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Author Topic: Contest 5k/15 - Goblin go-go  (Read 1732 times)
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Hi, this was the army I used in the March tournament. I had a lot of fun, although I didn't win a lot  Smiley
I wanted to create an army with some character, so I opted for an 'all gobbos' list.

The swarm:
1x goblins with Stormsword
1x goblins with Spell Eater shield
1x goblins with Banner of Defiance
1x goblins WITH FANATICS and Mork's War Banner

Supporting groups
2x goblin archers
1x rock lobber

My idea was to hold enemies at distance with the goblins, using the unit with the Banner of Defiance as front row, cloesely followed by those with Stormsword and Mork's Banner. The Fanatics would have been a nice surprise for those fast charging cavalries or other similar units.
While the front line was fighting (actually being butchered...) the other units would fire a rain of arrows and rocks on the more distant or incoming foes.

How could I possibly lose?  Wink

For the contest, I'd replace the rock lobber with a Goblin Shaman, so that this army would be a real ALL GOBBOS one!
Next time I might get it right!
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