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Author Topic: Dark Omen Zoom In Cheat  (Read 3439 times)
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« on: March 16, 2014, 12:04:52 AM »

It would be great to somehow mod the Zoom In Camera Cheat (type squarewindow then F12) to either alter its camera angle to provide a first person viewpoint or act as a zoomed out minimap perhaps. On the Main Menu it shows a zoomed in view of where the mouse pointer is and in single player it only works after pressing Esc to pause or quit the game. Haven't tried multiplayer yet as only seems to work on my Win 98 in both 3d and CPU mode.

***Aqrit and I discussed the possible - zoom in camera modded to a minimap size and zoomed out instead- but agreed the time and effort is best spent elsewhere, for such a novelty item, for now Smiley Although it was great to be reminded of how it worked and looked, we came to same conclusion about the other bennyhill cheat that speeds up the game, as could it be modded into slowed down, turn-based perhaps, for all Table Top players to enjoy = a project for another time and best suited to any possible remake projects. ****

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