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Author Topic: 9000 Gold - Orc Lobber Army  (Read 2159 times)
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Who am I and how many?

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Night Goblin Shaman
Orc Bolt Thrower
Orc Bolt Thrower
Orc Rock Lobber
Orc Rock Lobber
Orc Rock Lobber
Orc Rock Lobber
Orc Boyz
Night Goblin Archers with Fanatics
Night Goblin Archers with Fanatics

Preferred Map:
The Bretonnian River

Way of playing: Place your Orc Bolt Thrower at a shortage and allocate your Orc Rock Lobber, beyond the range of your opponents mortar, over the map. Place your infantry near the shortage in such a way as to enable them to block all attacking regiments. If you make it, it will be easy to shoot down your enemy (no matter how much of your infantry will survive).

Please write your suggestions Smiley
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"Sir we are surrounded!!!" "Excellent, then we can attack in any direction."
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