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By using the original Dark Omen Tutorial Map, we can empty it of its Scenery (trees) and create new Landscapes.

This will provide a Template to create semi new Maps, Scenery and Landscapes, until a possible Height Map Generator, that allows Hills or a M3X Generator which would allow the camera to travel further into larger extended terrain for Huge Flat Maps.

Any existing or new M3D objects, like Houses, Castles/Fortress, Trees and WatchTowers can be added using Rob's Blender to Dark Omen Tool and then positioned with Mikademus' TextMapEditor software. All scenary can be made solid by setting its Bounding Box, so troops can not pass through them, unless you want 3d deep/high grass to run through. Since new Scenery 3d models affect Line of Sight and movements, carefull positioning can create new Tactical Flat Maps, for us to Battle on.

These will form the basis to combine all of our amazing Mod Tools together and intially showcase a recreation of Mission1 from Shadow of The Horned Rat. I have chosen this as a prototype to follow as it has some great Houses and Trees that we can easily reproduce. Eventually the plan is to have Maps for each Race, so for example Chaos or High Elves with their own Landscapes and Scenary.

I have therefore Hired some professional 3d Model Artists to help me, while I advance my own skills!


Since I maybe combining our Mods with the Medieval 2 Call of Warhammer Team and for Future Dark Omen remake Engines, all models will be produced with 32bit Colour Textures which can then be reduced down as Unfortunately their Textures are limited to 128x128 256colours .BMP files for original Dark Omen. We will commence with some simple Shadow of the Horned Rat Houses and Trees to recreate in better detail and progress onto more compilicated models, like Fortresses/Castles that will be made in sections, Towers, Walls, Front Gate and allow many different combinations to be positioned etc. Please encourage their efforts and also feel free to show any of your Favourite Scenery to inspire us with, such as Arcane Stone Ruins etc..

SOTHR Mission 1 Scenery -







Original Dark Omen Scenery and Texture Examples - All Maps







*UPDATE - Trading Post Mission 1 Expanded*

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