Epic Scale: 1-3-6-9-12-16-20-26-32. To edit an Army you have Total Freedom: You have permission to purchase any number of a same Regiment and there aren’t limits for Experienced Regiments or Items.

Mobile Artillery: Siege machines now have 2 Movement points and “Will never rout”. They are Single units with 3 Wounds/3 Toughness. Don’t have close attack. Ballistic Skill: Imperial Cannon +1 (to 4); Orc Ballista +1 (to 4).

Initiative boost: Regiments have +2 Initiative to improve their pathfinding. Movement: Vampire -1 (to 5); Wraiths +1 (to 5).

Leadership boost: Regiments have +1 Leadership to fight longer. Exceptions: Wood Elves/Wights/Mummies (all keep L8).

Grail Knights: They replace Knights of the Realm to have more variated Cavalry. Grail Knights are “Immune to fear”.

Greenskins improvements: Orc Biguns are “Immune to fear”. Monsters become Squads -> Trolls: 3/3, Spiders: 3/3, Scorpions: 6/6.

Errors corrected from programmers: Despite descriptions, Mercenary Ogres didn’t “Cause fear” and Zombies weren’t “Immune to fear”.
Experienced Troops

Old System: In DO, next level doubles the Regiment "last price": e.g. Zombies prices are 270 (L1)/ 540 (L2)/ 2160(L4 FE). Considering gold spent, it’s quite clear that Quantity is more convenient than Quality.

New System: In FO, next levels will have a small increase depending on the Regiment performance. Also adds "shield upgrades" where Regiments with higher level also come with higher armor, always based on the Racial limits. "

I like the fact that Big Un's are immune to fear, and the error that Ogres actually didnt cause fear, and the fact that zombies werent immunte to fear either. Its too easy to kill zombies since they easily run after one flaming head or too much losses, then just die because they are fleeing. I also find the ability to move artillery but might get too easy then in the campaign though. Never route is also pretty good since you cannot actually "save" your artillery then. I havent looked into what more special changes were made for each unit.

And yes the campaigns, I've tried both of them and damn they are hard. The goblins are so afraid of the dwarves, and the Chaos Dwarves mounted units are extremely weak, are they really supposed to be that weak? They barely kill anything and run away after just a few deaths. Very interesting though and fun to play, but damn its hard.

Title: Re: Fair Omen, as Single Player?
Post by: cuthalion on June 01, 2015, 04:55:02 PM
Goblins was my first campaign. Kind of draft. I agree that I overloaded it with difficulty. As original campaign seemed too easy, I wanted mine to be challenging. I did not take into account simple fact: Even if a mission is doable, once people reload 5-10 times and still every time they lose at least 1 regiment, they soon become annoyed even though the challenge is interesting.

Chaos dwarves armies are generally stronger than goblins, and thus the campaign is somewhat easier. There are only like 4-5 missions out of 30 where you do need to reload several times before you succeed. You noticed right, I do not like a unit like Grudgebringer Cavalry in original campaign: it is fastest running + fastest killing + best tank unit 3in1. I like balance where cavalry is either weak (goblin wolfriders) or few, or appears later in the campaign. Infantry should tank, and Cavalry should be used for meneuvrs: trample routed enemies, charge in flank, destroy enemy artillery or mages etc.
I am now preparing a wood-elf campaign (majority of missions will be new, different from Goblins or Chaos Dwarves campaigns), and also updating Goblins campaign: making things more aligned with Warhammer, adding a few units and also reducing difficulty: it is extremely hard to find that balance where mission is not a cake, you have to reload 2-3 times before you actually pass it, and at the same time it does not become annoying when after 165464564564th reload you lose a regiment again :)