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Title: BTB and CTL files
Post by: cuthalion on April 29, 2015, 09:02:11 AM
could someone remind me how I edit BTB and CTL files?
I found btb-xml tool in downloads and some information about it in Wiki.
But I have not found information on editing ctl so far. I have something from 3 years ago but I believe it is out of date:
there were a lot of findings in Chaos Dwarves and Ghabry was going to update a lot of functions...
Anyway I do not remember how I use to- and from- ctl conversion properly...

Title: Re: BTB and CTL files
Post by: olly on April 29, 2015, 05:43:13 PM
How to create New Mods and Campaigns  ->

http://forum.dark-omen.org/campaigns/how-to-create-new-mods-and-campaigns-t1251.0.html;msg12683#msg12683 (http://forum.dark-omen.org/campaigns/how-to-create-new-mods-and-campaigns-t1251.0.html;msg12683#msg12683)


I paste them in to my Skaven Mods folder Mission 1

C:\Program Files (x86)\DarkOmen\Mods\Skaven\GAMEDATA\1pbat\B1_01

To run the Python script ctldis.py you will need to copy your B101.CTL and rename it as b101_orig.ctl and also create a new text file called b101.txt

Then you can right click on ctldis.py and Edit with IDLE and when the 2 Python pages appear change MODE to 1 and to run the conversion select  Run -> Run Module 

# CTL Assembler/Disassembler
# First Release: 2009-12-07 (by Rob)
# Last Update: 2012-05-05

from array import array

base_name = "b101"

original_file_name   = base_name+"_orig.ctl"
disassembled_file_name = base_name+".txt"
assembled_file_name  = base_name+".ctl"

MODE = 1 # 0 == assemble, 1 == disassemble

Title: Re: BTB and CTL files
Post by: Ghabry on April 29, 2015, 09:05:38 PM
concerning CTL there wasn't much happening the last years.
Because I lost interest, too. I'm only lurking around here.

Title: Re: BTB and CTL files
Post by: cuthalion on May 13, 2015, 03:57:36 PM
An update in script btbxml.py

It places counters at Chunk6000 subrecords - nodes that position troops and are used as coordinates at battle map.
It makes btb-ctl editing easier: A lot of places in CTL where these subrecords are addressed by sequence number, and in previous version one had to manually count from 0 up to 100 to find required subrecord every time.
Could someone place it in downloads?