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Game Book

Welcome to Dark Omen Conquest
The idea of this game mod is to try out Dark Omen's great tactical game-play mixed with a strategical board game style game-play. To keep the tactics and strategy but also the game-play as easy and simple as possible to eliminate any chance of the game eating away the game-play, the game is strictly a war game, no money involved only armies and items.
The core of the game is War, Alliances and Cunning.

Army Creation
3 Races with 8 Nations have been created, they are inspired by Factions but as these armies will face other difficulties as they fight and fight again you will find that they differ. Sometimes a cheap army can field the way for a better army to win. All armies are made from 5000 gold. Unique units may only be acquired if the player holds one of the "unique unit" territories, or UU territories. If a nation has 2 unique units then he needs 2 UU territories and the 1st one named will be the 1st one available.
Each Race or Nation has unique units and items available to them.
For the sake of balance all units have a cap of how many can be used in an army, that is the no. adjacent to the unit name. Each Nation has its own AUD file in 2parm that file contains only the units available to the nation and the last unit or units are the unique units, they cost more but are better than regular units. The AUD file needs to be altered back to original when not playing Dark Omen Conquest.

Humaniod Race

Empire Nation
Imperial Halbardiers    4
Imperial Greatswords  4
Imperial Bowmen        3
Imperial Cannon         3
Imperial Mortar          1
Ice Mage                  1
Knights of the Realm   3
Flaggellants              3

Unique Unit: Grail Knight 1

Mercenary Nation
Grungebringer Swordmen      5
Grungebringer Crossbowmen  3
Grungebringer Cannon          3
Grungebringer Cavalry          2
Bright Mage                        1
Outlaw Pistoliers                  2
Mercenary Ogres                 3

Unique Unit: Grail Knight 1

Allied Nation
Wood Elf Glade Guard     3
Wood Elf Bowmen          2
Dwarf Warriors              6
Elven Balista                 4
Treeman                      2

Unique Unit: Elven Druid  1

Druchii Nation
Light Infantry               5
Phalanx                       3
Skirmishers                  3
Reaper                        4
Sorceress                    1
Cold One Knights           2
Har Ganeth Executioners 2

Unique Units:
Beast Master                1

Greenskin Race

Orc Nation
Orc Boyz             5
Orc Arrer Boys      3
Orc Boar Boyz      2
Orc Big'uns          3
Orc Shaman         1
Orc Rock Lobber   2
Troll                   3

Unique Unit:
Barbarian Cavalry  1
Troll Gang           2

Goblin Nation
Night Goblin                     6
Night Goblin Archer           4
Night Goblin w. Fan           5
Night Goblin Archer w. Fan  3
Giant Spider                     2
Giant Scorpion                  2
Bolt Thrower                    5
Night Goblin Shaman          1

Unique Units:
Giant Swam                     1
Goblin Horde                    3

Undead Race

Vampire Nation
Ghoul                           4
Wights                         3
Vampire                        1
Zombies                        6
Screaming Scull Catapult  4
Black Grail Knights           1

Unique Units:
Wight Zombies               4
Chaos Infantry               1

Necromancer Nation
Skeleton Warriors            6
Skeleton Archers             4
Skeleton Cavalry             3
Zombies                        6
Wraiths                         3
Mummies                        3
Necromancer                  1

Unique Units:
Chaos Infantry               2

The Items are divided into 4 categories and a subcategory. The 4 categories are one to each race and one free for all category. Racial and Free items can only be brought at army creation. The major difference is that only 1 item may be taken from the Free category per army for free, each additional Free Item added to an army will lower the army's total regiment count by 1 per item, example: an army with 3 Free Items will only be allowed to field 8 regiments. Goblins are allowed 2 Free Items before it costs a regiment. The subcategory contains some of the weaker items, the items in this Upgrade category can be brought at any time during army upgrading.
A special rule concerning Staff of Osiris and Banner of Wraith, an orc army may only contain one or the other of these 2 items, Goblin armies however may contain both items. Undead armies may buy the Heart of Woe at anytime.
An army can only have 5 items however potion of strenght and hart of woe do not count in the 5 item rules.

Racial Items
Humaniod: Runefang, Banner of Arcane Warding, Book of Ashur, Stormsword
Greenskin: Mork's War Banner,  Staff of Osiris OR Banner of Wrath (for goblins both)
Undead: Skabskrath, Dragonhelm,  Wand of Jet, Heart of Woe
Free Items: Hellfire Sword, Stormsword, Spelleater Shield,  Banner of Defiance, Shield of Ptolos

Upgrade Items: Potion of Strength, Enchanted Shield, Grudgebringer Sword and (for undead) Heart of Woe


*1st Dipomacy
*2nd Moves/Attack
*3rd Battles
*4th Post battle army Restoration
*5th Refit unmoved armies
*6th Create new armies

Dark Omen conquest is turn based, very much like Axis and Allies in certain ways.
Orders follow the same principal every turn. The GM will state when the different orders can be made and will carry them out on the map. So far i figure that the 6 orders can be finished in 3 days.
An example:
Monday: players make diplomacy statements. Diplomacy can ofcz be discussed at any time, the rule is that when a turn starts then agreed alliances and declarations of war has to be made official. The player should not state his moves until all diplomacy has been finalized as the moves could have en effect on the diplomacy.
Moves/Attacks are stated and players get ready to fight. That means make it clear to yourself who you are going to fight, who has attacked you or who exactly are you attacking. The Attacker Hosts unless other is stated by the GM. Every player must state the moves, if a player fails to make a move, then all his armies will stay at their current location. As the moves are stated the GM will tell the players what battlefields they are to fight on.
Thursday/Wednesday All battles must be resolved and battle reports must be stated, retreat also stated. The last 3 orders are inactive orders so they will be carried out by the player after the battles. As the orders do not have any effect on other players. Re-fitting armies and fielding new armies has to be stated.

Diplomacy Order:
Flak Vampire Nation declares alliance with Bembelimen Goblin Nation
Flak Vampire Nation declares War on Olly Orc Nation

Flak Vampire Nation MOves

UV2 moves from 1-4-H to 1-5-H, move

UV3 attacks from 3-4-I to 2-2-I, Battle vs GO1

GM post's: UV3 vs GO1 Axebite Pass


Flak post's: UV3 captures 2-2-I from GO1, army upgraded

Olly post's: UV3 captures 2-2-I from GO1, GO1 retreats to 3-6-I, army upgraded
If olly lost his army: UV3 captures 2-2-I from GO1, GO1 disbanded

If the players want to they can share their losses.

Re-fitting and new armies

Flak Vampire Nation
UV1 re-fitted
UV2 has been created at 4-6-H

Diplomacy and Rules of War

I had such high hopes for the diplomacy lol but its evident that it didnt work, ive left the old rules here.
In reality players are best of with being free to make agreements as needed. Altho to state official agreements looks good in the turn post's.

There are 2 ways in which a war may start, either by one player to officially declare war and follow the rules of war or to make a sneak attack. If a state of war is declared then the rules of war will apply, if a sneak attack is made the rules may or may not apply, that is up to who first breaks them. Easiest way is to simply put "RoW?" in the battle chat and either agree or not.
War must be declared or alliances must be made official at the start of a turn. Declaring war in an honorable way will give the enemy 1 move to prepare for war. Cease fire, peace and end of alliance must also be declared at the start of a turn.
A cease fire can be declared by waring parties to end a war without being able to make peace. A cease fire last's for 5 turns in which no aggressive moves must be made. After the 5 turns if no peace can still be agreed on then the war continues.
Peace is when no war exist for a nation. Peace is broken by war either declaration of war or a sneak attack. When peace is again to be signed then players have to agree on terms, most likely land. Weather or not more land must be ceded or if the current status is agreeable to both parties.
A nation may cede territory to another country by simply stating it and it will be in effect from next new turn. A territory thats been ceded may not be ceded again again for 5 turns.

Rules of War
* Hit and runs by mages, cavalry, archers and assassins are not allowed by the ROW, any of these regiments left alone have the option to surrender, meaning that the enemy will pursue them into retreating without killing them, if the enemy attacks them while tryn to surrender then the enemy breaks the ROW.
* Regiments who are in retreat may only be pursued until they raise the white flag, after which they are to be allowed to flee. Unless its a double attack or a capitol attack.
* It is bad manners to force a charge on the battlefield unless with in range of an enemy regiment or avioding artillery fire. Such action negates the rules of war.
* A minimum of 3 regiments must be fielded, in any battle.

One exception! When fighting for a Capitol then no units are safe to retreat, units with white flag can be attacked, without breaking the ROW

Sneak attack also didnt have the desired effect, so also disgarded.

Movement orders are posted and made official before the deadline, if a player fails to move any armies before the deadline then they will hold their ground. All moves are simultaneous. If 2 armies are both attacking towards eachother a counter-attack will be the result (look below). If an army is moving along a border either to attack an army or to move away and is attacked before it can finish its move then the army will have to fight the attacker before it can complete its move. If 2 armies are in the same territory in the same move round then they will engage in battle.
Retreat is also possible, an army that is not making an attack move and is attacked before it can complete a move, is able to retreat from the advancing army. A retreat order will have to be declared and the army can retreat altho not without cost. To secure its safe retreat the army has to leave behind a rearguard to be sure they are not being pursued. The retreating army is forced to sell 1 regiment and may not restore this regiment until after it has been in battle again.
When moving in a nations own and allies lands then an army has 2 moves, when entering hostile or neutral lands then an army has 1 move. Move over corners are not allowed a territory need a flat piece of border to be crossable. Example: 2-3-E to 3-6-D is invalid, 2-4-I to 3-3-I is allowed.
Each player is allowed to change his moves once per turn, but it is recommended that that it does not become a regularity
A territory may only hold 1 army at the time, although armies may pass through an occupied territory, it takes 2 turns to pass an occupied territory, if the occupied territory is captured before the passing is completed then the army is returned immediately.
State a movement in the following manner:

Undead, Vampire Nation Moves
UV1 attacks from 4-9-B to 2-11-C, Battles GO5
UV2 moves from 4-3-A to 3-8-A, move

Fist the code UV1 is the name of the army, so that both can see that is is the right army.
U: Undead, V: Vampire Nation, 1: army number.

a multiple attack is also possible, stated in this way
UV1 attacks from 4-9-B to 2-11-C, battles GO5
UV3 supports UV1 from 4-9-B to 2-11-C, battles GO5

Multiple Attack/Defense
When a multiple battle is ordered it has to be carried out even if first battle goes bad.
The army that is being attacked may not buy new regiments only buy new troops for the surviving regiments in between these 2 battles. Regiments fleeing with white flag are not protected by the ROW they may be attacked and exterminated.
The 2 attacking armies will split after the battle the 2nd army will occupy the new territory and the 1st army will return to its original territory. 2 allied players can also make a double attack with one army from each player, if this is the case then the 2nd army will be the one to capture the territory.

Counter Attack
If an army is attacked before it has had a chance to move then it is no longer locked in battle as it will give a fast mover an unfair advantage. The defending army can counter-attack if it wins the battle and move into the enemy land. I will be marked by a yellow territory behind the attacker and the counter-attacking army will be placed on the border between the 2 territories.


At this stage in the turn the battles that are required must be fought. An army cannot retreat if its territory is attacked. It is up to the player however if he wishes to field his whole army or only the required 4 regiments for the battle.
Battles will then decide the outcome of the moves, if an army is defeated but not routed then it may retreat and choose its own territory to retreat to. If an army is routed means that it is either left with no survivors or that it is down to under 4 surviving regiments, in this case the army is disbanded. a new army may be created in the capitol or acting capitol. The army will not be created until the end of next turn. The advancing army can also retreat back to where it attacked from if the attack fails. If an army is down to under 4 it has to be disbanded and a new created the same way.
The battlefield will be at random, however the terrain will influence which battlefields it can be. The GM(s) will make a random draw to see which battlefield it will be.

Post Battle Army Restoration

This order is closely related to the battle order, this is when the player after a battle replaces the loses endured in the battle. Make note here, it is only possible to buy troops back to existing regiments and to ONLY buy back regiments that was in the army originally. No new regiments may be introduced. Also only the Upgrade items may be added to the army again although only if lost in the battle. New items may be fitted, 5 being the max. If an item that the army already has is captured from the enemy then it has to be sold, double items may not be saved. However it is perfectly fine to have more than 5 items as long as only 5 are used.
As a sub category to Army Restore is Army Refill which is what you is done when fighting a double-attack when no regiments may be purchases and only surviving regiments may have their ranks refilled. Only upgrade items may be purchased in an army refill. One exception is for Undead, due to their high losses of regiments that will not retreat or that dies upon retreat (Skeletons/Wraiths/Wights), it is permitted that they raise the dead enemies into zombie regiments for zombies or other dead regiments or revive skeleton regiments from dead enemies but only revive the skeleton regiments present before the battle.

Re-Fit Unmoved Armies

The only way to alter an armies regiments and get new regiments added is to move it to a depot or capitol and let it wait for a whole turn. At this point in the turn the army editor can be opened and new regiments added to the army. Good for when Unique Units are available and when a victorious army returns from battle with extra cash. The army however may only re-fit if it is not attacked by enemy forces, it needs 1 turn of no action at all even defensive battles.
Racial items can also be re-acquired here if they have been lost.
In addition to this an army may also reform. Reform means that an army that in most cases will have suffered defeat may retreat to a depot and Reform itself back to a 7000gc army. An army that does this will lose all its XP but it is allowed to use its new 7000gc to buy the Items that it was in possession of prior to the Reform but now it will cost gold to get them.
This includes all items, even from other races or extra free items that was used by the army.

Field New Armies

At this stage the last before the new turn, the armies that was destroyed last turn are put into the capitol or acting capitol. If a player has lost more than one Army then the 2nd and 3rd armies are placed in the depots.
New Armies are made with 5000 gc and both Racial and Free items can be purchased.
A nation can max have 9 armies.
As games progress 7000 armies might be introduced at around turn 5-6, if victorious armies gowns far beyond the capabilities of 5000 armies.

Militia armies
An addition to the army rules is the militia army.
If a Capitol or depot which is unprotected gets attacked, then the population will rise against the invaders. The militia army will not be featured on the battlefield and only exist for the purpose of one battle. The general idea is to not allow small defeated armies to bypass the real armies and take vital lands, the rule is in effect to promote battle. If a capitol or depot is attacked by a real army then do not exspect to do more than a dent, the militia is not spose to be able to defend against a full army only to scare off small armies.
The militia armies will be made up from 5000 gc and also has a few restrictions as follows.
Militia Army Restrictions
Only Racial Items
No mages
No UU Units
Max 1 Cavalry (not Grail)
Max 2 bow regiments
Max 1 artillery
Max 1 monster (not treemen)
Max 1 item (Potion of Strength does not count as an item)


First Player to Capture 12 Territories gets a bonus army of 5000 gc

First Player to Capture 3 UU Territories gets a bonus army of 3000 gc

First Player to Capture 2 UU Territories gets to buy one Free Item in one of his armies.

Victory Conditions

There is 5 ways to win the game.

Victory Point: Have the highest amount of victory point at the end of the game.
Each regular territory yields 1 VP per turn, a depot yields 2 VP per turn, UU territories yeld 3 VP per turn and a capitol yields 5 VP per turn. They are calculated each turn by the GM and added to the score.

Domination: Capture and hold 60% Capitols for 1 turn.

Conquest: Capture and hold 50% of the territory for 1 turn

Mystic: Capture and hold 100% unique territories for 1 turn

Allied Victory: 2 Allies Capture and hold 65% of the territory for 3 turns
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Battlefields & Terrain

The territories in DO Conquest contain different types of terrain. The terrain determines the battlefield. The terrain are in the following categories: Forrest's, Mountains, Plains and Towns. The GM(s) will make a dice roll or possibly a draw at every battle so that every battlefield is different and that prevents a defensive army being too specific to fight. Capitols play a vital part as they are harder to capture and are also where new units are created. If a capitol is captured the nation will have to choose a new acting capitol at one of the depot's. The new capitol will not count as a capitol in the terms of terrain.
Goblins have a special rule to add to their chance, goblins can ambush a garrison army, a dice draw is made in the same way as a normal battle, this means that when an army is defending a capitol against a goblin army, the goblins has a 50-50 chance get to ambush the army and start inside the capitol forcing the occupants to re-capture the capitol. Also when fighting goblins the map Bogenhafen Xtreme  is in the draw, with the defending around the church, same applies for Trading Post with goblins up the hill.

Every territory has a 3 or 4 digit ID number, like X-ZZ-Y or 1-9-C
X: Terrain type
ZZ: Territory number
Y: Region

Terrain Types
1: Forrest
2: Mountains
3: Plains
4: Capitol

A: Kislev
B: The Empire
C: Bretonia
D: Loren
E: Estalia
F: Tilea
G: Border Princes
H: Bad Lands
I: Worlds Edge Mountains


Great Forrest at Night
Forrest Before Kislev
Loren Forrest the Shine
Loren Forrest the Clearing
Road to Bogenhafen
Goblin Camp

Axebite Pass
Return to Axebite Pass
Drakenhoff Castle
Troll Land
Northern Waste
Basin of Frozen Blood
Town of the dead

Border Countries
Grissburg Town
The Empire
Great Forrest
The Black Pyramid
Bretonian River
Road to Moussillon

Helmgart Keep
Blighted Towers
Road to Kislev
Loren Lake
Trading Post
(Bogenhafen extreme)

Map Units
Units on the map will for the simple reason of the map size and army simbol size be a colored number 1-9
A nation cannot have more than 9 armies at one time.

New Units
Dark Omen compromises several new units and some altered unit to balance the armies. Some regiments have been made more expensive, some have been made cheaper and some regiments have been made bigger.
To make the game more realistic, archers have weaker close combat stats than infantry units have.
For new units beware that the book pages in the army book might not be the right ones aswell as the troop roster banner might be different, to see the name of the unit look at the leader name under the leader picture.
Goblins have 25 goblins per regiment, troll gang, giant swam and goblin horde are simply a bigger regiments.

Elven Druid
UU unit for the allied nation, the elven druid has a good arsenal of powerful magic and is a moderate fighter in close combat. Elven druids hate greenskins and will fight then more determined and they are fast on their feet like all elves. They are armed with the traditional wood elven spear, decorated with charms and other token it also works as a wizards staff of wand.

Barbarian Cavalry
Beware in the army book the banner and book page is that of Boar riders but that is not the actual regiment.
These warriors hail from the plains beyond the worlds edge mountains, they are humans but they fight along side the orcs in their quest for plunder and pillage. Fierce warriors they ride on huge war horses and fight even harder than the dreaded boar riders. They worship strange gods and dress om animal hides, because of their harsh life and brutal religion they know no fear.

Wight Zombies
This regiment is the same as the regular zombies, they are however lead by an undead master. The wight leading this regiment gives them better leadership and ensure that if or when they flee, they do not colaps as the tie with the leader is kept intact.

Chaos Infantry
Once these warriors were humans, now twisted by their evil hearts and the powers of the undead they have been transformed into half-living creatures loyal to their new undead masters. They fight with great skill, far more than regular undead and they are faster in response. They know no fear but as they still resemble humans so they do not cause fear.

Dark Infantry
These troops serve the Drow, evil humans lead by their dark masters. The drow themselves leave the fighting up their human slaves. The harsh life of these slave soldiers makes them unaffected by fear. They are trained well but lack the standard of weapons used by the other races and also lack in armor, as the drow dont consider them worth expensive equipment.

Dark Archers
Same as the infantry these troops carry longbows but they have almost no armor at all. They too are unaffected by fear but are not well prepared for close combat.

Dark Mage
The drow mage is one of the few drow who will fight in a battle along side the human slaves. Their magic is similar to that of the undead. Better warriors than the necromancers they are not killing machines like the vampires, but are decent in close combat. The drow or dark mages as they are called often act as generals of the dark armies.

Dark Assassin
These warriors are the elite force in the drow armies, they are armed with sword and a musket for killing enemy commanders and medium range. Assassins fight alone and can handle quite a few enemies at one time. They have had dark rituals cast upon them that has made their appearance very beastly, they regenerate and have limited magic resistance, their beastly appearance and ferocious fighting means that they produce fear.

Dark Balista
The balista is the only artillery used by the drow, they are easy to build and aim. The crew fires with great accuracy. The bolts have been cursed and tentacles lash out from the bolts tip and causes deadly wounds. Any bolt hitting a regiment causes panic amongst the regiment.

Dark Cavalry
The cavalry of the drow ride on light warhorses, they strike with speed and ferocity, like all drow slave soldiers they are immune to fear and so are the horses they ride on. The cavalry are some of the best troops the drow armies can field.
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"Just because a mage wears the Black Robes, does not make him evil." -- Raislin Magere

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The 8 nation army files are here,513.msg4159.html#msg4159

unzip into the dark omen folder
inside the gamedata/2parm/DO Conquest you will find the nation army files, copy the file inside the nation folders into the 2parm folder and overwrite the file in there. This gives you access to the nations troop roster

Comments please in

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"There is only one way out of hell, thats through it" -- General Patton

"Just because a mage wears the Black Robes, does not make him evil." -- Raislin Magere

"Evil Turns upon it self" -- Paladine
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