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Title: Differences between Dark Omen for PC and PS1?
Post by: DMPumuki on November 13, 2014, 11:30:22 AM
I'm now playing Dark Omen for PC, which I find more difficult than I remember when I was playing it on PS1 10 years (or so) ago. I feel mummies are way too much overpowered compared to the mummies of PS1 version, specially on the last mission (mortar doing nothing, canons sometimes killing a single mummie). I'm stuck in the last mission, maybe I made the worsts decisions during the campaing and having the fu***** elven archers instead of the knights of the realm is what makes my army suck?...Opinions?

Title: Re: Differences between Dark Omen for PC and PS1?
Post by: Ghabry on November 13, 2014, 05:41:21 PM
I always take the elf archers instead of knights of the realm.
This mission is also a bit luck based, I also needs lots of tries to do it. Never attack by yourself because that could trigger new waves of mummies, only do this when all current mummies are dead. Don't care how long this takes you cant handle all enemies at once.
Most damage is done via your bright mage. The most relevant spells are screaming skull which has devastating power and only costs one spell point and crimson bands to disable combat of single enemy regiments. I hope you got the staff of jet and book of ashur?
You can try forcing a retreat of a mummy regiment by attacking it from the behind while they are in close combat with a different regiment.

Title: Re: Differences between Dark Omen for PC and PS1?
Post by: DMPumuki on November 14, 2014, 12:42:13 AM
I find hard to manage so much projectile regiments on pc, friendly fire happens every time I get distracted...>_<

ON ps1 R1 and L1 buttons were really useful, but I find myself clicking on the armies the whole time, and looking for their location to don't mess with the terrain...About the bright mage...he is still lvl 1, and I use the book of ashur to get the teleport spell and the screaming skull at once (helps a lot to get rid of the screaming catapults).

I remember my army on PS1 capable of destroying those mummies quite easily, All my cavalries were at least lvl3, knights of the realm included...What i find annoying is..for example the mummies guardin the dread king, those two regiments...They are like 12-15 each regiment, on ps1 they were like 9 O_o. Today I was about to win, dread king launched himself all alone to battle with me and he died ...but then suddenly at least 50 mummies charged forward >_<. Also I don't remember a ***** necromancer on the last battle!