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Author Topic: Dark Omen Reborn  (Read 16713 times)
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Melee combat and 3D portraits

Hi everyone,

After half a year (geez.. time goes by too fast) overdue update on DO Reborn project is here. Some real-life things had happened and not a pleasant ones but let's skip the details, since "It's personal" as Morgan Bernhardt used to say. Good things are that the life and the project keep moving on regardless.

In the meantime, early version of melee combat mechanic has been implemented with following features:
- combat score (only wound points are taken into account)
- strike priority (3 groups: first strike (charge), normal, last strike (weapon type))
- charge bonus (temporary boosts unit strength, strike priority and combat score in the first round)
- wounds resolution changed from unit based to model based

In addition, user interface got battlefield map view which displays unit information when hovering with cursor over its banner.

Last but not least, we welcome Dougie who is working on 3D character portraits.Thanks to previous community knowledge he figured out how to re-implement portraits in UE4. More details about this can be learned in this thread of DO fan-forum.

Future plans is to finalize melee combat and continue with implementation of the ranged one.

Somewhat dated video of melee combat:

post from DO Reborn web-page with screenshots:
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Dark Omen Reborn remake project

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Nice progress report and can confirm the latest version is working really well.

* DOR 26th April 2018.jpg (379.57 KB. 1022x766 - viewed 156 times.)

* DOR 26th April 2018 Map.jpg (234.2 KB. 1024x768 - viewed 101 times.)


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