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Dark Omen Expanded Conquest

Rule Book

The players all start with 3 Lands and one land hold the Capital. Each land yield a standard of 100 gold per turn and a capitol yields 500 gold per turn. All unclaimed lands are in the hands of local lords, barbarians, undead lords, goblins and any other strong enough to control a land. The player either has to conquer the lands by use of military force or buy the loyalty of the local leader if possible, as ofcourse only a local leader of the same race can join an empire.
A random roll will decide which battlefield must be used in the battle depending on what kind of land it is such as plains, mountains or forrest. The strength of the local leaders and difficulty to conquer them will increase as the empires get stronger, starting at 3000gc armies. Only lands with a link to a nations capitol will remain loyal, if the connection to a far away land is lost then the land is lost.
There are 3 types of land in which determined the kind of battlefield use when fighting in the land, plains, mountain and forrest.
Cities may be build on plains and in forrests, in mountains mines may be build, they will make the land yield 250 gold per turn. However a nation may only have as many armies as it has lands with farmland. A land may contain all 3 improvements and a fort. A Capitol automatically has a farmland and thus allows for 1 army.
Forts may also be constructed both in land with cities/mines and without. Unlike cities/mines they cost an upkeep each turn that comes out of the players earnings. The better the fort the better defensive map but also the higher upkeep. A capitol is automatically a castle.
Building a road in a friendly land will double the movement of friendly units who pass into the land and increase the tax. One improvement may be build or started per turn per land.
Undead (Chaos and Vampires) ofcourse dont need cities but they need to build towers instead of cities and mana vortex instead of farmland, they still need to build mines as request for some units.
Wood Elves cannot build mines.


City: A good way to bring an area under firm control, a city will belong to its founder and will try to resist an enemy invasion. When a city is conquered by an enemy and there was no army to defend it there is a 25% chance of a revolt, the first turn if the invader is of the same race, if its a different race which would result in the destruction of the city it will has a 75% chance of revolt. If the revolt defeats the invader then it may return to its prior owner. If the land has been cut off from its proir owner then it will declare its independence and become unclaimed once more. Cities also increase the tax collected from a land.
Cities may be build on plains and in forrest.

Road: An army moves only 1 land per turn but with a road build an army may move 2 lands per turn in friendly lands.
An army may not use enemy roads as they are not safe. A road will also help to generate trade and increase the tax collected. Roads may be build on all types of land. A road will allow "move-attack" moves into unroaded lands, as the road will deliver the army to the border of the unroaded land, the army is able to move into the unroaded lands in one turn.

Farmland: Farmland provides support for a nations armies and the player has to pay for the supplies generated there.
Each farmland will provide support for 1 army, no matter the size of the army. The peasants who work the farmland are less concerned with who rules them as they are poor and just try to say alive thru a brutal world that will never change their standing in life. Gobliniod and Humaniod may capture Farmland from eachother. Farmland may be build in any type of land, ofcourse in mountains its not farmland exactly but a sheep herd and in forrests it can be a orchards, but the common term is farmland.

Mines: In mountains where the land is too rugid for cities, mines may be build. Mines will generate valuable resources for the nation and will generate the same gold as a city. Mines can be captured by any race, altho the player can decide to flood the mine as the enemy enters the land and it is destroyed. Mines may only be build in mountains, Dwarves and Chaos Dwarves can only build Mines and no cities but may build mines in forrests aswel as mountains. If a mine is flooded by the enemy a dwarf player can open the mine back up at half the normal cost of a mine. Dwarf mines also resist enemy invasion just like cities does but with a 35% chance of a revolt and 50% chance if the invader is Gobliniod. Undead may capture a mine but not build them.

Towers: The undead race does not need cities for its population, it does require strong magic to keep their armies and lands togeather, so they must build Towers of dark magic to extend their power. The Tower is also a place of research and experiments and generates gold like a city. Towers may be build on any type of land, but only by the undead race.
When captured by a none-undead the tower is destroyed by there is a 25% chance that the dark mages will try to drive the invader, just like the revolt of a city.

Mana Vortex: In order to fuel the Towers of dark magic the undead must construct Mana Vortex'. They are a whirlwind of dark and foul magic that fuels the undead and enhances chaos. A mana vortex can be build on any type of land. When captured by a none-undead it is destroyed utterly as any other view it as an abomonation.

Keep: A keep will provide the nation with a strong defensive position in battle. Building a Keep will give the defender an advantage in form of providing a defensive map in any battle in the land its defending. If a land has a keep and a city it increases the chance of a revolt in case of invasion by 15%.

Castle: A Castle is the best defense a nation can have. It will provide the player with the best defensible maps in the game, several armies may be needed to get a defending army out. If a land has a castle and a city it increases the chance of a revolt in case of invasion by 25%.

Price list----------------cost--------------build time--------Upkeep-------Income
Cities/Mines/Tower-----1000 gold----------1 turn----------------------------300 gold
Road-------------------200 gold-----------1 turn-----------------------------50 gold
Farmland/Mana Vortex--500 gold-----------1 turn-------------100 gold
Keep-------------------900 gold-----------1 turn-------------300 gold
Castle-----------------1500 gold----------2 turns------------500 gold

Diplomacy is an important aspect to any successful empire, alliances, war and trade can strengthen an empire beyond its rivals. Diplomacy is also sadly a fragile thing, today's allies can potentially be tomorrows enemies. Military power goes hand in hand with diplomatic power.
Lands may be ceded and money paid to other players as to how the negotiations develop. A land may only be ceded once per 5 turns tho.

State of War
A state of war has to be declared one turn in advance however a few exception does exist as listed below.
If a nation does not officially declare war then that nation is a rouge nation and thus cannot make new alliances for 6 turns, it can keep its current alliances but they may be broken with no warning by the allied nation. No nation needs to declare war on a rouge nation, however when the 6 turns are over then a nation attacking a rouge nation must stop or declare war 1 turn before the rouge nation regains normal status. The only war to avoid rouge nation status is to return the captured land (if there is any) and pay war reparations of 5000 gold to the victim nation.
Racial enemies need to declaration of war, not that they have to attack and are allowed peace but the peace can be broken outright with no repercussions.
Racial Enemies
Dwarves and Chaos Dwarves
Dwarves and Orcs/Goblins
Elves and Dark Elves
Brettonia and Vampires

All nations start with an automatic peace. If war has broken out and both parties then later agrees to a peace treaty, it will start imimdiatly after being agreed. The first 3 turns of the peace acts as a cease fire and in them 3 turns the war can be resumed at any time with a simple note of a cancled cease fire. So remember your not safe until 3 turns after the peace has broken out. Nations at peace may not move units across eachothers lands only allies may do that.

Nations can ally with eachother and can declare war togeather against an enemy. If a nations ally is attacked the ally may declare war on the aggressor with out warning, tho it is not required should the ally not wish to, an aggressor can also declare war on an allied of their enemy after 3 turns of war and if the alliance still excist. Allies can move units across eachothers lands and use roads on an allies lands aswell. Alliances has to be ended 1 turn in advance and then war may only be declared war after that, so if you wish war on your ally it takes 2 turns unless you simply attack and become a rouge nation. If allowed by their ally an allied nation can use friendly forts.

Protection Pact

This is a purely defensive alliance between just 2 nations, if one of the two allies are attack the other allied automaticly declares war on the aggressor. They can move units in allied lands and use roads. Allies in a pact can automaticly use friendly forts and also build forts and roads in friendly lands.

Rules of War
* Hit and runs by mages, cavalry and archers are not allowed for more than 3 cycles, any of these regiments left alone have the option to surrender, meaning that the enemy will pursue them into retreating without killing them, if the enemy attacks them while tryn to surrender then the enemy break the ROW.
* Regiments who are in retreat may only be pursued until they raise the white flag, after which they are to be allowed to flee.
* A minimum of 3 regiments must be fielded, in any battle.
*One exception! When fighting for a Capitol/Multi Attack/Racial Enemies then no units are safe to retreat, units with white flag can be attacked, without breaking the ROW

Rogue Nation
A rogue nation is a nation that has broken the rules of war and for 6 turns for them 6 turns any nation is free to attack the rouge nation and the rogue nation may not make new alliances nor move in allready allied lands. Any ally may cancel the alliance with no warning. Further more there is a 50% chance of a revolt breaking out in any of the rogue nations cities, in cities where the revolt defeats the army or had no army to defeat they will sit and block all tax income, until the revolt has been quelled. If a nation becomes a rogue nation for a 2nd time the chance is 75% and a 3rd time is a revolt in all cities.

War and Conquest
When war breaks out there are different way of doing it and different results and strategies to consider. Are you attaking to achieve conquest, pillage or a raid.
When a multiple battle is ordered it has to be carried out even if first battle goes bad.
The army that is being attacked may not buy new regiments only buy new troops for the surviving regiments in between these 2 or more battles. Regiments fleeing with white flag are not protected by the ROW they may be attacked and exterminated.
The attacking armies will split after the battle the 2nd army will occupy the new land and the 1st army will return to its original territory. 2 allied players can also make a double attack with one army from each player, if this is the case then the 2nd army will be the one to capture the territory.

Conquest means you intent to conquer and hold the land you win in the war to expand your empire when unclaimed land is attacked its a conquest much like the Romans did when they captured and colonized new land. Roads, forts, farmland and mines may be captured by any race who use them. Cities may only be conquered if they belong to the same race as listed below, ofcz dwarves would never conquer and want to rule over a goblin city. So if the city doesn't belong to the same race as the conqueror then it is burnt to the ground automatically. Undead who builds towers and mana vortex cannot capture any cities or farmland unless they attack another undead.
Despite not being gobliniod chaos dwarves and dark elves who both has a fondness of slaves are able to enslave captured gobliniod cities antho gobliniods cannot capture their cities.

Races and Conquest
Humaniod: Dwarf, Brettonia, Kislev, The Empire, Wood Elves
Gobliniod (& Evil Humaniod): Orcs, Goblins, Ogres, (Chaos Dwarfs, Dark Elves)
Undead: Vampires, Chaos

If an army is defending a fort, the attacker can lay siege. That will mean that all tax from the sieged land is lost. The army under siege cannot leave without attacking the enemy on a normal map. The besieging army can leave at any time ot decide to attack the defender at anytime. Every 2 turns the siege last's the defender has to sell one regiment as it falls to hunger or in case of undead lack of magical power to sustain it.
If a capitol falls under siege no regiments are lost no matter the lenght of time, but no tax is collected from anywhere in the nation, only the automatic 500 from the capitol itself is collected. It is only possible to lay siege if only 1 enemy army is defending, if facing a multi-defense then the other armies will have to be defeated in order to lay siege. ONLY the last of the defending armies may use the fort as defense.

A pillage attack is much the same as the vikings where famous for, an attack aimed at stealing, burning, destroying,  and murdering anyone who gets in the way. No land is captured in this way but it can be devastating to an enemy and an easy war to attracts attention even if only attacking with a small force. To pillage a land that has buildings will earn money for the attacker. If an enemy army is planning to pillage a land a militia army of the 3 lowest class regiments may be called up and used. Road is the only improvement to survive
A militia doesn't cost anything but will also disappear after one use standard is an 3k gc army. All improvements are lost if the pillage is successful. A Capitol is not lost but the tax is lost for 2 turn.

Improvement pillaged-----------Earnings
City/Mine/Tower---------------3000 gold
Farmland/Mana Vortex---------1000 gold
Road---------------------------500 gold
Keep--------------------------2000 gold
Castle-------------------------2500 gold
Capitol------------------------5000 gold

A raid is a kind of scouting patrol, an army enters an enemy land to attack an army there and fights the army but after the battle the attacking army will retreat to its original land. If the army enters a land with no enemy army then it still retreats but just with no fight. Very useful to slow down an enemy without having to comence an invasion but rather to just hassle an enemy.

If one of your armies is placed in a land bordering to an enemy land and has not moved and an enemy army attacks your land, it is possible to order a counter-attack. Meaning that if you succesfully defend your land you may advance into the enemy land an capture it. If the enemy has moved a new army into the land in which is counter-attacked that army must be defeated by your countering army to capture the land.

Defensive Attack
This type of battle is only possible if you have 2-3 lands connected with road. If enemies attack your lands and you have less armies that the attacker then dont worry, since its your land you may use the roads and use the 2 movement the road offers and make 2 defensive attacks along the road. If the land your army is in is attacked it may be as many as 3 battles, but they are in different lands and are not multi battles.

A Skirmish is what happens when 2 nations enter the same unclaimed land, but are not at war. The 2 armies will fight eachother and the winner will then have to fight the local army but it will work like a multi battle, so the rule about dead regiments will apply as explained in the multi-battle section. Despite being involved in armed combat, the result is not a war, consider it more like a border dispute.

Buy Land
When a land is unclaimed then the player may buy the loyalty of the local leader instead of conquering it.
It is not always a safe deal tho as some of the locals will resist being conquered and thus not give up without a fight despite what the local leader promises. A revolt will consist of a 3000gc army of a random nation.

Land Cost---------------Chance of Revolt
250 gold------------------------75%
500 gold------------------------50%
750 gold------------------------25%
1000 gold-----------------------2%

Revolt & Militia
A revolt can occur from a number of reason, Rouge nation status, capture of an unprotected city and a miltia is the army that protects an unclaimed land. A revolt or militia is a 3000 gc army. A weak army by many standards it can cause problems for player armies of 3000 and 5000 if not taken serious. When its a revolt army then it belongs it its own nation.
A militia army in an unclaimed land however has its nation drawn randomly by the GM. The owner of the revolt army will control it in battle, a militia army is controlled by the GM, both armies only live to fight that one battle. Same rules apply in the making of these armies however.
No Racial items
No mages
All units must be basic units from its own nation.
1 advanced unit
1 Upgrade Item

Every turn the players collect tax from their lands and improvements. Some improvements cost upkeep and is taken from the tax funds. If a player is at war he can collect a war tax but only once per 3 turns and it takes a whole turn with no army movement as the army is used to help collect the tax. Collecting a war tax every land yields double that turn.
Collecting a war tax also presents a 30% chance of a revolt in the furthest away city from the capitol.

Type---------------------------------Gold Tax per turn
Land--------------------------------------100 gold
Road--------------------------------------50 gold
City/mine/tower---------------------------300 gold

GM and Editing

Game Master
The GM runs all the random aspects of the game such as battlefields and revolts rolls and discuss and implement balancing adjustments.
The GM is also control all NPC armies such as some revolts and militia armies. Sometimes the GM will also be a player and then an assistant GM is needed to do NPC battles against the GM's nation.

All players need to be familiar with WH32Edit, it will be used to add gold to an army at the Army Re-fit order.
The exact way that will be used to add gold to an army as the goldchest's dont sell for the gold they are named after.
So far i figure to use items that then must be sold as the safest way.

To add money to an army WH32 is needed, Horn of Urguk is added for each 300 gold you want to add to an army gold.
All the Horns must the be sold, min gold that can be added is therefor 300 gold.

To withdraw money from an army the army must buy the Horn (and) other items so match the gold wanted to be withdrawn from the army and then have the Horn and other items simply removed with WH32.
The min gold to withdraw is 400 gold. A max of 3000 may be added to an army and before getting a new 3000 it must have seen one battle.
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Dark Omen conquest is turn based, very much like Axis and Allies in certain ways.
Orders follow the same principal every turn. The GM will state when the different orders can be made and will carry them out on the map. So far i figure that the 6 orders can be finished in 3 days but the speed of the game is completely up to the players and their availability.

*1st Dipomacy/Collect Tax
*2nd Moves/Attack/Build Improvements
*3rd Battles
*4th Post battle army Restoration
*5th Refit unmoved armies
*6th Create new armies

An example

Day 1: players make diplomacy statements. Diplomacy can ofcz be discussed at any time, the rule is that when a turn starts then agreed alliances and declarations of war has to be made official. The player should not state his moves until all diplomacy has been finalized as the moves could have en effect on the diplomacy.
Moves/Attacks are stated and players get ready to fight. That means make it clear to yourself who you are going to fight, who has attacked you or who exactly are you attacking. The Host is picked at random by the GM. Every player must state the moves, if a player fails to make a move, then all his armies will stay at their current location. As the moves are stated the GM will tell the players what battlefields they are to fight on.
Day 2-3 All battles must be resolved and battle reports must be stated, retreat also stated. The last 3 orders are inactive orders so they will be carried out by the player after the battles. As the orders do not have any effect on other players. Re-fitting armies and fielding new armies has to be stated.

1. Diplomacy/Tax Order:
Flak Vampire Nation declares alliance with Bembelimen Goblin Nation
Flak Vampire Nation declares War on Olly Orc Nation

Flak collects 500 gold in tax

2. Moves/Attacks/Build

Flak builds a road in land F-11

Flak Vampire Nation Moves

UV2 moves from P-16 to P-17, move

UV3 attacks from M-22 to M-33, Battle vs GO1

GM post's: UV3 vs GO1 Axebite Pass

3. Battles

Flak post's: UV3 captures M-33 from GO1, army restored

Olly post's: UV3 captures M-33 from GO1, GO1 retreats to P-34, army restored
If olly lost his army: UV3 captures M-33 from GO1, GO1 disbanded

4. Post battle army Restoration
This just mean what you do in the army book right after the battle

5+6. Re-fitting and new armies

Flak Vampire Nation
UV1 re-fitted
UV2 has been created in F-3

1* Diplomacy and Collect Tax
Any diplomatic changes must be stated at this point to be official.
All tax is collected and counted, the player has to count himself and keep an count of spending and upkeep.
If a player is out of gold and has unpaid upkeep, he is forced to sell an improvement at the same rate as the pillage earnings.

2*Movement and Attack
Movement orders are posted and made official before the deadline, if a player fails to move any armies before the deadline then they will hold their ground. All moves are simultaneous. If 2 armies are both attacking towards eachother a counter-attack will be the result (look below). If an army is moving along a border either to attack an army or to move away and is attacked before it can finish its move then the army will have to fight the attacker before it can complete its move. If 2 armies are in the same territory in the same move round then they will engage in battle.
Retreat is also possible, an army that is not making an attack move and is attacked before it can complete a move, is able to retreat from the advancing army. A retreat order will have to be declared and the army can retreat altho not without cost. To secure its safe retreat the army has to leave behind a rearguard to be sure they are not being pursued. The retreating army is forced to sell 1 regiment and may not restore this regiment until after it has been in battle again.
When moving in a nations own and allies lands with a road then an army has a movement of 2, when entering hostile or neutral lands or land without road then an army has 1 move. Move over corners are not allowed a territory need a flat piece of border to be cross able.
Each player is allowed to change his moves once per turn, but it is recommended that that it does not become a regularity
A territory may only hold 1 army at the time, although armies may pass through an occupied territory.

2* Building Improvements
When ordering an improvement to be build the player must have the gold to build in in hand before ordering it.
The counter will then start for the improvements that takes more than one turn to build. Building that are finished in one turn are finished instantly and added to the map when the battle order starts.

3* Battle
At this stage in the turn the battles that are required must be fought. An army cannot retreat if its land is attacked. It is up to the player however if he wishes to field his whole army or only the required 4 regiments for the battle.
Battles will then decide the outcome of the moves, if an army is defeated but not routed then it may retreat and choose its own land to retreat to. If an army is routed means that it is either left with no survivors or that it is down to under 4 surviving regiments, in this case the army is disbanded. a new army may be created in the capitol or acting capitol. The army will not be created until the end of next turn. The advancing army can also retreat back to where it attacked from if the attack fails. If an army is down to under 4 it has to be disbanded and a new created the same way.
The battlefield will be at random, however the terrain will influence which battlefields it can be. The GM(s) will make a random draw to see which battlefield it will be.

4* Post Battle Army Restoration
This order is closely related to the battle order, this is when the player after a battle replaces the loses endured in the battle. Make note here, it is only possible to buy troops back to existing regiments and to ONLY buy back regiments that was in the army originally. No new regiments may be introduced. Also only the Upgrade items may be added to the army again although only if lost in the battle. New items may be fitted, 5 being the max. If an item that the army already has is captured from the enemy then it has to be sold, double items may not be saved. However it is perfectly fine to have more than 5 items as long as only 5 are used.
As a sub category to Army Restore is Army Refill which is what you is done when fighting a double-attack when no regiments may be purchases and only surviving regiments may have their ranks refilled. Only upgrade items may be purchased in an army refill. One exception is for Undead, due to their high losses of regiments that will not retreat or that dies upon retreat (Skeletons/Wraiths/Wights), it is permitted that they raise all basic regiments back to life and 1 advanced after each battle, zombie's may replace regiments that are lost beyond that.
Ogre's also may restore basic regiments as their regiments are smaller and easier to lose if routed.

5* Re-Fit Unmoved Armies
The only way to alter an armies regiments and get new regiments added be in a land with a road linking to a city or capitol and let it wait for a whole turn. At this point in the turn the army editor can be opened and new regiments added to the army. Good for when a victorious army returns from battle with extra cash. The army however may only re-fit if it is not attacked by enemy forces, it needs 1 turn of no action at all even defensive battles.
Racial items can also be re-acquired here if they have been lost.
In addition to this an army may also reform. Reform means that an army that in most cases will have suffered defeat may retreat to a depot and Reform itself back to a fresh army. An army that does this will lose all its XP but it is allowed to use its new gold to buy the Items that it was in possession of prior to the Reform but now it will cost gold to get them.
This includes all items, even from other races or extra free items that was used by the army.
A another and perhaps better way to do it is to add money to an army and that way retain its XP in the old units, new units and items may be purchased, just as if the army was new. Minimum 250 gold can be added to an army and max 3000 per Re-Fit and an army must have seen one battle between being Re-Fittet.

6* Field New Armies
At this stage the last before the new turn. New Armies are made with the gold spend by the player 3000/5000/7000 and both Racial and Free items can be purchased. New armies are ordered build in the cities that the player choses.
A nation can only field as many armies as it has farmland/vortex and can max have 9 armies.

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Army Creation
There are 3 races and 12 nations in DOEC to pick from based on Grend's DOE ruleset. Some stats has been adjusted and prizes have generally been lower a little. Some nations had too few regiments to fill the conquest requirements so some have been added, a 1 or 2 that wasnt suitable for conquest have been removed, but there are only a few adjustments, the biggest are that all units may carry items, only 2 units now start with items and they cant be unpicked. All artillery is stationary again and steam tank has its real properties again. Look carefully at the nations before picking and make sure you understand all their properties.
There are 3 types of units in DOEC and they are used to distinguish which units can be used at certain times in the game. Only 1 of the type Elites may be used in any army. The number displayed next to the unit name is the max allowed of the regiment in an army. 1 of the elites is a hero with a guard and you only pay for the hero initially and the guards has to be paid for after. Goblins doesnt have 15 and auto deploy as deployment is important, hey have 10 but their regular goblins are lvl 2 and their shaman lvl 3, this worked well in conquest before, if it fails here maybe the rules will be reverted.

The 3 Races
Humaniod: Brettonia, The Empire, Kislev, Dwarves and Wood Elves
Gobliniod & Evil Humaniod: Night Goblins, Orcs & Goblins, Ogres, Chaos Dwarves and Dark Elves
Undead & Chaos: Chaos and Vampire Counts

The Items are divided into 4 categories and a subcategory. The 4 categories are one to each race and one neutral category. Racial and neutral items can only be brought at army creation. The major difference is that only 1 item may be taken from the Neutral category per army for free, each additional Neutral Item added to an army will lower the army's total regiment count by 1 per item, example: an army with 3 Neutral Items will only be allowed to field 8 regiments. Goblins are allowed 2 Neutral Items before it costs a regiment.
The subcategory contains some of the weaker items, the items in this Upgrade category can be brought at any time during army restoration.
An army can only have 5 items however potion of strength, Enchanted Shield and hart of woe do not count in the 5 item rules.

Racial Items
Humaniod: Runefang, Banner of Arcane Warding, Book of Ashur, Stormsword
Gobliniod: Mork's War Banner, Wand of Jet, Staff of Osiris
Undead: Skabskrath, Dragonhelm, Heart of Woe, Banner of Wrath
Neutral: Hellfire Sword, Stormsword, Spelleater Shield,  Banner of Defiance, Shield of Ptolos

Upgrade Items: Potion of Strength, Enchanted Shield, Grudgebringer Sword and (for undead Heart of Woe)

New Item Cost
Grungebringer Sword 400   Runefang 250   Hellfire Sword 500   Stormsword 500 Sword of Skabskath 600
Spelleater Shield 400   Enchanted Shield 100   Dragonhelm 100   Shield of Ptolos 500
Banner of Arcane Warding 500   Banner of Wrath 650   Banner of Defiance 300  Morks War Banner 600
Hart of Woe 150   Potion of Strength 150  
Staff of Osiris 600   Wand of Jet 300   Book of Ashur 400

Horn of Urguk 400 (used as a bartering item only)

Basic Units                                                 Advanced Units                                 Elite Units
Men-at-Arms-----------5                     Field Trebuchet------------2          Damsel------------------1
Peasant Archers--------3                     Knights of the Realm-------3          Duke with Grails----------1
Mounted Yeomen-------3                     Grail Knights---------------2
                                                       The Green Knight-----------3
The Empire
Peasant Militia----------5                    Imperial Greatswords--------3         Imperial Steam Tank-----1
Imperial Halbardiers-----4                     Flagellants-----------------3          Bright Wizard------------1
Imperial Bowmen--------3                    Knightly Order--------------3          Count with G.Swords----1
Imperial Cannon--------3                     Imperial Mortar-------------1

Serf Levy--------------5                     Gospodar Guards------------3          Ice Witch----------------1
Kossars----------------3                     Steppe Horsemen-----------3          Boyar with Kossars-------1
Hunting Dogs-----------4                     Winged Lancer--------------2
Kislev Bombard---------3                            

Wood Elves
Glade Guards-----------5                    Dryads----------------------2         Spellsinger-----------------1
Glade Archers----------2                    The Wild Hunt----------------3        Highborn with Guard--------1
Waywatchers----------3                    Wardancers------------------3

Dwarf Warriors---------5                    Ironbreakers------------------3       Dwarf Lord with Guard-----1                    
Thunderers------------3                    Slayers-----------------------2       Runelord-------------------1
Runners----------------4                   Slayers with d/seeker---------2
Bolt Thrower-----------3                    Cannon-----------------------3
                                                      Grudge Thrower---------------1

Orcs & Goblins
Night Goblins-----------6                    Black Orcs--------------------3        Orc Shaman----------------1
Orc Boyz---------------5                    Boar Boyz--------------------3        Warboss & Boar Boyz--------1
Savage Orcs-----------5                    Mountain Troll-----------------2
Orc Arrer Boyz----------3                   Rock Lobber-------------------1
Goblin Bolt Thrower-----3

Night Goblins
Night Goblins-----------5                   Night Goblins w Fanatic--------3        Shaman on Spider-----------1
Night Goblin Archers----4                   River Trolls--------------------3         Goblin Cheif w Horde---------1
Goblin Bolt Thrower-----4                   Squig Hoppers-----------------3
Goblins w. Fanatics-----4

Goblin Fighters---------5                   Ogre Rinox Riders---------------2        Butcher---------------------1
Ogre Bulls--------------5                  River Trolls----------------------3       Ogre King with Trolls---------1
Leadbelchers-----------3                   Hunter with Wolves------------2

Chaos Dwarves
Goblin S. Warband------5                  Blunderblussiers-----------------3       Sorcerer of Hashut------------1
Goblin S. Archers-------4                  Immortals-----------------------3       Chaos Lord with Guard--------1
Chaos Dwarves--------4                   Bull Centaurs--------------------2

Dark Elves
Druchii Warriors-------4                   Black Guard----------------------3        Sorcerer-----------------------1
Druchii Crossbows-----3                   Dark Riders----------------------3         Dreadlord with Guard-----------1
Repeater Bolt Thr.-----3                  Cold One Knights-----------------2
Reaver Bolt Thr.-------3                  War Hydra-----------------------2

Chaos Warriors--------5                  Chosen Warriors-----------------3          Chaos Mage-----------1                      
Bloodletter------------4                  Marauder Horsemen--------------3         Chaos Master with Mercs-1
Troll------------------4                  Chaos Knights-------------------2
Chaos Hounds---------5                  Chosen Knights------------------2

Vampire Counts
Zombie Horde--------6                   Grave Guard---------------------3         Vampire Count w Skellies------1
Ghouls---------------5                   Spirit Host-----------------------3         Necromancer-----------------1
Skeleton Warriors----5                   Black Knights---------------------3
Dire Wolves----------5                   Banshee------------------------2
Zombie Cannon-------4

Army Files
The latest can be found in the Battleground topic
You also need all the Graphics files from Dark Omen Expanded installed
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Battlefields & Terrain

The territories in DO Conquest contain different types of land. The land determines the battlefield. The land are in the following categories: Forrest's, Mountains, Plains and Forts. The GM(s) will make a dice roll or possibly a draw at every battle so that every battlefield is different and that prevents a defensive army being too specific to fight. FOrts play a vital part as they are harder to capture and are also where new units are created. If a capitol is captured the nation will have to choose a new acting capitol at one of the depot's. The new capitol will not count as a capitol in the terms of improvements.
Goblins have a special rule to add to their chance, goblins can ambush a garrison army, a dice draw is made in the same way as a normal battle, this means that when an army is defending a capitol against a goblin army, the goblins has a 50-50 chance get to ambush the army and start inside the capitol forcing the occupants to re-capture the capitol. Also when fighting goblins the map Bogenhafen Xtreme  is in the draw, with the defending around the church, same applies for Trading Post with goblins up the hill.

Every territory has a letter and name ID, like F-18, M-42
Letter: Terrain type
Number: Territory number

Terrain Types
1: Forrest
2: Mountains
3: Plains
4: Capitol


Great Forrest at Night
Forrest Before Kislev
Loren Forrest the Shine
Loren Forrest the Clearing
Road to Bogenhafen
Goblin Camp


Axebite Pass
Return to Axebite Pass
Drakenhoff Castle
Troll Land (hills)
Northern Waste
Basin of Frozen Blood
Town of the dead

Border Countries
Grissburg Town
The Empire
Great Forrest
The Black Pyramid
Bretonian River
Road to Moussillon

Blighted Towers
Loren Lake

Trading Post
Helmgart Keep
Road to Kislev

For Goblins both forts include
Bogenhafen Extreme

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"Just because a mage wears the Black Robes, does not make him evil." -- Raislin Magere

"Evil Turns upon it self" -- Paladine
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