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« on: August 22, 2009, 01:08:11 PM »

Found something interesting.
It's called WineD3D. That's the Wine implementation of DirectX (DirectX to OpenGL Wrapper).
The interesting thing is that it supports the real windows too.
Does anybody want to risk overwritting his directx/directdraw lower then version 8 (is an option in the installer) with the wine implementation? I tested it under win98 and it didn't worked because it has no ntdll.dll (winNT and higher only).
I can test it during the next days because I will install Windows 7 and so it's no problem when I crash my Vista System before Smiley.
To install it you have to run windows in save mode (smashing F8 after BIOS Post Wink).

After installation test the following things:
1. Does DO start?
2. Does 3D-Mode work (without flicker)?
3. Does ALT+Tab under Vista work (uninstall DoFix via Control Panel->Programs and Funktions before)?

Oh and it has the side effect that DX10 will work under XP.

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