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Title: Is this coming back?
Post by: Zoko on August 07, 2011, 09:41:28 PM
Would anyone be up to do this again? It seems pretty fun. I also have a few thoughts after looking at the topics here on how the game can be changed. Namely, I think we should come up with our own map especially made for this game instead of using the warhammer map, imo there are more possibilities like that and it would be easier to balance. Another thing that i think would be a good edition to the game is to maybe run it a bit more like an RP, like one player could be the king and the  others could be different lords of the kingdom and the orcs and undead could have their own thing etc.

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: JB87 on August 07, 2011, 10:42:38 PM
I agree I think RP and thematic battles would be a great addition to the game. One player to focus on as the bad guy would have a great campaign feel to it. It seems people make good/bad alignment alliances throughout the game anyway so why not save some time and get right to the fighting!

I would love to get involved, I gave a read of some of the old threads and conquest takes too long to finish and the current maps are still too big. I dont remember Bernhardt signing packs and building roads as he marched through the desert with his men straight to the Dread King. I would prefer a conquest that could be completed over a weekend without much effort and that focuses on action. A conquest sprint if you will.

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: olly on August 07, 2011, 11:15:58 PM
All sound great ideas and count me in, I'm sure Flak will be appreciate any help creating new Conquests.


Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: kilowic on August 08, 2011, 08:09:17 AM
I'd love to play conquest with you guys. I read that "edition" you didnt finnish and it had to be a big fun.
I don't know all the rules but I'd learn fast if you tell me where I can find them.

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: Jeronimo on August 08, 2011, 08:11:51 AM
A Conquest more simplified sounds fine. Basically, pure Battles but with simple Economics.
I might think of a different Conquest design.. maybe I ask my brother to prepare a new World MAP (scanned).

I'd bet to use simple Fair Omen interface. I guess people wants Armies gaining experience through the battles.

Moderator Flak, has been doing the previous Conquests... but I think he is really busy for taking this responsability.
If we get enough people.. I'll organize the event (never did before.. but I can try).

It's cool that there are many playable maps at the moment (thanks to Ghabry/Flak/Olly).

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: JB87 on August 08, 2011, 01:15:15 PM
I have never met Flak but reading his conquest threads he looks like a great community member. It is a shame though that after a few rounds of combat conquest seems to peter out. If we could make a rule set that focuses on a climatic bang with clear ending and roleplaying it would be great. in otherwords we could record the final battle surrounded by written fluff for all players to see and add it to the thread, most likely ending in Altdorf or the Pyramids depending on the factions margin of success. To keep RP in focus this type of event would probably be offered by the Game Master / Story Teller and decided by the players (lords) how to react to it.

Experience from battle sounds cool. Not sure how you would represent it though as in fair omen not all units have multiple levels.

Out of curiosity, how long does it take to finish a tournament? These have been highly successful in the past so we could use that same amount of time to measure how long conquest can realistically be played and design a rule set based on that.

I have a great idea that I want to add to the pot! how about limiting Morgan and the Black Grail to one, used by the King and Dread King who must always field them in combat. They would be displayed on the world map at all times and the first faction to eliminate the other wins. Lords would not be allowed to put Morgan or Black Grail into their own lists as for the sake of RP and the game victory condition they are considered unique. That would add a lot more tension and speed to the campaign.

'The Grail rides out, destroy the Grail.'

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: Flak on August 08, 2011, 04:39:18 PM
Hello guys

I would very much like to bring it back  :)

The worst draw back of conquest and my other invention DORPG is that after a series of battles, players kinda OD on it and then rather fast it dies to a halt.

A weekend based game would solve that, i considered it myself but back when we ran conquest we also played tournaments every month and it would just have been too much. However to merge the tournament with conquest would be good.

Please feel free to use anything from my old games to build a new one and count me in to play too. While fair omen is a solid ruleset it would need to be changed into a conquest version to work, just as i had to change DOE to my own conquest version. So that regimental development and experience becomes a factor.

Sadly im am very busy atm with work, its harvest time so for a month or so i am not around much.
If anyone would like to make an experimental Game Book im sure olly will grant, Developer permission in the Multiplayer section to do so

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: JB87 on August 08, 2011, 09:08:41 PM
We could always hold conquest at the end one month and the tournament the end of the next month depending on demand, this would bring more people to both events I think as they dont come around as often.

do you have a link to DORPG Flak? I havent seen it myself and it might create some good ideas. would DORPG have any cross over with D&D? judging by the name.

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: Flak on August 09, 2011, 12:30:11 AM
I wouldnt say it is a cross over, but my Dwarf Campaign is, i am a D&D player ;)

its in Campaigns
http://forum.dark-omen.org/campaigns/dorpg-rules-description-relaunched-now-dark-omen-expanded-2-t688.0.html;msg6834#msg6834 (http://forum.dark-omen.org/campaigns/dorpg-rules-description-relaunched-now-dark-omen-expanded-2-t688.0.html;msg6834#msg6834)

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: lordbraprus on August 09, 2011, 12:53:13 AM
Hey !! hi you 3 new members, welcome, and i hope you can enjoy a new multiplayer campaing ;) with flak and olly and maybe jeronimo :)

It is very very good to see you :)

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: Zoko on August 09, 2011, 10:17:32 AM
Glad to have started such a big discussion!

Anyway, I think having a more streamlined and combat oriented conquest session sounds like a good idea to get things going, and roleplaying elements would be interesting as well.

Here are my thoughts on the issue:

First of all we would need to figure out when we would have the sessions and how long they would last. Personally i would prefer a weekend or if a weekday then at night (which for many of you would be during the day). After that we need to confirm how many people will be playing the campaign so we know how many people to design it for. And finally, we should figure out approximately how many sessions it would take us to finish the campaign.

On designing the campaign, a large part of it should be coming up with a story to make things more than just "faction A fights faction B". There should be plot points to move the story along, if one faction is steadily winning over another we should give the other faction a chance to turn the tide. Most importantly we should avoid the situation where a few victories from one side determines the entire campaign, especially early on. As for the campaign itself, I think that we should have two rivaling sides with the players having different roles within their faction. Maybe we could have it so that the campaign starts with the players being independent but eventually having to choose one of the two major sides. If we are using a territory based system we should keep the economic values but they should already be preset; instead of having the players build roads and forts and cities they should already be set on the map. Also i looked over DORPG and heroes look like a pretty good idea, although im unfamiliar with the editing program you guys are using.

As for the story itself, we could stick to the warhammer universe or we could come up with our own based on the races we have available. With the Warhammer universe we have dont have to waste time coming up with a story but we are restricted to what is available and it could be confusing to those not familiar with warhammer outside of the game (i didnt even know there were lizardmen and dark elves). If we come up with our own we would have a lot more creative freedom but the downside is obviously having to make the whole thing up ourselves. Warhammer is a lot of good vs bad guy black n white stuff, and i personally prefer grey and grey morality.

Another thing I thought of is to have regiments start out with less than the maximum amount of troops, but also raising the maximum amount for the regiments and balancing the prices respectively. For example instead of buying 16/16 bowmen you buy 12/20 bowmen. This would add another layer of strategy into creating armies. Idk if this is possible or not using whatever modding tools, but im just getting that out there.

As for the mode I would personally prefer using DOE because there is a lot more variety to it with races and such, but i wouldnt mind using Fair Omen either.

Title: Re: Is this coming back?
Post by: JB87 on August 09, 2011, 09:31:30 PM
@Flak ive DMd afew game in the past too

I like the idea of a hero as I mentioned earlier as a driving force for which side is winning. However Im not a big fan of using editors to create heros. Instead I think we should create a DOC Mod that already includes the Warrior/Mage/Rouge Heros and their prices in each races army list. As you buy higher levels they will become mounted, get more armour, better stats etc. That would make it alot easier for players to get into the game at short notice and also help with balancing. I think this Conquest Pack should enforce as much of the rules and stats as possible so players can focus more energy onto the fluff.

a player asks: "I want to play conquest what do I have to do?"
answer: "Install DOC and build a 3k army with hero. We are playing a Conquest game in two weeks hope to see you there."

If we could get Conquest to that level that steps over learning how to use editors and reading complex docs on how to play, building such a DOC Mod would be a great step to revitalize it.

We all play from the same Mod during a Tourney so why not its own Mod when playing Conquest?